May 14, 2016

Noel Lack it Back Ellis the Unknown ...was almost known

Some time ago, I think in the latter part of last year, when I started writing this article, released its annual music review and while many staunch reggae fans were taken aback and was astonished with the fact that United Kingdom-based Caucasian singer Joss Stone was named the reggae artiste of the year, some local artistes still had reason to give thanks. One such artiste was Popcaan, as the artiste continues to stay ahead of his peers, using his melodies and catchy hooks, which explains why listed his collaboration with Jamie XX and American rapper Young Thug, titled Good Times, as one of the 25 best songs of 2015.
"Unlikely musical marriages bear the best fruit when artistes complement each other," explained, under the music video for Good Times.
Ironically, OMI and Wiz Khalifa, who held No. 1 spots on the Billboard Hot 100 chart this year, did not make the cut.
Jamaican DJ Walshy Fire and his fellow Major Lazer group members, also have a cause to celebrate, since the single Lean On was ranked as the Best Dance/Electronic song of 2015. The single was snubbed by the Grammys this year.
"The Grammys got it wrong. It's rare that a dance record of this quality reaches this level of ubiquity - after all, this is Spotify's most streamed song of all-time as of November 2015," challenged.
Billboard's criticism is again somewhat ironic, since they were under fire last month after they released a list ranking the top hip hop artistes of all time and excluded Tupac Shakur.
Noel 'Rozah Roze' Ellis also received more recognition this week as All Day, produced by Kanye West, which samples Ellis' song, Dance With Me, was named the seventh best Hip Hop song of 2015. The song was also certified Gold this year in the United States and has been nominated for two Grammy Awards in the categories of Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song.

Gully Bop and Chin

Up to this day the original video of Gully Bop singing on that discovery video is the best peice of work from him. The DJ has survived the DJ business and have out last his critics... There was a time frame also on his relation ship with Chin.
I dont know how Chin did it... Gully Bop look like one of them dutty mad man on the road with slim and stentch dripping from his mouth with almost all tooth rotted and gone - Chin kissed this.
Now it is no new news that Chin give Gully Bop bun and help buss up his head in his own house. It is Not fullly clear when she hit him she said "whole diss inna u dutty blood claat" ... I dont know. But she had to vacate the premises shortly after ....

Things have moved quickly along since I started writing this article at the time when the news broke. .. I simply just did not have the time for this. Im glad to say that things has settled down for Gully Bop and Chin. Lets hope that they are both Happy as they move along this business of dancehall music. .. Cause we did know long time seh Chin appear to be a gold digger.. and Gully Bop.. is exactly that...  a Gully Bop

Dec 26, 2015

Bounty Killer Diss the Marleys

Bounty Killer... holding his head.. idk y
I think I am fan of Bounty Killer.. yeah  with old tracks like "spy fi die".."book book book" (a friend of mine should love that one).. "Fed up".. and that Delano from Renaissance remix always get mi bopping. One of the thing I have noticed about Bounty Killer recently is that he does not make the amount of hit songs in the studio as he use to. Disappointing yes, like all other washed up artiste, but he is not short of expressing himself on social media.. especially Instagram, Twitter..Blue Toooth,,, , whatever the media.. including the stage. 
In my last article I mentioned how he lick out against Bill and his Board decision to give Joss Stone the title of Reggae artiste of the year 2015. Joss was supported by Junior Gong Marley and Bounty Killer did not hold back his dislike of the behaviour of the Marleys when he was quoted to have said..

"The Marley boys as internationally recognised as they are, have a voice that they don’t use to assist reggae/dancehall except for their own family’s personal gain.."

NOW THATS a diss. Im not too sure how true it is though.. cause I think Steven dem did support the likes of Iba Mahr. But there is some element of truth in terms of what is known... we know who Bounty Killer buss/ brought on the scene, we know who Beenie Man buss... ahh well i cant think of anyone off head right now still.. but the point is.. as Powerful as Marleys are in Reggae, they need to look at their approach on the Local Level.. a mean there is more Kybaka Pyramids and Lady Saws.. out there that might need the inspiration like Joss.. wah she name again.. ahhh rhatid.. hold on mek mi look back inna dah article yah fi find her... ahh stone.. Yeah Joss Stone. 

Joss Stone Don't Deserve Reggae Artiste of 2015

Joss Stone

I support bounty killa with regards to the disrespect authentic dancehall artistes are getting with the move by billboard to give Joss Stone Reggae Artiste of the year 2015. Is Joss Stone a reggae artiste? Bill and him Board did indicate that the artiste sold 30,000 copies.. from her recent album ..mi not even know the name of this so called Reggae album.
The birth place of Reggae don't even know who the hell is Joss Stone,, well they might know now Thanks to Junior Gong Marley who inspired Stone to do the album.
I have listened some of the album tracks and I can tell you it WAS NOT impressive... Tessanne Chin would have done a better job. But this British Shakira like artiste has been in pop music for years and has her fan base, this explains why she would sell 30 thousand copies of this crap of an album that got her reggae artiste of the year.
Local Jamaican artistes like Chronixx ..dexta daps and them guys dont have the following like Joss.. but them sound far better than her.. She look better though :)

