Dec 31, 2008

Mavado and Vybz Kartel Fans Clash

There have been reports that Mavado and kartel fans clashed yesterday tuesday December 30th. Media reports are that one man has been Hospitalised in serious condition after being stabbed on a section of Mannings Hill road in Kingston Metropolitan Region of Jamaica. There are reports that other persons sustained minor injuries during what is described as a melee.
The troubled started when a man started painting an image of Mavado in the vicinity of an area called "Big Yard." It is reported that persons said to be fans of Vybz Kartel approached the man and ask him to stop painting and then a confrontation started and he was stabbed.
Residents of a nearby community as well as supporters of the entertainers joined in and turned the scene into a melee.
The police are patrolling the area and have indicated that the tension started from the Sting stage show.

Kartel Mavado Feud Reaches Managerial Level

In a response to an earlier statement made by Mavado's Management about the clash with Vybz Kartel, the state of his career and managerial affiliates, Vybz Kartel's Managerial Affiliates have put out a statement countering allegations and insults that were made with insults and allegations of their own.
The stamement referred to Mavado's Manager as "Foo-lian Griffiths-Jones" among other things, in counter to earlier statements calling Claude Mills (Vybz Kartel Associate?) a 'for hire-hack'. The statement mentioned that since Busy Signal left Mr. Griffiths management he has been reaping success and that the Mavado association with him has thus far resulted in the artist being banned from countries like Guyana, Bahamas, St. Vincent and was deported from the USA among other things.
They statment also indicated that Kartel has his own record label Adijahiem Records and manages himself and has a business manager for his Daggering Condom and Vybz Rum.
There were also counter allegations that Mavado, according to the statement "spent several hundred thousand dollars to load up several coaster buses in Waterhouse, and Cassava Piece and issued free tickets to his supporters to take them to Jamworld in Portmore?"

It was clear in the statement that these guys have known each other for sometime and because of the feud between Kartel and Mavado things have 'soured further'
It is a sad state of affairs that these guys have let Mavado and Kartel feud engulf them like this, can you imaging the young/old educated and not so educated fanatics what it must be like for them?
We wouldn't want things to get uglier than they have so we appealing for some ceasefire at this time. Calm down take a deep breath and refocus all that negative energy and continue to make music.


Dec 30, 2008

Mavdo, Kartel and Bounty Under Police Probe...

The cops are reviewing the Sting Tape to assess the criminal charges to be laid against Mavado and Vybz Kartel in their recent stint at the Sting 2008 Dancehall Stage Show. The charges are associated with the breaches in the Town and Communities Act due to the use of profanity by the artists.

Well my advice is that they should review the entire sting tape and chances are Mavado and Kartel should have some company where those charges are concerned.
For Mavado this might affect him a little bit, as being an international artist from Jamaica you want to keep the records clean and minimize any interruption with your ability to conduct your dealings internationally. As for Kartel it just keeps the visa etc a bit further.. I'm not sure how much that hurts.

Bounty right yah now probably a keep his fingers crossed, his head angry and his mouth miserable. He is currently under the microscope by the police, which has resulted in his Range being seized and toed earlier this week for reason not very clear at the moment.

The I'm So Special Remixes

You know when a good work of art is done there is no need to mess with it because its good. The I'm So special song by Mavado have gone under a couple of remixes that have (to me) fallen way short of the quality of the original track, though the original track in the end is a bit unusual but I guess thats what makes it special. There is one done with Foxy Brown (Listen Here) that did no justice to the man thing, though it was somewhat formulated as a diss song for kartel and Lil Kim. There is one done with Tru Life as well as more recently with Toni Yayo from G-Unit. These are not as bad the Foxy Brown one but they still didnt do too much justice to the track, these remixes only contributed only one verse in the song and I guess is just one of those underground cameos that perhaps wanted a piece of the Mavado hype tuh.
Even the track On the Rock with Jay Z.. him kinda rough it up a bit, I guess its difficult to match Mavado Melody. We looking forward to see the official video but in the mean time gwaan tek in the unofficial one (Click Here)

Dec 29, 2008

Kartel Spent $1 Millon Dollars for crowd support?

There have been allegations that Vybz Kartel had bought approximately $1 million worth of fans to chair him on at sting, who later turned their back on him. It is reported that allegations are coming from Mavado's management team. In a statement put out by the management team it was quoted as saying that Kartel has No Visa, No Manager and No record Deal and was told to continue writing songs and not rely too heavily on the art of DJing. The statement in the same breath stated that Claude Mills cannot manage Kartel, saying that Kartel has switched managers and associates several times and implied to be unstable and should be reconsidering his career at the moment.
The statement also made indication of Mavado's achievement since he bussed in 2006, having won a number of international awards including the MOBO awards, having super star Jay-Z on his album, Mavado had Rollingstone Magazine's endorsement as the most important artist since Bob Marley and he also have several hits on the Billboard charts.
There was also mention of the fact that Kartel lost the clash at Mr. Laing's Sting 2008 because the crowd in the end was for the SingJ Mavado, when Ninjaman asked the question it was clear that Mavado had won and that Kartel made mistakes in saying that he "nyam punnany" and also the fact that it was a David vs Goliath scenario because it was Kartels Territory, the fact that he is a DJ and also acclaimed to be the best lyricists in the business...
... and of course the million dollar allegation...

bwoy... these are some serious allegations.. at the time of this composition there had been no response from the empire camp..
These are the aftershocks of the big event, I think we shall have more..
LAING you BAD to Rass!! ...but if this man can find millions (though jamaican dollars i assume) just fi that sting morning.. him rich... it look like him send back the gun dem to Smith and Weston..LOL

Dec 28, 2008

Kartel buil Tune about Sting 2008 Clash

The dust has not even settled yet and Vybz Kartel has already made a song on what had happened at Sting 2008. This is not the first he has done something like this it has been said in the start up of the counteractions and diss songs he heard the tracks from mavado and immediately build a counteraction on the spot, as well as tune about rumours that he had died after the altercation with Ninja man at Sting some time ago..
anyway check out the tune

Aidonia Among the worst Performers at Sting 2008

This is not the first time Aidonia get boo, but im not sure its for the same reasons every time. He has some basic flaws in his stage performance that seem to excluded some rehearsal or a style that is unsuitable for live audiences. We can say he has gotten use to it by now or has he? Though it would be a little bit unfair to say that this was a crowd that was very welcoming and that he had to do some really bad stage work to get boo, the sting crowd is a tuff one and always seem to be in a boo mood. I guess it has something to do with the fact that they had stand and wait and go through over 100 performances... which makes them a bit irritable. But to me the situation was made fueled for Aidonia when;

1) the band didnt work with him perfectly, well initially
2) He cut the songs too short, he started and stop way short (dash weh dat)
3) He was singing too fast
4) He went to diss munga, busy etc..(they are not on the show)
5) Him big up Kartel, Rhyno and Mavado...
6) Too much chatting...

