Oct 31, 2008

Mavado --- on issues of the gully side

MAVADO - THOUGH KICKED OUT OF NASSAU ..HIm deh pon the gully side ---sting 08 MAD

Deva Bratt - Portmore Empire?

It seems Deva Bratt ago mashup the place this year. The one man possibly to challenge the mega dancehall cults of Portmore Empire and Alliance.. ..(people these are speculations though) .. However it is understood that Deva is creating his own army consisting of the likes of Scratchy D the Cash Money selector front man...

Bwoy mi cant wait fi Sting 2008...it is being described as "MAD".. according to the Gully God.

Cameal Davis near miss

It has been reported that Cameal Davis, the 2008 Digicel Rising Star winner, was trapped along the Bog Walk Gorge for a number of hours yesterday due to the river overflowing its banks from consistent rainfall. Cameal was in the back of a bus with a number of other passengers heading towards Montego Bay when they were surprised by the incident. Cameal reportedly hid her face when reporters were talking to other passengers from the bus.

Bwoy what a ting after the tragedy with Ms Hudson and now a near miss with Cameal, perhaps there is a OMEN in that Spotlight song. Digicel hurry up and pay the woman...

Byron Lee died?

I got an email yesterday giving condolences to the death of Byron Lee. To my knowledge and I have checked with my sources and I have not heard anything of the sort. We know that death is inevitable but one should not make such pronouncements with out confirmation.... or is it my info is wrong? If this is nothing more than hot air I am apologising to the family and friends of one of Jamaica's musical greats.

Oct 30, 2008

Demarco & Ishawna New Video - For you

Kill Violent Dancehall music !

Initially I was in favour of those who think that a artist does no harm to society by singing some violent lyrics. Though these things are reality and what is happening around them a lot of what is being said does not seem to be happening around them but they are made up by the artist. They seem to becoming a violent cult as is seen in the almost everyday altercations and run-in with the law. The problems lies with the young "uneducated zealous fans and some the die hard idiotic adult fans".
You cant tell me say Portmore Empire and Alliance are not cults.... things are so fucking fragile right yah now that if these artist continue to exert these unproductive material it only make things worse for who deh a foreign and want to come home and of course the youths of Jamaica and the other caribbean islands are getting involved in this crap.
The gleaner quoted some lyrics in an article from the "War Teacha" ---pure violent poetry .. all have to do with ego and trying out do the other --- how come dem never quote any thing from Mavado and alliance camp just fi nuh bias or is it thr Teach lyrics was more potent of them all.
All what a gwaan a long time this fuckery start inna Jamaica and im not sure if its going to end soon, though we have enjoyed some of this stuff there are times when it is total fuckery (the ones preaching violence that is).

Oct 29, 2008

Chi Ching Ching & Bling Dawg are Popping

This was released some three months ago a wicked track from Bling Dawg and Chi Ching Ching who is about to release his new album soon called "Ghetto Classic". This track done with an alliance member Bling Dawg might be seen as an endorsement by Chi Ching Ching of the alliance, however he was seen, or was it him with some Vybz Rum in hand...anyway ching dont bother get into the mix up gwaan build you ting and make it nice... yuh zi mi


Oct 27, 2008

Oct 26, 2008

Kartel yet to respond to Batty alligation

It seems that the battle between Vybz Kartel and his former Alliance mate Mavado is taking attention for the worse. The "war" has intensified with some battyman allegation made by Mavado at the recent champions in Action event. Mavado has also made a counter action to the track "wah dat fah" by Vybz Kartel, highlighting the issue of Jeffrey Hype having a tattoo of Kartel on his body. Up to this time there have been no OBVIOUS response from Kartel to the track made by Mavado as well as articles in the star. However there have been talk of some of Kartel fans making counter allegations against the Gully God for the endorsement of Barrack Obama who is for battyman marriage in the United States - as to whether this will have any traction we have to wait and see as the war continues.

Oct 24, 2008

Mavado - Tell Battyman Kartel (wicked diss on kartel)

Bwoy I dont know wha kartel ago come up wid for this one....

