Dec 31, 2009

The Years ends with a Bungle a tings

Its the end of the year ... here comes 2010 and again the dancehall fraternity could not wait to get their anger and wit out ...
There is a Steven di Genius diss track out called Cant Friend Again .. this one is directed at Vybz Kartel, who is by the way greeted with a possible law suit....the details sound like this...

"a lawsuit that has apparently been filed by Akshun Entertainment (a show
promoter in st. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands) against Vybz Kartel, Adidjaheim
Records, Jahvinci, Blak Ryno, Claude Mills and others affiliated with the
‘Portmore Empire’, for Breach of Contract, Wire and Mail Fraud and Conspiracy to
Commit Wire and Mail Fraud. It specifically relates to the alleged no show of
Blak Ryno and Jah Vinci at a show in the USVI on November 27, 2009. The
plaintiffs are seeking US$1M for general damages, US$1M for compensatory
damages, and for punitive, special and consequential damages they seek amounts
that will be determined when the case goes to trial.

Anyway Steven's track expresses his feelings against Kartel and Blak Ryno attack on him, in previous tunes done by them. This is the first solo production from the young producer and unfortunately its a track of this nature

Spice arguably one of the top female DJ artiste of 2009. .. has launched a scaving attack.. on Lysa Hyper popularly called Lysa Swipe.. or Swiper if you wish. The lyric filled diss track called Lisa Swiper ... MC nuffy was not spared as he was strongly dissed in the track as well.. this is apparently from the fact that he did not call Spice on sting and thus not allowing her to perform...... oh god!!! it gets messy I tell you.

Then Wadda and Andrew Blood who don't want to be left out of any hype ..has put in their piece on the busy signal piece.. "Gary give me one more night". Its not the first attack from the bloods, they said their piece when Deva Bratt was accused of sexual assault, making no bones about it, and I know Junior is proud of his boys.
The bloods were reported to have gotten a big forward at sting...
"the gal a call busy nah answer/she a call busy nah answer/mek me tell u
why him nah answer/ him and b*tty man gary lock up inna lancer."

2010 is a few hours away.... 2009 was a up and down year.....
Buju still inna Jail
Things still kinda sticky with Lexxus
Flippa crash but him alright
Havnt heard Much from Luciano
But we are ok with the peace ....even if it nuh last
We like Queen Ifrica tracks...
Mavado and Serani did relatively well this year in the States
Kartel buss nuff new artiste we hope he can stay out of trouble for 2010, I wouldn't put my money on that one though...
Mr G and LA Lewis need to settle the madness ...cause im not sure how much people is really interested...

Who is the artiste of the year? ... and I wonder who aguh tek 2010----well until then, Have a Good One...
Dont Push It ...Dont over dweet.... and take care your brothers and sisters in the streets....

Dec 29, 2009

Lysa Hype Kicked Out of Portmore Empire

Lysa Hype .... was apparently a little bit too hype for the Potmore Empire camp and have been ousted by the leadership of the group... this according to the release statement....
"Lisa Hype is no longer a part of the Portmore Empire. The members of the Empire have unanimously agreed to end our professional relationship especially in light of certain 'developments' that have come to our attention regarding her overall conduct, conduct that is not consistent with the decorum expected of a member of the Portmore Empire. She is an incredible artiste and we wish for her all the best in her future endeavours, but Lisa Hype will not play a future role in the Empire as she no longer fits in with our organisational goals as we move forward in 2010"
It has been an interesting year for the female DJ who have been more in the spotlight since her controversies ....... the bleaching songs, the oral pic and have done a few diss tracks of a number of female acts. Lysa who had a mixed reaction from the sting crowd this year is yet to comment on the matter. One is not sure what will happen to those 'gaza fi life' tattoos!!?? it is expected that that the visibility of the tattoos should be diminished as soon as Lysa refrain from her bleaching ways. Life for her should be exciting hereafter...... her possibilities are endless, certainly in these are times having a multitude skills should come in handy these days.... and i expect her to still be in the spot light.