It could be all of the above or one or a few of the them.. but he can take my foolish advice and watch the clip (see a piece of it here) and practice to become perfect...
He can take comfort in the fact that it was not him alone got booed off stage, there were some other terrible performances. ...
I dont want to put up another pole but you can post your comments

Dec 27, 2008

Older DJ's Finished? Fighting to the bitter End

With all the sting Hype and confusion .. which soon ware out, there are some things happening that not really getting any light at the moment. I see where them asking whats wrong with Bounty Killa, asking why him a bigup Kartel and the Portmore Empire and still referring to Kartel as him son... Is this a changing of the guard, is this the end of the War Lord, the Ground God?.. I certainly hope not for the simple reason that im from era of the early Beenie, Killa hype. ... Now that beenie turn grandpa and all the other DJ prior to 2000 almost dont exist anymore.. its a new leaf, change has come. These guys are now history?.. round head dem a fight for dear life.. lets hope they dont get any suicidal thoughts.
There have been reports that the ole veteran Ninja Man is not going out without a fight. He and Grandpa Beenie almost went into a fight on Christmas day at GT Extravaganza in St. Elizabeth. Reports are that "Ninja Man left the stage to move in the direction that Beenie Man was standing in, a tussle ensued between Ninja Man and members of Beenie Man's entourage. As a result, Beenie Man was escorted on-stage by his entourage and the police." But in the report Beenie Man summed it up quite nicely saying "Mi caan pay Ninja Man nuh mind, him nuh have nutten fi lose and him nuh have nutten fi gain. Bounty nuh have nutten fi lose or gain either."

Well I think these guys especially Beenie have few more hit tunes left in him.. as to how far he can go thats another thing... he just might out last the Flippa, Blak Rhino (click to see blak rhino performance), Einstien them... we have to see (if we live that long LOL)..but Killa based on what him a say look like a it dat still, so we can thank him for the Mavado,Kartel and the rest.

Sting 2008 Bounty Booed, The Clash Draw?

STING 2008 is finally over and I was pleased to see that the artist did their thing on stage and it didnt get violent.
Mavado came on stage first with a mask over his head and immediately called out Vybz Kartel to clash... well Kartel came out in a army fatigue with helmet and all kinda bag and pan. They chant tune fi tune like the good old days, though not all that smooth as they didnt go too far in the songs just the fist line and thats it. Kartel at one point brought a coffin on stage and Mavado push it off the stage. The crowd reaction was not clear as to who won the clash but up to the very last minute when Mavado walked off the stage and came back after Kartel kept calling him... did a track mi not even hear so good but him get a good forward.
Ninjaman came on when the dust was settled and ask the question who won... and it sound like they gave Mavado the edge.
Earlier the people Boo bounty killa ..i didnt like that im not sure why they did he didnt stay long. Beenie came on stage and did his thing and facilitating a cameo from two children that seem to do much better than a lot of the artists ..especially the little girl.
Anyway when the sun get hotter you will see all the clips on youtube if didnt already.. you decide who took sting.. come back and vote on the polls here at JamaicaDancehallMusic.

CLICK HERE Listen to it
Click here to watch from the crowd side

Sting 2008 Early Report, Some Forward Some Boo

Well the early reports out of Sting 2008 thus far are that some people get nuff forward and some get boo.
Flippa Mafia mash up the place with his popular tracks and topped off things by throwing money in the crowd.. and of course the crowd love that.
Kiprich ... got some of the biggest forward with his onslaught on the Monster Empire. He called out the Monster Empire but there was no sign of Ghost and such persons. They however turned up later to redeem themselves did their thing and was finally booed, after complaining about the Rim and Tyre weh Bounti Killa took back from them, they said that they wanted Bounty Killa ..and dont know why battyman Kiprich a diss dem..
Serani and Bugle performed well and got some good forwards.
Spice tear down the place coming onstage in a boxing suit ready for battle unleashing diss on Macka Diamond and QP she was later joined by Vybz Kartel and did ramping shop.
Bling Dawg came on did his thing the crowd didnt too like it after a while and he got booed. Adonia was also Booed... he started the first few seconds well when big Kartel Balck Ryno and Mavado but quickly faded when started dissing munga and busy signal..
Well my opinion on the Aidonia thing is that he need to take leaf from Assassin and learn how to perform.

Dec 26, 2008

Dancehall Dancer ICE Killed

The youngman that created the Gully Creepa Dance that Usain Bolt buss at the Olympics earlier this year was shot and killed in cold blood by gunmen this morning in Kingston. It has been reported that the dancer stopped to talk to someone and was pounced upon by gunmen who shot and killed him on the spot and took the vehicle he was driving. It is reported that a female that was in the vehicle was thrown out by the gunmen and is said to be very shaken up, however it is not clear as to whether she was otherwise harmed. The body of the dancer according to reports remained on the street for sometime before the relevant authorities came to do their processing.

Bwoy it really sad in the Big Christmas Holiday.. them kill the yoot... we dont know the ulterior motive but on the surface right now it look like robbery. I dont know the nature of the mixup that these guys are in.. but its very much a pity to take out anybody no matter what dem do.. it seems hanging or no hanging these man dont even quint.
Condolences to the family of ICE and may his spirit live on in his siblings and the rest of the dancers.
Click Here to See The Elephant Man Video "Gully Creeper"

Dec 25, 2008

Mavado get Boo at Island Exlosion?

I see on a couple of internet website saying that Mavado get boo at Island Explosion stage show in Clarendon on the 25th Christmas Day. Most persons have been denying the allegations... So far there is no definite proof as to what is what, but allegations are that the Gully God also mentioned Spices name saying that the Teacha nyam out Spice and all these things..
Anyway this is all have on it the Teacha a work with Spice and Beenieman on stage

Dec 24, 2008

Vybz Kartel pre-Sting Interview

OK! I didn't even thought there would be a response but this appear to be the response to the Mavado Interview on Jamaican Television which casted some doubt about his appearance and a possible Clash at Sting. This is the Vybz Kartel interview on the same programme.

Serani, Blak Ryno Draft Picks For 2009

Well 2009 is almost here and some 'new' artist has already stamped their class on the business for 2008. It would be a little bit redundant to say that Blak Ryno and Serani are people to look for in 2009. Serani is currently mashing up the Billboard charts with "No Games" and Blak Ryno have a number of local tracks ..that are not normal.. the man have thing a way. Tracks like "Bend Over" and "Sen Go Home" .. sick and we expect to here more from him in 2009.
There are other artist that we expect some good stuff from and already within the the Big ship camp we have Jim Laden and Bramma. Already Jim a get some good props, he has been around from the Rising Stars 2006 days and certainly don't look like he is giving up and he shouldn't cause his thing has longevity. Me expect Tifa, Timberlee and the rest of crew to come good in 2009... im not sure if them done school yet.. but as soon as them finish them college education they can put the 100 stab into the business... by the way Sizzla and Assassin did finish up by Utech?..and who they keep referring to as collage nigger in the songs?..