Hype's 'tattoo name pan neck' drama

According to Krista Henry, Staff Reporter

Vybz Kartel's road manager, Jeffrey Hype.

On the heels of the lyrical battle between hotshots Vybz Kartel and Mavado, at last Saturday's Champions in Action, Kartel's road manager Jeffrey Hype has come out to clear his name.
Mavado and Kartel have begun using producer Cordell 'Scatta' Burrell's Self Defence rhythm as the battleground for their renewed conflict. The two songs contain heavy lyrics with Mavado's Dem A Fg questioning Kartel's sexuality and Kartel's counteraction Wha Dat Fah, dissing Mavado and members of his family.

At the recently held Champions in Action, Mavado took the lyrical confrontation further by stating that Jeffrey Hype has a tattoo of Vybz Kartel on his neck. In the song, Mavado states "a dats why Jeffrey Hype tattoo yuh name pon him neck wid cherry".
The song continues: "Gangsta a gangsta when yuh see gangsta, yuh know gangsta. When yuh see freak yuh know freak, when yuh see bwoy weh tattoo up and full a tattoo pon neck, dem a freak".
However, when contacted, Jeffrey Hype, who has been road manager for Kartel and the Portmore Empire for the last two and a half years, stated that he does not have a tattoo of Kartel's name on his neck.
Mi woman name, 'Donna', tattoo on mi neck wid a big heart, Donna far different from Kartel," Hype said.
Jeffrey Hype does, however, have a tattoo of Vybz Kartel's face on his arm. Hype got the tattoo a little over a year ago out of respect for the man he claims discovered him and brought him to fame.
"Kartel a my general, my dads ... my god, different from di Almighty ... Mi come from nowhere and di man tun mi inna di biggest ting ... Dere is nuting on Earth dat he (Kartel) can do an hurt mi fi mi fi give him bad face. Dats why Mavado a carry bad feelings," he said.

According to Hype, he and Mavado have known each other for years, as Hype grew up in Havendale and Mavado lived a short distance away, in Cassava Piece.

He said, "Mavado know me from long time. Him nuh like when man come pick me up and brush me off and tun my name into di biggest ting in Jamaica. Him (Mavado) neva know mi coulda be a star like him. Di worl' know me and love me. Him a call my name to get a hype."

However, according Hype, despite the contents of the song, he has no hard feelings for Mavado. "From my name him call and mek him money, I don't have a problem. Money mi seh. It don't trouble me," Hype told the STAR.

He further stated that since the song was released, he has got even more popular as persons are asking to see his tattoos.

The name 'Donna', not Kartel, is tattooed on Jeffrey Hype's neck. - Junior Dowie Photos

Artiste Vybz Kartel's face is tattooed on the arm of his road manager, Jeffrey Hype.

Oct 23, 2008

Mr 'di do' Vegas quits music - Turns to God and kids

According to Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

After 11 years in music, dancehall artiste Vegas, born Clifford Smith, is retiring to spend time with God and his kids.

He said his decision was ordained by God and it has been in the making for years.

"Is just something weh a build up from inna mi from a few years back. Mi just deh somewhere and mi nuh happy. Mi a fight a battle and a do something weh mi nuh enjoy," he told THE STAR.

"People around you laugh and talk wid yuh and as yuh turn yuh back is a different thing. But this is just a time for me to get close to God and my kids."

But, the deejay says he has no plans to do gospel music.

"I have no plans to do gospel. I don't know what God has planned for me," said Vegas who became popular with songs such as Heads High, Nike Air and Jacket.

Vegas explained that he made attempts to leave the business in the past when Bounty Killer made negative remarks about him. However, he said, "If mi did walk away at the time mi would give Bounty the victory and mek people seh Bounty mash up Vegas career."

"Mi show di world seh God a di master and mi find nuff hits after dat like Taxi Fare and Tek Weh Yuhself. No man nuh bigger or better than God," he said.