Dec 28, 2009

Ok..Thats was it Sting 2009.. now lookout fo 2010

Lysa on a High

So the dust has settled and most, if not all, have said their piece ...
In my opinion.. under the context of the situation (peace treaty and all...) we knew the Kartel and Bounty trade-off might not have happened - it didn't, so there was no surprise there. We knew that Ninja Man was not gonna be there... We knew that the LA Lewis and Goofy trade-off would have been whack but relatively entertaining and that was suppose to be the only official clash at sting, we were surprised because we didn't know that they would be a no-show. We dint know that Kiprich was gonna walk out on General B and according to some done him career. We didn't know that Lysa Hype was gonna get mixed reactions.. we expected a resounding boos but there were applause's!!? ... We didnt know that Bounty was gonna really ask the fans if he should done Kartel or Buil him!!?...being the ground god he is we expected no mercy... just like how the fans didn't have any mercy with merciless....oh the irony!!
We didn't know that the recognized artiste would have started their acts at 4:30 am...

Flippa Mafia Flipping

So now that we know what will be happening at sting 2010.. can we take Laing word on anything hereafter?... I say where else you gonna go on Dec 26th anyway... its once a year might loose some of its "sting" but I expect that things more or less remain the same for next year but you can never tell in this wonderful world of dancehall music. There is still something there.. Black Ryno and Chino dem, Aidonia is not finished with Kartel..and I suppose the same can be said for Deva Bratt, Roach, and lots more namely alliance, bigship and gully affiliated artiste...

Dec 26, 2009

The Greatest One Night Reggae Show is on Tonight

Align Center
Sting 2009 Poster

Sting is on later today and we have heard that Vybz Kartel has declared that he will not clash with Bounty Killer. Mr G should be clashing the schizophrenic and demented seven star general LA Lewis ... who has by the way managed to once a again etched another one of his masters piece this time on

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Dec 24, 2009

Once again Bounty Beat Shi...

Victim on the right in yellow.... aka Mumzelle

When I first heard the story about two to three days ago... I was thinking this must be something that happened 2 to 3 years ago. Not with all his legal problems and the fact that it is the festive season, that this man would take it upon himself.... to jeopardise not only his freedom in Jamaica but also his revenue generating potential.

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Dec 23, 2009

Ninja Man will not Be at Sting 2009

It seems that the old veteran DJ, Ninja Man, will not be making it to sting this year. Reports are that the DJ was denied bail today and the next hearing was scheduled for January 14, 2010 well in time for sting of that year. It was made clear at the hearing that the Judge who was presiding over the case was a victim of the miracle plane crash at the NMI Airport in Kingston. It was reported that the judge suffered injuries that didn't allow her to get back in time to release the DJ Ninja Man.
The God Father of sting has been acting as a mediator, comic relief even at the annual show over recent years, more so since the altercation between himself and Vybz kartel.
According to my poll (over there on the right as @ Dec 23 2009) Vybz Kartel is the man that will be taking sting.... sorry let me correct that.. according to my poll most people who visit this site would prefer Vybz Kartel to take sting 2009. Chances are these persons could be in for a rude awakening .... its not so easy to predict but Bounty Killer with his extensive lip drip (ie lots of talk) as well his barrage of tunes in the last wax war re bore tongue and ungratefulness of his protege, seem to have a lead. But I don't know it will depend on perhaps how much vybz rum the patrons of the show consumes.

Dec 22, 2009

Mavado - Starlight

We are so use to the hardcore stuff from Mavado, the singjay ..that a tune like starlight sound off key, it sounds as if he is in some unusual territory (eg being forced to have a peace treaty defined) ... it is not like a gyal over gun or war is in the air kinda tune. The punchlines and killing rhymes are not there... but it is a Mavado tune just the same and he has a very high hit ratio, every or every other tune is a hit. The riddim from Steven is not one of those that the other hardcore artiste would gladly jump on to... it sound a bit like recycled material.
Already the old Mavado critics are saying its another sample from a Tupac track... I dont know, I leave that to the experts and the conscience and street cred of Mavado's writers to sort it out.

check it out

Dec 21, 2009

Vybz Kartel - 'Marie'

This is a new track from the top DJ in Jamaica, but he is certainly not in the top DJ world.