Mavado in Movie
It has been reported that Mavado is in the acting business a feature called "What Goes Around" is a US feature that follows the romantic relationships of two brothers. Written and directed by Steve 'Tehut-Nine' McAlpin, 'Gully God' Mavado plays himself and the American. cast includes music celebs Flippa Mafia and KC Jockey.

Dec 22, 2008

Targeting Kartel fairly on the bleaching thing?

I hear Mavado and his fans.. talking extensively about the bleaching habits of Kartel of the Portmore Empire (which was said to be formerly owned by Deva Brat et. al.).. and wonder if they heard Blak Ryno in his interview saying he use to touch up one and twice times for the girls dem (of course)....
But (even though this might be stale).. I can not but put a bit of a worrisome frown on my face every time i see this particular Alliance member and former member of the scare them crew.. The Elephant man.. To tell you truth .. mi see it but mi nuh say nothing for the past five years or so (and mi know anuh me one)... because Mr. Lex (R.I.P) did his tune about bleaching and no body never really pay attention until now. A lot of artist over the years was against this form of identity theft.. or change of identity i should say, but has ninja man indicated in his interview recently for sting 2008, the whole dance chemical out.. so a better you just leave it be.
But people unnuh think a today yah people a bleach.. inna de book Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey (page 78) it mentioned that the people dem a bleach dem face and a SWITCH them identity.. and this was before the 1920's.. yow people read up innuh Marcus Garvey.. Bigup you-self Mutabaruka.
But this is war.. and "all is fair in love and war" ...according to the Teacher
AND MI A HEAR SEH MICHEAL JACKSON NEARLY DIE OVER THE WEEKEND..mi wonder if the bleaching a tek it toll pon him.. check the link "Enteraiment Buzz" about that one..

Vybz Kartel in Freemasonery aka Lodge

There have been several statements and allegation in relation to Addijah Palmers association with freemasonery and his acclamation to evil deeds. According to wikipedia in an entry on David Books it stated "Mavado ...referenced about Vybz Kartel's belief in freemasonry and criticizes his tattoos."
In in a recent interview with a local newspaper Mr Palmer (aka Di Teacha) was asked if he was a christian he said "NO", however his family members are christians. When asked why in the track called Wha Dat Fah he said the line..."to how me bloodclaat bad mi nuh must know god"..and in tune called Weh Dem A Guh he said .."Addi the devil too dyam hard" ..and in Broad Day Light ...he went on to say "tings mi do people seh mi mus go a hell, mi seh pussy mi nuh mus know God."
There was also indication that an email entitled "Is Vybz Kartel Really Evil?" was in circulation. It claims that the artiste is a freemason aka Lodge

Kartel was asked about being associated to this devil thing he reportedly said "It's just me. me represent everything that is devilish. dem seh God create man from his image, but really a man create God, we create him in our minds, when dem seh tings like dese yuh play wid it, play wid di masses."
when aked if he was a member of the lodge in Jamaica Addi replied ..."Mi believe inna society. whether it be a society of notion or a society of specific groups or sects, so let's leave dat in di open."

bwoy ..the man dem take this thing way beyond the stars... I dont know, can he use this lodge thing and get a visa? i guess that is a secret.

Dec 19, 2008

Kiprich "Rounhead a Battyman"

What ..the hell is going on with these Jamaican dancehall artist. For those who have not been following the beef between Kiprich and Monster Empire which includes General B, RounHead and Ghost and of course completely (i think) separate and apart from Portmore Empire. ..This beef is about to intensify
I over heard Kiprich expressing his anger about the beef with the Monster Empire in an interview.. what shocked me (like the George Bush shoes incident) was what Mr Kiprich had to say.. the man really dissed them (monster empire) bad... with some serious alligations..
1) Monsters deliberately started the beef with Bounty killa because they were broke 2) Kiprich wrote a couple songs for Bounty Killa ..him respect Killa
3) Kiprich ask if Monster can handle a Bounty Killa war
4)Monster dissed Kiprich (see youtube)
5) Before the beef Monster were begging their way around begging kiprich $4k $5k quite regular
6) Roundhead a battyman
7) Roundhead cream him hair
9) ..again you will get more at sting..

Mavado New Tunes fi Sting 2008 Clash

A pure confusion a gwaan before the arrival of sting...because in a interview posted earlier on this site .. there was some doubt cast by the Gully God about clashing at Sting '08.. even though he indicated that he would not run from nuh clash.. However based on his performance and utterances including some new tunes dissing Vybz Kartel at Stone Love 36th Anniversary seems Vado is on the attack and the clash is very much on.
Yow the man dem a say killa look like a new artist pon the stage in this one...
Lady Saw .. mad... Busy Killed this one as well... But listen fi the Mavado track Dem.

Dec 18, 2008

Aidonia Diss Kartel.. and Empire again??

The rumours ..have been intensifying about the tension between Aidonia and the Portmore Empire. There have been rumourlike reports indicating that at a show 3 weeks ago in the Bronx, New York Aidonia reportedly said that Kartel is the Devil and bare Fools and Clowns him have around him, Kartel putting these fools ahead of him and one of them sound like a robot and how Kartel thief the empire from Deva Bratt all these things. The report also indicated that Adonia was sorry he had left the Alliance camp to now be treated like this by Kartel. This is in contrast to earlier reports that Aidonia has denied dissing Kartel in a track called "Big Matic Nah Laugh" LISTEN

But bwoy ..all these conflicting reports.. so if it nuh go so nearly go so

Anyway it also was reported that the news was a surprise to Kartel ..who reportedly said that he has not seen Aidonia for some 3 weeks and Aidonia can leave the Empire if he wish.. because him (Aidonia) a big man ..and wishes him well
BUt wait.. wasn't Aidonia a member of the J.O.P ..and not empire.. ?

I'm sure we will get more on this least by the 26th
I dont know if its this session he did the diss ..the sound quality really poor..

Dec 17, 2008

Mavado Might not Clash Kartel at Sting 08?

Mavado on a TV interview in Jamaica said he does not know about any clash.. him never talk to Laing ..and Laing never talk to his management.... he seems to be "concerned" about the amount of security and the barriers and cages and all these things that will be at sting 2008... and he seem to be worried about the safety of the patrons at the event this year.... He did indicate that if it the confrontation situation arise he will not back away from the clash (well lets hope so..dat people a pay dem money fa)...
But he does sounds a bit shaky ...and he shoudnt because he has the material and is currently in the lead.... is he ..well not according to my polls
This is the interview the quality off but you can see and hear what him a say.


Beenieman Now a Grandfather

Moses Beenieman Davis is now a Grandfather... oh dear.. Desha Gaye (his daughter) 17 years of age gave birth to giggling baby girl recently. It is understood that the baby will be given the last name Davis as the father is uncertain at this time. The mother had not told the grandfather who is the father of the child. The grandfather told the mother to change the first name of the baby from Destiny because he does not like it. The mother now lives in the grandfathers house in Florida and gets support from him to attend college...