Vegas said this move to retire has nothing to do with his health. The deejay has been living with pericarditis and gastroesophageal reflux illness.

"Mi deh pon hospital bed already and mi get out of the bed fi perform so dat mi can mek people happy and so dat di promoters nuh lose dem money weh dem pay," he said.

Though he dreads the idea, Vegas said he is trying to cancel his upcoming gigs. However, this is proving to be rather difficult.

"Mi a try explain to dem (promoter) but mi feel bad fi a walk out pon di people dem weh spend dem money. It's just nuff thing. You would have to be in my shoes to understand it. Sometimes you try fi mek other people around you happy but you unhappy," a tearful Vegas told THE STAR.

His decision seems like a tough one but he said it is something that had to be done.

"God a di master. This haffi do wid me as a person and mi waan fi walk away from this (music). It nuh haffi do wid nobody," he said. "It nuh haffi do wid me want a write up or mi nuh have no song so mi want a hype."

Nonetheless, Vegas hopes his fans will understand and accept his decision.

"Thank everybody weh believe inna mi and help mi fi do 11 years inna music even when everybody else a try stop mi. But my main thing is to be closer to God Almighty and spend more time with my kids," he said.

Mavado's management to sue Truckfest promoters

According to Star Reporter Roxroy McLean

The management team of popular dancehall artiste Mavado says it is planning to sue the promoters of the Monster Energy Truckfest day and night event, held last Sunday at Richmond Estate, in Priory, St Ann.

The decision came hours after a breached contract, between Mavado's management team and organisers for the event.

A report in yesterday's STAR, quoted one of the event's organisers as saying there was a breakdown in communication between himself and a police corporal, at the gate.

It was reported that Mavado and his entourage approached the gate and were turned away by the police who felt Mavado's entourage was too large. Mavado and his entourage reportedly went back to his bus.

"Mavado came to perform and an officer violated the programme ... He asked the artiste how many men were with him, he told the officer six. The officer then said that he did not want so many men in the backstage area ... but Mavado and his men were covered completely," said the promoter, who declined to give his name.

The promoter also said the situation could have been easily solved, because an agreement was made and everyone already knew what their different duties were, prior to the artiste's arrival.

"A meeting was held before the show, everyone got their different responsibilities ... even if Mavado came with a hundred men ... he was supposed to go in, because he was the headline of the show."

"What we will do is to write a letter of apology to the public, because all the people need is some clarification ... It is not the promoters fault, or the security guards', it was the police," he added.

However, when THE STAR contacted Mavado's manager, Julian Jones-Griffith, he told a completely different tale.

"He (Mavado) didn't get paid. I went to the venue like an hour before for Mavado to collect the balance of the payment, and there was nothing ... We did not even receive passes," said Jones-Griffith.

Half payment

Jones-Griffith said the contract stated that a 50 per cent payment be made before the event and that the rest be paid prior to the artiste's performance. An agreement was also made for Mavado to perform and leave because he had another show to attend.

"I reached the venue before Mavado to collect the balance and he agreed to work early and move ... Any show you go to, you will get 50 per cent of the money and then the rest before you perform ... Up to now, I don't hear anything from them, right now I'm planning to sue them." Jones-Griffith said.

"When I went to one of the promoters, she said that she had the money and that she will soon pay me ... I was there waiting and then I again asked about the money, them start tell me all different story."

"Mavado came to me and ask what was happening, me tell him and he said that he had no choice but to leave, because he had another show ... This mash up the whole night because we missed the other show," Jones-Griffith added.

Portmore Empire - Bail 4 me

Kartel Lisa Hype shawn storm jah vinci blak ryno unleash their spirit

Oct 19, 2008

Champion in Action 2008

Spice - Dagga

Spice oneof my favourite female artist doing her thing on the the theme of Daggering a spinoff off the Aidonia version ..nice spice nice

Aidonia - 100 Stab

This is another super one from Aidonia certainly could be his best for 2008. The spice counteraction was worthy.

Oct 18, 2008

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