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Dec 20, 2009

Bounty Killer Speaks

Bounty Killa speaks about the situation with Buju Banton, the gaza/gully peace gesture and among other things including the potential clash, Kartel and his transgressions as well as sting 2009 and Lisa Hype/Swipe/Tripe

check the clips as the war lord says his piece

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Dec 19, 2009

Fi Zebra ....Chap it off! that might work!

Jamaica is only about 11,000 square kilometers ... you can only run that far and no more. The police looking for the 'veteran dj' for the past couple of months when they finally caught up with him for allegedly assaulting his step daughter.

bwoy we were saying life sentence but right yah now mi a ago move like Bruce..... castration fi Zebra blood claaat. You know I made a typo ..(corrected it of course).. and said Deva instead of Zebra.. the names do sound alike but the DJ style are far apart... We havnt heard much about about Deva's case though... innocent and till proven guilty.

Dec 16, 2009

Was Buju Setup?..or guilty

Buju claims he is not guilty while there are rumours flying around that .. the whole 'sting operation' was caught on tape. If he was caught on tape then it does look a bit difficult to slip out of.. difficult to perhaps prove conspiracy. I'm sure his lawyers are working overtime to redeem the reggae star... but the speculation of a setup by the group that has been instigators and perpetrators for the cancellation of his concerts and the recent organisation to dethrone him of the honour of being nominated for a Grammy award.
When Buju sang that famous 'boom bye bye' song ... he was a relatively young artiste... 17 years young even. He has not ventured into that realm of music since he had converted to Rastafarianism... but the groups would have non of it even with the recent meetings to facilitate truce between them.
I have not heard before any type of sabotage by this group to any other artiste or organization that didn't support their behaviour, but if it was the case of a sabotage then who will be next? It would bring to question whether the Shabba downfall was a calculated setup?!! ... they have denied any involvement in the whole incident but the street are saying they wont be surprised if there was something there... It will be tough for Buju and his team to wiggle their way out of this one as the system in US is perhaps plagued with person of that orientation and thus may have a vendetta to keep this rasta's soul.
If he is guilty one wonders how long this man have been playing the role of the 'driver'. It will be looked at as ordinary greed.. and with his status a blow to reggae music!.. We know sales have been down since the recession and only a few like Sean Paul have been reaping a small return. He cant get to keep his shows and things are not that wonderful in reggae land.. he succumbed to the pressure.
But of all the reggae artiste and DJ.. etc .. Buju would have been the last to come to mind re something like this, Ninja man a known coke head ..yes, Lisa Hype with some inferiority complex... Zebra who got some serious issues, Kartel with the rumours of death threats and the nature of his environment, Bounty .. the dude got a house to finish and lots of court cases... But Buju ... No sah!!

Dec 12, 2009

Buju arrested for Narcotics in Miami prison

Beenie man and Buju

Buju Banton is currently incarcerated, yeah locked up in a Miami prison under some conspiracy to traffic cocaine. There are reports that have more less confirmed that he was arrested since Thursday for allegedly trafficking 4K of cocaine
This one definitely looks sticky on Buju. It has been a rough year for the artiste as the well-known battle between himself and persons with a different sexual orientation heated up. Things went as far as almost all of Buju's stage shows were more or less canceled in the United States. The groups are now objecting to his Grammy nomination and garnering support from other groups to reinforce it.
Now they have locked up the man ....for trafficking the white stuff. Something is not adding up here. Its not making sense! why would Buju do that? Could it be he has been frustrated for so long by these people to the point where it has driven him to these desperate measures?
Buju had a big hit song recently where he sings about a driver delivering narcotics. Buju in the song gives instructions to the driver for a successful delivery of the contraband. Apart from that and a few times being held for possession of weed, most persons did not see Buju as no drug dealer. This whole thing has a funny smell to it and we are not sure how much help Buju will be getting from the authorities as well as celebrity support
What we can do hope for at this time that they don't put him in a cell where he might get some undesired trouble.