But it seems to me the last name of the daughter want some amendments tuh..!!?

Adonia Dissed Vybz Kartel?

I saw this clip on youtube where a Aidonia in his usual high speed lyrical rhymes sounded like him Dissed Vybz Kartel in it. And there has been a spate of allegations indicating that the two are at odds.. even in the Blak Ryno interview (see older posting) people asking whats the beef between Kartel and Aidonia... well in a recent star report Aidonia indicated ...."there is no rift between me and Kartel. The song post online and since people a tell me seh Kartel and me a war. Me and Kartel have nutten. Everything good wid me and Kartel and everyone from the Portmore Empire."
In the track it sound like he said.."Clap it up Addi yuh head get lick offa cuff mek dem drop buff pon di plaza"....but according to Aidonia he did not say 'Addi' but 'baddy' and in fact the song says "target mi shoot offa mi nuh miss offa, clap it up yuh baddy, yuh head get lick offa."... according Donia there is no truth also to "another rumour that Aidonia and Portmore Empire's Blak Ryno were involved in a fight recently. It has been said that Vybz Kartel was in defence of Blak Ryno and attempted to hit Aidonia, but someone interceded." .. there are planning to do a track together and a couple of shows..
Anyway ...people listen the track ..just a small excerpt was posted .. what you hear at times 1:25 to 1:47 in this clip?

Dec 16, 2008

Stone Love 35th Anniversary Awards, Kartel and Mavado win

Mavado got Singjay of the year and Addi Di Teacha got DJ of the year at the Stone Love 35th Anniversary celebration. I dont know but first time you would just have DJ and singer of the year now you have DJ, Singjay and
International Dancer of the year -- Stacy
Local dancer -- Sample 6,
Dance move of the year -- Ice - Gully Creeper.
Female DJ of the year -- D' Angel
Female Singer --- Etana
Female New Artist --- Pamputtae
Male Singer --- Serani
Male New Artist -- Konshens
Entertainer of the Year -- Chi Ching Ching
I dont hear nothing about any female Singjay of the year,perhaps we didnt have much female Sinjay around this year..but a Stone Love thing so we not gonna too pressure these things yet we have to see how the rest of it sort out itself.
So the best Singjay vs the best DJ at sting this year.... so what about the best auto-tune fi the year.. mi nuh like how dem a treat Munga and Demarco yuh nuh...
Anyway to the Empire and Alliance fans we hope after sting we can hear things like this in this video...

Blak Ryno ...pre Sting Interview

OK.. this was the interview with Blak Ryno from the Portmore Empire ..him a talk realy low in this one... i'm not sure if its a confidence thing. Well you can watch the video but you have to turn up the volume... Hear what he thinks of Mavado, What is his inspiration, If him have pickney etc... This would be his first solo performance at big stage show like Sting.
Ryno in this one complaining of throat problems.. this is a serous matter a sing J he needs to have his voice and with that style where he hits some strange notes and keys..if him cant keep it up him might end up sounding like a roach... no pun intended..oh and him diss roach in this one as well.

Dec 14, 2008

Dont Over do Auto Tune

I read in a recent report about this auto tune technology, where a top Studio Engineer has indicated that the use of auto-tune should be toned down and limited to a few words in a track and not to be abused. This was more so on the fact that auto-tunes are difficult to perform live.. by the way demarco and munga is on sting this year? Im not sure.. but I have heard Munga Live and him nuh sound too bad as long as him use turntables instead of a live band ..all is good.
This auto-tune as i pointed out before is not new, Beenie Man and Miss Thing used it in the song called 'Dude'...and it was American never ageing 70 year old pop star Cher that reintroduced it after a long break since the 70's. More recently T-Pain as gone as far as staking a claim on the technique saying that people should pay royalties for using the feature... is this fool crazy? ... Did Munga and Demarco heard that?.. are they paying T-Pain royalties for Auto-Tune?.... LOL..
But one thing for sure it seems it can take any rusty voice person and turn them in a star. So we not fighting it we working with it.
This is one of favourite done by Deva long b4 the current mix up with Portmore Empire its a Munga Diss

Dec 13, 2008

Mavado Poster for Sting 2008

The track not new but the poster is.. the man dem a ago all out..this one was done by Reese Badda Designs (Not local it appears).. im not sure if its kartel pay them for this one..LOL .. this appears to be the war Poster for Alliance/Mavado Sting 2008
You see the bunch a garlic at the front of the range?.. mad

Roach going to kill Kartel at Sting

Check This previously recoded Interview with Roach Kartel former producer ..Him ago kill Vybz Kartel at Sting... Listen the interview

Part 1 see part 2 below

Vybz Kartel a Fool, Busy Signal a Thief - Said Roach

Part 2

Dec 12, 2008

Music Bizz Sticky Bizz

Season Greeting to all.. take it easy this Christmas..yeah yuh need to live to see 2009.. but yuh can take some small risk..
Risk. The music business is risky, very risky. I saw some reports about producers swearing not to work with young artist because them too hype. Koshen in a rebellious mode leaving his management team. The relationship between the management team that worked with Fanton Mojah and Nanko broke down, Adonia was reportedly refused to sign a contract with the Scatta Burrell management and from that Scatta say he not dealing with no more young artist according to the report... So what the young artist them ago do?... if the management them fraid ..den the bizz get stagnated?
Well that leave them to the elements like Alliance and Empire...
That would be really sad...(or would it be?) but it seems that these producers dont know the business.. sign the man dem b4 you spend money on them at least cover expenses.. I dont do business but is pure common sense. So when Koshen management a bawl seh him run gone and dem ago loose what they invest thus far.. yuh guys know collateral concept?.. is the same thing a fuck up the the world right yah now without no means of repayment..

Dec 8, 2008

Don Corleon T Pain Munga Demarco Kartel

For some time ..I thought that when the war with Munga and Vbz Kartel empire ..namely Deva Brat was in High Gear, the working relationship with between Kartel and Don was diminished...But then recently I heard a track that was done by the two "Kalico"...not as bad as "smoking by".. but it can listen. I think at that time when they did smoking by, Don used the autotune technique sound good though it was not a new thing... a mean T Pain has been making a wack out of this autotune thing.. why not Demarco and Munga as well.. shit thinking about it as well,.. cut me some auto tune..yeah

Dec 5, 2008

Foxy Brown Diss Kartel, Lil Kim in Mavado Remix

There is a new remix out for the tune thats mashing up the local and international charts - yeah ..Mavado's "I'm So Special"... a sing over on the track was done by Foxy Brown is set to cause stir in the business but on a different level... Foxy in the track make reference to Vybz Kartel and Lil Kim bout them bleaching habits... Upto news time we have not heard any reply from these two artists... Although the reason is clear for the Lil Kim diss the reason for the Kartel diss some say is because of Kartel's diss on Foxy during the early 2000's war between Kartel and red square, namely Spragga Benz and Assassin.
...Never a dull moment rass claaat...tek it in deh...