Apr 25, 2015

Shabba Ranks disses back Vybz kartel

Shabba Ranks intefview where he says vybz kartel lyrics are at high school level

Feb 14, 2015

TOP TEN tunes in Jamaica right NOW February 2015

Check out the TOP TEN tunes in Jamaica right NOW. In this package the old rivals of old are still there Mavado and Vybz Kartel who never seems to go away. One of the most fun artiste in recent Jamaican music history Chi Ching Ching is in there... So is the new Guy Dexta Daps and of course Gully Bop still riding on luck juice.. chack out it out

10. Nuh Play Roun Wid Fire- Vybz Kartel

9. Mavado - I Aint Going Back Broke Ft. Future & Ace Hood

8. One - Vybz Kartel

7. Seven Eleven - Dexta Daps

6. Free Up - Tarrus Riley

Dec 27, 2014

Sting 2014 Bopped to an End

Sting was brought to a premature end this morning after it was reported that Masicka and Demarco's entourage got into a scuffle backstage during the performance of Major Mackerel's. The show then went into a tail spin from there. The likes of Tommy Lee, Gage, Ryno, and Kiprich tried in vein to bring back things to order, with Lee expressing his disgust about what happened.
The clash between Ryno and Kiprich never got off the ground as it should as things went not how it was intended. It was reported that Ryno grabbed the mic from Kiprich and thats when the plug was pulled. Kiprich was realing out tunes after tunes even about Ryno's $3 million he won last year... and with Ryno desperately trying to get a song in..tried to no avail.. he then ripped the Mic from Kiprich in desperation.

Earlier the likes of Gully Bop got a good crowd response, Ishawna, Teflon and some early female clashing went down well with the crowd.

Sting 2014 LIVE

Sting 2014 is Happening right now LIVE

Dec 17, 2014

Sting 2014

The 2014 Sting poster.. missing are beenie man bounty killer and alkahline. Of cousre Kartel is represented by Gage.. check out his pic second from top left. Gully Bop is up in it for sure .. i expect him to take the show.. barring a killing from the likes of ninja man

Dec 12, 2014

There has been an Attempt on Corey Todd life

With the death of ROACH sometime ago when he was brutally gunned down at a Gas Station and it was well known that ROACH was an affiliate to Vybz Kartel when Vybz Kartel was very black. Now Corey Todd was affiliated with Vybz Kartel when Kartel was moving from Brown to White, they were business partners. ...and it is well known that the relation ship between the two broke down, so it was for the relationship between Kartel and ROACH.
Now Roach is dead and there has been an attempt on the life of Todd.
It was recently reported that One of two gunmen who shot and injured nightclub manager and dancehall promoter Corey Todd early Thursday morning was shot dead by a cop during a gunfight in St James.
According to the observer at about 5:00am Todd was in the process of closing the facility when he was pounced upon and shot by two armed robbers.
The bandits were reportedly challenged by an off-duty police who was passing by.
One of the would-be robbers was subsequently shot and killed, while his crony escaped.
Todd was rushed to hospital where he is said to be undergoing surgery.The Independent Commission of Investigation (INDECOM) is investigating.

Todd, who once partnered with dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel, operates the Quad and Taboo Night Clubs in New Kingston and the Taboo Night Club in Montego Bay.

Buju Banton trying to make Sting 2014

With the upcoming "Greatest One night Show on Earth" Sting 2014, it has been roumered that the likes of Buju Banton would be a great entry in the show if the Jamaican convicted artiste was deported to Jamaica in time for the show. According to recent reports the Grammy winning Jamaican reggae artiste, Buju Banton, who was convicted on cocaine trafficking charges in 2011, has filed a motion in court in an attempt to secure an earlier release date, according to a report in a Florida newspaper.

The Tampa Bay Tribune reports that Buju, whose given name is Mark Myrie, filed his own motion from prison asking to be released early based on a recent change in federal drug sentencing guidelines.

Buju is currently serving a mandatory ten-year sentence for his conviction on a charge of conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

He is scheduled to be released in 2019. s

Nov 5, 2014

Bounty Killer and Beenie Man Sings together

Is it a good thing that Bounty Killer and Beenie man did a collaboration recently. I heard snippet of the song, it dont sound all that. But why now...? why do a collab now? why do a collab?
One has to remember that these guys have been fighting for that past 20 years. This fighting has been lost in this day and age of konshens, i-octane, kalado, Alkablind etc...
Beenie man has almost always remained current... but not so over the last 2 years or so whilst bounty killer has found a hit once every 6 years or so,,, some say he dont need to have a hit because his catalogue is deep and wide enough like Beenie Mans.. and i agree.
Beenie and Bounty should be living off concerts and rights to their songs right now. To still be recording can be seen as a sign of desperation and fear of being seen as done and washed up artises. These guys had enough time to build their production company and venture into other means of living. ... now if you going to make songs being the G.O.A.T that they are .. make it good and make it a HIT..
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