Dec 10, 2009

Baby or Gary, Busy?

Could it be the over use of the 'auto-tune', that so-called voice enhancement machine that messed up Busy Signal song. I have cleaned out my ears put them close to the speaker ....repeat the track several times but I  still hear 'Gary'... and I have been trying to listen and input what it ought to be in there according to Busy... 'Baby'. That didnt work.
So we can say that its the voice enhancing machine that caused the word 'Baby' to sound like 'gary'.
Beenie man had to correct his by referring to punctuations and he was teased about it especially from his nemesis Bounty Killer. Most recently Flexx from the gully squad and the Gaza don had made some live performance slip-ups... in a way those can be excused because they were live performances. However the recordings are a totally different kettle of 'fish'.... the songs would have been reviewed several times by the producer and artiste before its released.
We cant swear for no-one so we are in no position to say this was deliberate.

Dec 7, 2009

And then there was Peace!!

It may not last, it just may
It may not be genuine and then again it just maybe so
Some people want it, some people dont...
The president did perhaps these guys cant put up too much resistance from a stronger power...the president is like that.
Well right now there is a row between Aidonia and the Portmore Empire camp (this time excluding Deva Bratt). There is animosity between bigship and the portmore empire camp. But right now these are new developments and for now has taken a back seat to what has happened today at West Kingston Jamboree. Bounty Killa is still and will always be cross angry and miserable.... im sure he is not amused at this, he definatly wants to trample Kartel this season, he is not alone, but with what happened here it does put some amount of confusion on the whole thing for sting on the 26th. Therefore the sting promotor Laing is not so happy.... it takes out the authenticity of the fued, its like WWF now.
There is a follow up on this, Mavado and Vybz Kartel are scheduled to meet with the Prime Minister tomorrow.... im not sure if Bounty Killa was invited.

Dec 4, 2009

The two edge sword ......

In Jamaica whenever someone refers to you as a "two-mouth cutlass" it means that you have some multiple personality issues, yes! plain and straight you are an hypocrite.
But I tend to understand the likes of Mavado, Kartel and Bounty Killer when they behave like a two-mouth cutlass. They want to have a fight in public but they don't want it to affect the public in any negative way. Already the troubles are sky high, so no one wants to make matters any worst off.
Since this week there were several invitations and indication of gesture of peace, more so amongst Kartel and Mavado and it seems that on the day before and after the peace gestures several diss tracks were made. Sort of like earlier in the summer Bounty was a general for peace and good behavior until the constant bugging by Kartel made him succumbed to the pressure of the street credit.
Its a game of chess here, no one wants to loose that credibility, that does not really exist in the real world, it only exist in the underground realms of the dancehall music - yeah !! that dreaded street much do these guys value this thing...
After mavado sent out the olive branch to Kartel to perform at his show ( that was reshuffled to the building due to pressure from the authorities)... there was a genuine excuse for Kartel to take the upper hand and seek an opportunity to define the conditions.
He then sent out this notice..
With all due respect to the Commissioner, I think they went a little overboard in making such a hasty decision, especially in light of the fact that Mavado and I are currently in negotiation as to how best we can publicly make a cry for peace.

I can undoubtedly speak on behalf of David when I say there is no animosity between either parties and truth be told, we have been in dialogue from time to time and since recently, even more regularly in our mutual big to best resolve this so-called feuding in the minds of dancehall fans in particular and the wider society, in general.

Let it be known that in a gesture of goodwill, faith and patriotism that I, Adidja Palmer, will be making myself available on Wednesday of next week, December 9 to stand with David Brooks, in HWT, at noon, under the famous clock to show Jamaica that we're patriotic Jamaicans and as such, are bound to secure the well-being of such. I am calling on the relevant authorities who also have a stake in resolving this public feud to endeavor to make it happen in a peaceful, organized manner.

Sincerely yours.
Adidja Palmer di Teacha
The authorities are seeking to lock down everything .... sting should be safe....