Dec 4, 2008

Reggae Dancehall Grammy Nominees 2009

Yeah .. once again .. this time of the year you hear all kind of things happening.. One of them is the Grammy Awards...and the reggae dancehall category have as usual a decent mix of artist. Five albums are included on the list of nominees in the best reggae album category for the 2009.

Burning Spears' "Jah Is Real" will go up against the likes of Elephant Man's "Let's Get Physical" Shaggy's "Intoxication," "Amazing" by Sly and Robbie as well as Lee Scratch Perry's "Repentance"... and the sixth nominee who found to be a little strange is "Vibes" by Jamaican-born rapper Heavy D, who is known to be a US based rapper who have done some few and far between reggae stints... thing is I not even did know say Heavy D still making music man...

The Grammy Awards ceremony will take place at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles on February 8.... so you can route for your artist...
Bwoy I would a love to put mi money on Elephant but.. bwoy im not so confident though
Yuh done know who we can look for in terms of nomination next year... "even if him nuh left the gully"

Dec 3, 2008

Ninja Man in Car Accident?

Lawd Have Mercy!! ..Ninja Man and his family almost lost their lives recently in a Car Accident ..according to a news report. The Don Gorgan in a recent report indicated that a Toyota Corolla that he was driving, with his family as passengers, met in an accident on November 29. The vehicle hit head-on with an oncoming motor car that got out of control, writing off both vehicles. It is reported that the only Ninja's wife Wendy, sustain the more serious injuries. It is uncertain as to the state of her condition but has been indicated that Ninja and his family are at home counting their blessings and taking their time to recover.--- the problem is I haven't heard anything official on this report ... so for now, we will just wait and see...
Ninja take it easy you hear star...

Demarco as Raw as Ever

Demarco .. Bad as a Mo.. on this one the TPain riddim have it locked .. there are a number of other tracks ..that are making use of the riddim.
Click here for Kartel Version

The is the one from Demarco (Jah know the man name just remind of MarcoDean).. but this one SELL OFFF!!!

Dec 2, 2008

Nuff Respect To Shaggy !!!

Yeah ... Big up all the fans who bless the site with their presence. We try to keep it going as much as we can, yuh nuh, bringing you the news with our point of views.
Blessings to all, as we approach this festive season unfortunately a lot of people wont see 2K9... but let God be the judge of that...
We would like to big up Shaggy.. yeah!! we understand that the DJ is not just giving out two computers but he is making plans to raise US$2 million (let me repeat US$2 milli milli milli) for the Bustamante Children Hospital, here in Kingston, Jamaica.. WOW.. a some mi know the man good... and the man said "do something for your country"
You know when i sit and a check with me-self...and a say most people including myself only live and do deeds for our family and friends and rarely step out of bounds and try to be helpful to the less fortunate .. and if you really check it.. what is the point of you living just for your pleasure...
Anyway enough of the philosophy need to give some thing to the needy b4 the year done.. yuh si mi..
yeah bigup all my small island peeps Antigua, St. Vincent, Trinidad, Barbados, Cayman...Bermuda you large...
Yeah and a lot of appreciation and gratitude to Sir Allan Stanford, West Indies yuh have mi support ...

LADY G IS ALIVE ....I hope

Bigup LADY G (aka Janice Fyffe) one of the veterans in the Dancehall Hall of Fame. Yeah !! .. there have been reports denying that Lady G was shot and killed, which implies that there were rumours going around saying such a terrible thing has happened to the Veteran female DJ.
Lets we forget Lady G did say years ago..SHE SAID...(just click play)

Nov 30, 2008

Shaggy - Bad Man Dont Cry (Mad)

This is a new one from Shaggy called "Bad Man Don't Cry" - Video by Jay "Game Over" Will. It is not a catchy one like "it wasn't me" but as usual Shaggy put him sense of humour in it --- an mi a tell you the characters in this one sell off if the sound of the song is not all that impressive the stars in the video makes it certainly one to talk about.

Nov 29, 2008

Taking 'Shots' at Scatta

There seem to be a blame game going around about the resent uproar in the dancehall re: Kartel and Mavado renewed war and according to a recent report the forces are coming against 'Scatta' Burrell the producer for the tunes that reignited the war. Kartel's "Wha Dat Fah".. and Mavado's "Dem a Fag".. are the songs on the Self Defense riddim that also featured elephant man song 'Sweep'. According to the report Scatta has been threatened by various elements in the business and casting blame at his feet for his naive intention and attitude to the situation----
I have never heard such fuckery--- how you fi blame the producer for the lyrics that the artist them compose, thats some stupid shit.
Scatta also a made the point in the article about too many tracks and music production in the business right now, making the industry saturated--- again fuckery in my opinion, the principle of the fittest shall survive will prevail and all songs last forever as human beings last so don't bother wid that Scatta... just gwaan buil'

Nov 28, 2008

Vybz Kartel the Koppershot Effect

First time(mid 90's)in the dancehall you would here a lot of cover versions of RnB and Hip Hop - these days you dont here too much of it but it still very much exist. Big up Renaissance sound - one of the first sound system that usually supply us with some regular dancehall hip hop remix they were very good - trust me....Not out do other sound system like Koppershot those boys were bad and seems they havnt lost their touch -- check this one out.

Nov 27, 2008

Potential 50 year war QQ and Dadda ....

What's happening here ! .. there are times when too much of one thing is just not good. QQ and Dadda has been throwing words at each other for some time and have brandish counteraction tunes. QQ and Dadda are literally babies in the business and to be hearing that these youngsters are about go to war (or at war) with each other kinda sound a bit worn out, tired, over done ...just a big fat rass YAWN...
Dadda is under the alliance camp and QQ don't seem to have much of an entourage but he has his father who took him out of school in England to Jamaica so that he could launch a simultaneous approach in a musical career and a secondary level education. So I cant really predict the nature of advice and guidance that they might be getting right now... but as usual if you are in the industry and dont have the courage of a LA. Lewis style marketing approach or a natural appeal as Mavado and Vegas then this is the most popular alternative.. see it deh... this article is about them. So I dont know how far the Sting hype is going to put either of the two... QQ is known for his tune "Stookie" among others, Dadda not so popular ..but not for long.

Nov 25, 2008

Spice - Not Boxed !

DJ Spice has denied that she was beaten by her beau! .. Reports are that there was an argument between spice's common law husband and herself when the police were called. The couple was taken into the police station for a formal report when spice's man was on the phone and a female officer who was trying to get his attention was reportedly flashed off by him which lead to allegations of further detention of the fellow and two more charges. The rumor of the beating according to spice in a media report, started when she was to enter some judges chamber but she had a pierce chin and thus had to cover it up with a ban-aid spilling the rumor that she get bruk up from her (now current) man.

