Dec 29, 2008

Kartel Spent $1 Millon Dollars for crowd support?

There have been allegations that Vybz Kartel had bought approximately $1 million worth of fans to chair him on at sting, who later turned their back on him. It is reported that allegations are coming from Mavado's management team. In a statement put out by the management team it was quoted as saying that Kartel has No Visa, No Manager and No record Deal and was told to continue writing songs and not rely too heavily on the art of DJing. The statement in the same breath stated that Claude Mills cannot manage Kartel, saying that Kartel has switched managers and associates several times and implied to be unstable and should be reconsidering his career at the moment.
The statement also made indication of Mavado's achievement since he bussed in 2006, having won a number of international awards including the MOBO awards, having super star Jay-Z on his album, Mavado had Rollingstone Magazine's endorsement as the most important artist since Bob Marley and he also have several hits on the Billboard charts.
There was also mention of the fact that Kartel lost the clash at Mr. Laing's Sting 2008 because the crowd in the end was for the SingJ Mavado, when Ninjaman asked the question it was clear that Mavado had won and that Kartel made mistakes in saying that he "nyam punnany" and also the fact that it was a David vs Goliath scenario because it was Kartels Territory, the fact that he is a DJ and also acclaimed to be the best lyricists in the business...
... and of course the million dollar allegation...

bwoy... these are some serious allegations.. at the time of this composition there had been no response from the empire camp..
These are the aftershocks of the big event, I think we shall have more..
LAING you BAD to Rass!! ...but if this man can find millions (though jamaican dollars i assume) just fi that sting morning.. him rich... it look like him send back the gun dem to Smith and Weston..LOL


  1. telling lies will only hurt you in the end..

  2. dont skew the statement. The man clearly stated that Kartel has talent and needs better management to sort out his visa status and bring him to another level in the music business. you are making it seem as if the man was simply bragging.

  3. Wow another biased site? Where are you getting information from? Kartel said "bounty nyamm punany" and anyone would be a fool to think Kartel didnt win the clash. 90% of the boos came from Movado gang a man on stage. The Patrons at Sting all said Kartel won- The idiots who only watched it on the internet said it was a draw because there heard boos - they have no clue where the boos were coming from.


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