Nov 28, 2009

Diss and Datt ....more dancehall trade offs

Since my last post there has been a lot of things happening in the world of Dancehall music in Jamaica.
More or less after Lysa Hype Suckathon, the inevitable took place when there were reports that the young lady was "disciplined" by cliques within the clan, though some say it was of a less caliber than Jah Vinci's beating.
Mavado invited Kartel to his domain for a some kinda peace and reconciliation gesture. The war mongers were not pleased but those like myself who are interested in a tone down and removal of the piercing eyes of the authorities would like to see this. Naturally the Gaza don didn't accept and in his own eloquent way indicated that he has other obligations, namely the Usain Bolt 9.58 party on the same day. There has been a second invitation, this time on "portmore empire territory" to Kartel ... we will see how this goes. Cant blame Kartel the first invitation is suspect because they new he was booked for Usain show and that Mavado just did a diss tune for Kartel.. so i don't know, it must have been some PR stunt.

Kartel since that stole DJ frass Israel Riddim and unleashed disses on the likes of Mavado, Steven McGreger and Aidonia. Of course beeing the "real lord evil" Aidonia in defending himself and Steven, in the process also stole the same Isreal Riddim with the Mac 90 track. DJ Frass replied dissing Kartel and Aidonia in his vlog for messing with his riddim. It still not clear what is the beef between Kartel and the Bigship family speculations are going as far back as the show that father Freddie kept and kartel didnt turn up due to some contractual disagreement, it seems thing ballooned from this.

Beenie man has been meddling into things of late ...he has a new tune out dissing his old nemesis Bounty Killer who is in turn more or less ready to dismantle Vybz Kartel at sting this year

Nov 18, 2009

Lysa seeking Further Hype?

Lysa Hype and her Boss Kartel

Could it be that the Management team within the Portmore Empire sat down and asked what is it that we can do to gather further attention? because any publicity within itself is publicity to market a name and the fame. So lets do something crazy, this is a perfect time because already we are in the spotlight with truck loads of negativity, slackness and general anti-social behavior lets make Lysa Hype give head to her mentor, leader and teacher, have him take the picture and put it out in the media and once again keep us at the top of the forums and blogs, well how does that sound? The forums are talking about it, well its being blogged about here.... so it worked!!

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Nov 15, 2009

Mavado 'Buss Over There' Vybz Kartel Diss

OOhhh the battle field is getting crowdy in the dancehall music business. This seems to happen frequently between the summer to the end of the year almost every year.
This new tune from Mavado Buss it ova there is certainly enough to get the attention of Vybz Kartel and the rest of his crew. This comes on the heels of the Bounty Killer lyrical tsunami on Kartel who have been taking shots at the Ground God for sometime now and have been engaged in a tune for tune on wax, to this date there has been nothing on stage yet. I know Laing is smiling.
Check out Mavado's latest Vybz Kartel Diss..The tune touch on a few things that should grip Kartels attention... though his name was not called its a forgone conclusion that this was designed, constructed and produced to jerk Kartel....its a matter of time before Di Teacha has something to say.