Nov 24, 2008

Kartel ft Spice Ramping Shop

OK shall see alot of these on you tube ...a see two already!

It has been reported that Spice was allegedly boxed by her baby father (that she allegedly tief from a girl up by UWI)...He was arrested and his travel documents ceased... All because of this tune and the clips from what appear to background scenes from the video shoot... Appart from that the song is very strong and she did say that her man ago lick her down and it appeared that that happened...
Never a dull moment in Jamaica DH music...

Nov 23, 2008


HOW COME? .. How come them ban twins of twins song "HOW COME" and up to now I don't hear any fresh material from them since then? My ears are not very close to the ground these days, but from what I do hear and see, HOW COME them don't do any counteraction to the fact that them banned the track?... so I a wonder whats happening, or is it that they are quite ok and working on something?
...Bwoy... its one of their better tracks.. mi a tell yuh!!...,,, But mi a wonder which one of the elements in the song cause it fi ban or is a combination of elements? In the tune I think that following could be a factor
1. "What kinda money build super plus"
2. How come Kern Spencer "living in fear" etc
3. Khemlanimart a Thief Light
4. Bling Dawg show......
and these just the main ones there are more listen the tune.

Nov 21, 2008

A wha dis man?..Mavado Kartel ER Refix

If you didnt see any of the interviews or saw only one..well here is a treat.

Damn that Rap Music Jamaican Style

There is a growing underground rap music industry in Jamaica. A Recent report has indicated that the movement has been taking steps to build a base and already has its artists and venue and of course beef. Ever heard of Chillum, Bebble Team, Six and my favourite Kali
Yeah man ..the rap music is on the rise but im not sure if its gonna be on the same fate as Shinehead. They using a similar blend of ebonics and Jamaican creole, but if you ask Shinehead him try till him fool and he didn't"make it" hence his views some time ago on the Jamaican music in the states.
But the beef thing lame... this is between Six and Chillum, who were friends at one point and are now enemies because one told the other some lie - OK!

Nov 20, 2008

Jim Laden...hmm!!

JIM LADEN...haha!!... you know the pogramme called "whats in a Name" on RJR never listened to it, always wanted to.. because I think it would be quite interesting..!!? ..
Now Jim Laden... Buss on the scene with Rising stars (big up digicel (watch out fi claro though)) ...and did a tune called "beenieman and Carlene in Love" not sure if thats the correct name but..that line is in the song..nice sounding song...manage to carry the DJ/sing J to the furthest in rising stars compared to the others with that style in the five year programme.
He does not seem to preach Badness ..all the time.. most of his songs are quite good.. and look and sound like a marketable product.. however ...D' name might land him inna trouble with US immigration ..wouldnt it?...if them can do Big Ken Booth deh dem ways deh then poor likkle Jim... I say find a stage name Jimmy weh fit you style... he certainly don't sound and look like a terrorist..

you agree? ..see

Steven, Hundoras, Scratchy B???

Jamaica won the match but lost the battle to go back to Africa - no witch hunting of Semoes ok people just keep ourselves calm and root for Trinidad and Brazil ..OK copy and paste the link ... for some Brazilian highlights and Mexico vs Honduras... the Brazilians look like the the Brazil that they ought to be.
Any way ..big all the selectors them.. I hear they have Identity problems with who a support who alliance and empire (yawnnnn). By-the-way what happen to scratchy B and the Cash Money sound system they still doing well --like empire on the rise....are they? I havnt heard anything about them/him. But I can remember scratchy B who always said on his mix cd that ..."music a music and them play for everyone any artist".. This didnt happen in the ongoing 20 year war with Bounty and Beenie?... So how come now...something else a boil ...
The producers are not so different, well except for steven, is Just Munga dont want to work with him... what really happen between Munga and Steven McGregor .. I never really got the full story good....

any way.... the goal that sink Jamaica....

Nov 18, 2008

King Tubby's in the DHF (Dancehall Hall of Fame)

Background people ...usually be just that, producers and engineer, base player and drummer many people cant recall some of the name - Well I even worse I not even can name Ten producer off my head ...just so - well the obvious reason is that im just an ordinary fan, love the good sounding tracks and lock off the radio or change the stations when the others are being played -- For those who didnt know like me self yah

"King Tubby (born Osbourne Ruddock) was a Jamaican electronics and sound engineer, known for his influence on the development of Dub music in the 1960s and 1970s.
Tubby engineered/remixed songs by Jamaica's top producers such as Lee Perry, Bunny Lee, Augustus Pablo and Vivian Jackson that featured artists such as Johnny Clarke, Cornell Campbell, Linval Thompson, Horace Andy, Big Joe, Delroy Wilson, Jah Stitch
It is unlikely that a complete discography of Tubby's production work could be created based on the number of labels, artists and producers with whom he worked, and subsequent repressings of these releases sometimes contained contradictory information. His name is credited on hundreds of b-side labels, with the possibility that many others were by his hand yet uncredited, due to similarities with his known work.
King Tubby was shot and killed on February 6, 1989 by an unknown group of people outside his home in Duhaney Park, upon returning from a session at his Waterhouse studio. It is thought that the murder was probably an attempt at robbery"

Nov 17, 2008

Dancehall Dirty Dancing --- way beyond the stars

Dirty Dancing ! that was the name of a movie a think in the late 80's or early 90's I dont really member... but i know for sure is NOTHING, NOT EVEN CLOSE.... to what we in JAMAICA have redefined. The girls them from Montego Bay namely Dima, Excellent, Oiler etc has revolutionized the concept of dirty dancing... with the help of the selectors and the atmosphere of the times.... They have taken things way beyond the stars.. hate it or love it for those who have not seen it before (see video below).. it is something to make you laugh and cry and the same about mad, sick head nuh the selector would say BOMBOOOO CLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT....
The girls are trying to take their portion of the pie, because the men were taking over the scene at one they went into a realms (in my opnion) to take back the spot light... so when talk about under the truck,on the live light wire, in the coconut tree...anyway anyhow anywhere anywho anywhat anywhen...they are going to do it!
I remember watching a clip with the Mo'bay girls at dance in Mo'bay and they hold onto a dread that was picking up bottles in the session and they wine-up on him pulling out his locks and beating him in his head, all this when the dread was trying to escape to do his bottle policing.
It has been going on for the past 5 years or more.. it does not happen at every session but you can see what it takes to entertain some Jamaicans these days ....
Sorry about video quality
check it out to Bombo CLaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat....mad!

Nov 15, 2008

Asafa, Bibi --- Moving to D Beat

Asafa Powell and Bibi Gardener; apart from being amongst the most famous set of athletes in Jamaica's History, these men of National Colours, National Pride, National Sport and is among the best when comes on to their behavior, they also share in common not just their hard work in the field of Athlethism but also to be among the first set of athletes in Jamaica's history to put their talent into Jamaican Music.
Erupt, one of the big artist that is currently mashing up the Billboard Charts came from the Bibbie Gardner camp, Bibbie has been in the production business for some time now and can be considered well established.
As fi the man called A fasa Powell he recently for the fist time helped facilitated the production of a track called "Trod it" by the group Konscious. The track is a one drop reggae tune blessed by Di Genius call Steven McGregor (a wonder if any woman are naming their child after that Genius fellow)..
Accordint to a recent media report Powell say the process sweet him---- so chances are we should be hearing and seeing more from this Powell fellow. how Bolt a mash up the whole a the track record dem and being so hard to beat now is not a bad time to at least work on the after career occupation, Yeah and trust me there is never a dull moment in the Jamaican music fraternity.
I get the feeling seh Powell a seh Alliance and Bolt done say empire the other day pon national TVJ (jamaica ie..ER to be specific)... So mi nuh know wha that really mean...

This Too shall pass?...alliance empire beef

This war thing still continues and why? -- the artist them make money from it. The fans them love it but fraid. The selecters them jus a walla walla inna it and of course a make a living. On the international scene its neither here nor there
.. but you know if nothing happens for one year it would seem like no war was on, would it?.
Is it for real though? or was it manufactured? you notice some a dem a put out product line!... is this whole beef thing stupid?.... will it continue in '09? Do you these guys really want it to stop or you want it to tone down a bit?... would the artist them stop like how them a make money off it?... who are the real instigators? who a fuel the fire?.. what would the scene be like if there were no beef (no pun on D'angel here) between these guys? ...a reach 21 questions yet?...(nuh bother count it)
If them wanted to know how to end the war? ..they need to ask Assassin.. trust me.

The media played its role in all this... TVJ entertainment report peeps a sey they just gave the audience what they wanted when questions were asked about the interviews with Mavado and Kartel recently.

Anyway big up artist like Etana, Tony rebel, Buju..yeah Buju always a lick out against these things...He is in this clip...

Nov 14, 2008

Behind the Scenes D' Angel Stronger Video shoot

My girl still a do her thing... fix up yuh ting my girl ..recycle yuh dashie-weh.. so that ..perhaps ...yuh never can tell ..them might tek it back, anyway... leave that fi the speculators they must think that you are the NY stock exchange...

watch the sscenes ...zeeen !!

Lorraine or raine ..Alliance Empire collab??..

Is not every day you hear a voice sounding like Beyonce a cuss some dutty bad word in musical tracks.. but in this latest track with Vybz Kartel (di Teach?), it sound like him bruk out a girl name "raine". I dont know if its her this, in this video, unofficial it may be, but I'm wondering if it is the same Lor"raine", (with the "raine" shortened of course) from Daseca.. that did a track with Serani called "rain" a fall. Anyway if "raine" is part of the Daseca group, which I assume is under the alliance "umbrella" (ie is within the alliance camp).. then its good to see the unity between the artist although it maybe distant association.
The guilt (by association) here should be graciously accepted as in this time of bad-mind and grudgful and wickedness and evil-- we appreciate any form of affection in the direction of peace and unity.... YEAH a DAT MI SEY..
Big up serani one of mi favourite artist fi the year...yeah..

but tek in the track (was this released b4 the new set a rae rae...?) .. any way mi just get it so it new to me... perhaps not to you

let it raine.....

Bad Mine not Only in Dance Hall

Yow..! I thought that only bad mind exist only in the "regular" dancehall music but it seems bad mind in Gospel music as well. "Dancehall" Gospel artist Mr Goddy Goddy known for his popular track "Chakka chi chi", according a recent report, is being blasted for participating in a recent tv commercial rounds for promoting courts (the furniture store company) with a cover of his hit track "Chakka chi chi" ... some parts of the church community were saying that the song was an inspiration by God and should not be used for commercial gain...
To me that's total hypocrisy .. for the past 2000 years people a use the church as a money collector for all sorts of reason... not to mention the TV preacher dem--- yow low the man It sound like pure bad mind .. and make him chakka chi chi..

Nov 13, 2008

Live Stream Sting 08 ..esp No plane fare peeps

Yow.. nowadays you can get the music anywhere any how... even if you dont want audio stream only you can get all live video stream in the business ... a so mi want them to stream sting live... yow yow laing a wha you a deal wid... sen n the thing, nuff yardie cant afford the plane fare in this financial crisis ..SEn SEN SEn on

Nov 12, 2008

Ken Boothe Held up in UK?

How come the UK immigration .. treated the great Ken Boothe dem way deh? How Come?..
According to a Star report the UK immigration hold on to the Big Man, him wife and Documents for a number of hours.
Boy we thought that since Barack take the title Black people ago get a little better treatment-- or should I say Jamaican People. Because I hear say all in the Cayman Islands, Jamaicans have to be hiding because the Cayman people them a protest a killing of a female and her body burnt which was said to be executed by 2 Jamaicans.
So Ken! watch how you a go a Cayman right now cause them the people deh sound like them a take back two fi this.
Anyway the officials at the airports around the world need fi recognize say Ken Boothe is a Stalwart in the Jamaican music business and should not be treated like Vybz Kartel, Mavado etc..

KEN YOU LARGE unnuh stop treat the man like a Puppet on a String...check it out

Piracy from Beenie Bounty days to now Benzz

One of the main reason why Bounty Killa was at war with Beenie was because of the good old piracy. All when it is not word for word ...bounty said the tune that Beenie did has the same melody as his and thus is a carbon copy...and thus one of the reason for the ongoing two decade war.
I read in a recent entertainment news article about a little known Dj ..called Smokie Benzz sey Busy Signal ..tief his track, allegedly called Tic Toc..which sound like a tune that Vybz Kartel did according to one blogger on the news site.

But recently people can peacefully sound like people man...even in the recent war tracks with Kartel and Mavado you can hear dem a use each other style (and its not an issue)
But Benzz a play smart.. even if a nuh pirate busy pirate the track..his name is on two big news entertainment/news media..
So all who want to buss and get popular and dont want to use the LA. Lewis route take a note out of Benzz's Approach-- but wait a wonder if him copy right that !

Nov 11, 2008

Kool vid track with Toots

I, as you might have noticed .. am a youtube freak.. not quite ashamed of it just yet but thats where i take a break sometimes and try and have a laugh or so.. I stumbled upon a nice one in my opinion ..from toots and the maytals. Toots, one of the stalwarts in the music business in Jamaica.. gives the opnion that he is under appreciated and over shadowed by the nowadays ragga ragga music.. well its true and I am among those to be blamed... but mi a try link up the old time thing still cause mi like dem.. dem sound good.. oh! im not that young though..

anyway check it out the vid..