Nov 12, 2009

December 5 Gaza and Gully Shows Clash

Usain Bolt...having fun

Usain Bolt the newest ambassador for Jamaica and perhaps one of the biggest fan of the Vybz Kartel lead Portmore empire will be having his 9.58 Party on December 5. Bolt came under fire recently for his utterances about the Gaza /Gully feud when he told patrons at a dancehall session to jump off in a gully if they didnt like the fact that it is time to play some Portmore Empire/Gaza music. It is well known that the young fellow supports one side of the faction which he has been chided for doing... and ever since the ambassadorship....a lot of folks have been shaking their heads and saying OH NO!! him nuh ready yet he is too much of a party fan, he is a vulnerable youngster and all these things.
Apart from that, the fastest man in the world 9.58 party is clashing with Mavado's party that will also be kept on the 5th of December. The objective of Bolt's party according to one report is to provide funding for Bolt's home community health centre in Sherwood Content. The other objective of the party is to bring together warring factions Bounty Killer and Vybz Kartel who have been at it for sometime now and seemed to have escalated since Bounty Killer was denied entry into Trinidad for a peace concert with Vybz Kartel.
There is no confirmation on whether the artistes are gonna be there... but one thing for sure is that the Promoters of sting 2009 might not be too pleased with all of this mushy mushy talk.... it is in their best interest to keep the warring factions at war to make sure they can get the fans out to their show on December 26th.
The overwhelming concern however, is that this show put on by Bolt was intended to upstage Mavado's Birthday Bash. Since Bolt had pledged his allegiance to the Gaza family and openly expressed his arrogance towards the Gully fans, there are already strong speculations that there is some ulterior motive with this kinda of move.
There were no report of any press conference that was reportedly scheduled for earlier this week , thus resulting in speculations that the alleged appearance of the likes of top athletes such as Serina Williams might not be and that the ultimate thing is to upstage Mavado's show.
But I don't believe these things that they are saying about Bolts party.... i strongly believe that Sherwood Content needs the money, and it is just a coincidence that the party will be kept at the same time as the Gully Gods'. I dont think there will be any burying of the axe thing between Kartel and his former mentor Bounty Killer...otherwise Laing.. the promoter of Sting should have something to say to maintain the hype for his show.

Nov 6, 2009

Serani Off to a Slow Start with Album Sales


When Mavado earlier this year sold just over 2,000 copies of his album in the first week... there were critics who were saying that he should have sold more with the volume of investment and the popularity of the artiste. Serani has sold just over 1,000 copies of his album since its release last week, leaving the organizers to scratch their heads wondering whats happening. The investment was there, time energy and interest as well as popularity of the artiste was also there. At least judging by rotations on popular radio stations in the United States namely Hot 97fm, the number of views on his youtube videos and the frequent nominations for awards, one would expect a little more than just over a thousand album sold in the first week.
Comparatively speaking this is a far cry from the 8 albums sold by Vybz Kartel in its first week of release. This is after numerous number one songs in Jamaica. Vybz has gone some seven number ones and counting... the popularity of the artiste and the unpresidented multi entry to the popular billboard charts among others for the track Ramping Shop didnt seem to do a thing for the album.

What would be interesting is to compare the pirated material and the ligitimate purchased tracks from the artiste. This would definatly indicate the kinda of revenue lost by the artiste and production team.. as well as the culture of the people who likes this kind of music.
People will work hard to copy and "free download" .. even though if it would seem to cost them more in real terms (eg downloading virus and data miners along with the tracks)
The people may have the money but they are not willing to pay for something that they can get for "free" or in a format that they want, as ipod and other media players is now dominating the market. The dancehall artiste has made it a bit of a culture with the number of underground tracks not developed for organised distriburion, thus the aboveground tracks are treated in the sameway.

Nov 4, 2009

Jah Vinci! To Go or Not To Gwaan after alleged Beating

Vybz Kartel and Jah Vinci

And the empire comes crumbling down... well not yet!! ... there are wide spread speculations as to what happened between Jah Vinci and the Portmore Empire hierarchy. Rumours broke yesterday that the first "good potential" from the camp was beaten, got his face dented after he allegedly decided that this gaza gully music warfare was enough and that he is no longer fond of what's happening in the camp and thus want to go and find his way alone in the wilderness.


Oct 29, 2009

The Alliance and Portmore Empire Medleys

The lyrical war is on ..but one thing is for sure ..not all their energy is focused on that aspect of the business though it is part of the marketing package.
The alliance team has released a video with the Honey Comb Medley of tracks under the PAYDAY production team. There are tunes from Bling Dawg now called Bawse Dawg, Wayne Marshall and Mavado who was not present for the video shoot, they pathced it.
The gully alliance has been expanding and now includes the likes of Stacious who have recently join the camp and now being referred to as the first Lady of the Gully Squad, she is not in this video but im sure we will see more of her in the future and she definitely brings a different look to the gully squad.

Not to be left out the Portmore Empire have done a video with tracks on the England Town Riddim (a RUSSIAN production) with a number of already popular tracks..namely My Money Ha Ha from the Merital Family.. this tune appear to be the target in recent track from FLexx, Savage and Mavado called Gully Christmas , however up to this point there was no response from the gaza camp. The Lysa Hype and Gaza Kim tune is a short and not so bad sounding track and as usual the teacha has done his thing... and controversial as usual but apparently quite pleasing to the gaza fans.

Oct 26, 2009

Vybz Kartel vs Bounty Killer ... the next level

Here is the latest round of war tunes between Kartel from the Gaza camp and Bownty Killer the Grung Gadd...

I'm sure the decision will splitt along party lines. One thing is for sure this is not the last of it.. and for the fans who cant stomach it ..dont click it.. leave it to those who can..So if you are not a big fan of Bounty nor Kartel ..dont dwell in these.. and please remember that this is underground material we dont expect it to pass or even reach certain sound systems.

Oct 21, 2009

Zebra, Deva and now Mr. Lex

Mr. Lex

I cant believe that another dancehall artiste has put himself in another compromising position. I am not throwing guilt at Mr. Lex here, never did for Deva Bratt nor Frisco Kid. Unfortunately I will now have to be looking to add Mr Lex to that now infamous list, depending on how this case turns out.


Oct 19, 2009

It Start Again?

The war start again?.. I dont know star !! because the rae rae between Kartel and Ground gadd Bounty Killer cold like ice right now. With Bounty killer spending more time in the court house paying for his legal troubles than what he spends in the studio these days .. one should not be too surprised trouble loves bounty. On the gaza side of things.. Addi Di Teacha.. has so many new students around him he perhaps cant get no time either to concentrate on the lyrical confrontation with Bounty. But in the recent spate of tunes from the Gaza family namely the boxing day riddim the folks in the streets are wondering if the war is off and running again.


Oct 18, 2009

Aidonia ft Suhverto - We Sick

This tune WE SICK by Aidonia... the JOP leader featuring his fellow JOP member Suhverto (who did relatively well on the track as well), on the outbreak riddim a new production from the big ship family, is said to be mashing up the place. With Aidonia making tracks like these and his counter parts in the dancehall arena more focused on a wide variety of issues ..he should get his ratings up a bit if not more than a bit. The long standing feud between himself, Busy Signal and Munga can be now be considered dormant... as those artiste seem not to be interested in any altercations with this guy. Well, it seems to me that no one will take on the likes of a Adonia at the moment.
The talk about his lack of clarity is going down.. perhaps the critics ears are now adjusting to his sound or maybe for sure he has slowed it down a bit. The tune is heavy and some are expecting more of this from the guy along this line and words of running the place right now will follow his name for sure, and yes the man have more badder tunes out there still.

Oct 13, 2009

Blak Ryno Arrested... No Money and/or Badmind

Blak Ryno
More money more problems is what Blak Ryno aka Romane Anderson must have been singing during his tenure at a jail cell recently. It was reported that Ryno had a long-standing dispute with his landlard about the payment of water bills. The nieghbour allegedly has been harassing the recording artiste until things reached a breaking point and things eventually came to blows, where Ryno was allegedly boxed by the neighbour/landlord who used his dog to desecrate Ryno's welcome mat. The goodly landlord went as far as damaging the pipelines leading to Ryno's apartment leaving the Ryno without the precious commodity. Its alleged that Ryno got frustrated and exerted some kicks and thumps upon his neighbour resulting in cuts, bruises and swelling all over his body.. the police was later called leading to Black Ryno's arrest.
Upon his entry into the jail cell there were reports of cheers and welcome as it seems as if there were a greater number of Gaza/PE fans in the prison cells at the time.
The artiste was charged on two counts.. wounding; assault and occasioning bodily harm.
Persons are now speculating that this has to be one of the reasons for Vybz Kartel poor showing in Album sales... the fans don't even own a credit card.. they are all broke and in Jail cells.
Blak Ryno .. who resides in an apartment at Winchester Estate made an effort to wash off the crosses that has come upon him at the mineral bath.
Comparatively speaking.. The Gaza family does not have the kind of cash status as their rivals.. but it appears to be coming in slowly and they are no longer among the most poor.. and this could be a case of bad mind on the part of ther neighbour ..not wanting the ghetto youth to rise.. or straight up mean and stingy on the part of Ryno. Now could things be really that bad that you don't/can't pay your water bill? So its not just a case of more money more problems..its also a case of the less money you got the more severe your problems are.