Merciless for Good

Who says that the DJs are just negative and uninspiring? .... well most of us did but Merciless aka Lenard Bartley, having been on the war path over the years and I think he still is, has a different message in his tunes these days. The DJ seemed more concerned than other DJs about the spate of criminal activities against children recently. In an effort to make a contribution to fight against such evil deeds the "Warhead" according to local media report, hopes to work with the relevant authorities to perhaps set up something like a Amber Alert "An Amber Alert is a child abduction alert bulletin in the United States and Canada issued upon the suspected abduction of a child. AMBER is officially an acronym for 'America's Missing: Broadcasting Emergency Response' but was originally named for Amber Hagerman, a nine-year-old child who was abducted and murdered in Arlington, Texas in 1996."

...he was described once by the War Lord as "Because him name Lenard him lend him things Hard" ... lets hope he lends his efforts on matter of this nature for a long time ... the track fresh and dont sound too bad, the video is ok as well ...check it out..

Nov 8, 2008

Vybz Kartel - ER Interview

Bling Dawg counteraction to Kartel Diss

Bling Dawg... ahh bling Daaaaawg... get mad pon dem... im not sure but this is the first time bling get involved in some form of clash, mix up, counteraction thing... Not bad this one, i give this a 3 outa 5 (the track not the video, the video is excempt)... Anywayyy im not sure Kartel aready responded to this one or the Deva Bratt one... well if kartel nuh dead this year ..him affi guh get some ratings.. Because Mavado, Wayne Marshall, Assassin, Bounty Killa, Deva Bratt, Flex, the rest of the Alliance should surely kill him... but him have him artillery hope him nuh run out a bullet.. listen to this bling dawg yah

Vybz Kartel - Get wild video

With all the artillery set fi this yoot ..him still a do him gyal song dem.. I always find it interesting the middle of the war him still find time fi build a gyal tune... well a gyal tune build him still... And certainly one way fi take you mine off certain things.... check this one out

Nov 7, 2008

Stabbing, Jooking,

This daggering thing a consume the society ...its a petty Jamaica people love sex and the population growth ..inches up by only 0.8% on an annual basis.... (this means that AIDS infection should be trending down right?)... it also means ...unnuh a use up the daggering condom right?.... or we a run weh go foreign and/or a kill off we selves so much that it reflect in the population growth...
One more reason why gay thing in Jamaica wont be helpful to the scenario....
But the sex thing a reach a level yah till all according to the star "Tongues have been wagging about a self-pleasuring instrument that fell from under a woman's skirt when she collapsed while standing along Constant Spring Road, just in front of the Nelson Mandela Park." .."The men believe that the woman fainted because she continuously had an orgasm. "Nuttin but di ting feel so good a vibrate pon har, she jus come and come and come til she weak out and cudn't even stand up nuh more," one of the men said."

Nov 6, 2008

Should a remix be done for this?

Bwooy... mi nuh know but look like mi haffi go do the remix with the whole a the video @ 0:39.... yow take it in and tell mi if you want see the whole track with the video as at 0:39... watch it

Pamputtae et. al.

The woman dem a take dem time to the music business still...yuh have a likkle one weh inna portmore empire.. mi nuh know if a she diss inna da video yah.. miss Pamputtae inna it..(a what kind a blood claat name dat)... but mi love har same way.. Pamputtae a the shabba, buju and bounty of the female artiste dem... why .. her voice a wha serious piece a blood claat baritone she have, whe can ride any riddim (if them fix up the melody and thing..likkle auto tune.. yuh nuh "demarco it up" yuh nuh)...anyway she a gwaan good mi a look fi more from she... weh the writer dem deh.. dem fi write up tune fi the female artist dem... a wah the blood claat dis... buss the woman dem and stop buss this one bagga blood claat man... Macka Diamond a weh the gyalliance deh? mi nuh hear nothing bout it--- wha you a do? a just fi the fun and counteracting for the man-alliance..

Obama - Bolt - Hamilton

This year was a good year fi Black people due to the accomplishments of Bolt...Hamilton and Obama.. especially Obama. He shocked the world and have everybody dancing shouting with joy to see something happened that never happened before with the case with Lewis Hamilton, the first "black man" to win a F1 series(google it if you know a wha dat). And you notice a put the inverted commas roun "black man".. Hamilton and Obama are mixed with a whole a other things inna dem and so is Tiger Woods... Anyway I don't want unnuh misread or mis quote mi....pitch black a soon your time fi shine
.... like Junior Reid ..u get it?.. you know that Junior Reid track right?..a just a part of the song it inna ..a foreign mind the song name...
...what's up with the part when him seh him see a nice girl and him want have her for him dinner or fi lunch...yuh cant seh dem ting deh in a nowadays song mad ..or dark mi too dark?

Nov 4, 2008

Byron Lee Died Today November 4th 2008

Byron Lee Died this morning November 4th 2008 after a long battle with cancer. This is just on the heals of the burial of one of our nations greats, Alton Ellis. Condolences to the families and friends of these great musicians.

Its a pity that these days we don't have these kind of persons coming up anymore... certainly they have left an impeccable mark on Jamaica's musical history...Long Live the Music

Blak Ryno - Send you go home

Blak Ryno (a spelled that right?).. again coming with a good sounding one ... a mean how long can he keep this up... certainly new artist fi the year nomination..

Nov 3, 2008

And The New President of the USA is....based on this dance off

The US Presidential Campaign is winning down and a New President will be elected... Well May the best man win... .. So ..YOU Decide

Nov 1, 2008

Vybz Kartel - Mi Talk with Gunshot - wicked

This is a good one from Vybz Kartel much better than the counteraction "sey what yuh feel fi sey" he did for "tell battyman Kartel" by Mavado. This one sounds good and a nice production by juglord....check it out "Mi Talk with Gunshot"--- by the way which was recorded first..any way the mix with the video give it a nice flavour...

Oct 31, 2008

Mavado --- on issues of the gully side

MAVADO - THOUGH KICKED OUT OF NASSAU ..HIm deh pon the gully side ---sting 08 MAD

Deva Bratt - Portmore Empire?

It seems Deva Bratt ago mashup the place this year. The one man possibly to challenge the mega dancehall cults of Portmore Empire and Alliance.. ..(people these are speculations though) .. However it is understood that Deva is creating his own army consisting of the likes of Scratchy D the Cash Money selector front man...

Bwoy mi cant wait fi Sting is being described as "MAD".. according to the Gully God.

Cameal Davis near miss

It has been reported that Cameal Davis, the 2008 Digicel Rising Star winner, was trapped along the Bog Walk Gorge for a number of hours yesterday due to the river overflowing its banks from consistent rainfall. Cameal was in the back of a bus with a number of other passengers heading towards Montego Bay when they were surprised by the incident. Cameal reportedly hid her face when reporters were talking to other passengers from the bus.

Bwoy what a ting after the tragedy with Ms Hudson and now a near miss with Cameal, perhaps there is a OMEN in that Spotlight song. Digicel hurry up and pay the woman...
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