Oct 4, 2009

Major Mackerel chopped.. with Samurai Sword

Major Mackerel ..what a Irony with the shirt

A lot of people around the world just like many Jamaicans seek a better life in first world countries. Its normal.. it was and still is the thing to do, to get ahead in life. Most of the persons reading these blogs and other on-line material are expatriates who perhaps have been comfy since the day they left Jamdown. Not all can say the same.. I have heard about the ordeal of that Jamaican dancer who was assualted by a fed while in jail in one of the small islands in the good ole West Indies..
You know, Jamaicans go out and hustle try to improve their lives and that of their love ones. So when Josey Wales repeatedly chanted "Nuh Lef Yah..Nah Lef Yah".. he was amongst a number of recording artiste that seek a better life elsewhere. Amongst them was Major Mackerel well known for his unique vocals..that up to this day, it has not been matched.
Major resides in Brooklyn and apparently had some some dispute with his neighbour about coveting his neighbours wife. The neighbour accused him of harassing his wife ..didn't like it and then proceeded to use a Samurai sword and chopped Major Mackerel. Apparently this is a case of mixing with a dutty bungle, persons you would not want to be around. He is still alive and relatively well after the ordeal ..and was reportedly saying its a Jamaican thing... which is another way of saying he rather get chop-up and stay abroad rather than come a yard and go get chop up...
I wonder if the attacker really spent some time in Japan or is he Japanese.. they do have a thing for sea food.

Why Kartel album Flopped? ... ROFL

Vybz Kartel is the most popular dancehall artiste in Jamaica right now according to a poll conducted by the so called intellectual ghetto aka UWI, Mona... facilitated by Dr. Donna Hope. Besides this, Vybz kartel managed earlier this week, since the release of the 'Pon Di Gaza album', ..managed to sell just a measly eight... yes 8 ..copies. One can only conclude a few things here.... 1) all who say gaza is as broke as f...,
2) the empire fans are as mean as the devil him self,
3) the fans already got copies of all the songs on the album,
4) they had no clue that the album was out..

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Oct 3, 2009

Serani should have been MOBOed?

Serani will be releasing his new Album on October 17 of this year. It will be a highly anticipated album release because Serani like Mavado is on a high at the moment in the North-American and British markets. The singer is making some serious inroads in the North-American market with his unique style and delivery. He has been compared to ..of all people.. Tracy Chapman. Does Serani sound like Tracy Chapman?... no .. there is a tiny bit of something there but nothing to say I cant tell them apart unlike the initial senario with Busy Signal and Wasp, Bounty Killer and Baby Cham, Beenieman and one of the Monster Twins.

The critics are saying that the MOBO awards should have gone to Serani... and not Sean Paul.. because they are not sure how much reggae/dancehall is in Sean's piece, that Sean album release missed that deadline for qualification, that Sean's first release off the album was whack and that the second was just as whack ..sounding more like techno than anything else. I guess Sean has more ratings than Serani.. and does sell more, he more popular.. but thats not what its about.. is it?

Sep 29, 2009

Reggae is Not DEAD

In an press release by Billboard Publicity Wire, there are expressions of reggae is not dead!!.. and I'm saying who said it was? The fact that dancehall appear to be more popular does not mean that reggae is approaching extinction. Shabba Ranks, Beenieman and Sean Paul have been more popular than the traditional reggae Grammy winners such as Burning Spear, Lee Scratch Perry amongst others. It is the younger generation who are more susceptible to dancehall and taking it far, they did the same for reggae 40 years ago in making it hip and popular.

Sep 25, 2009

Don Corleone and Alaine are no longer

Don Corleone and Alaine has been together for sometime now. Not as far as the 5% mortgage rate commercial done by Alaine...but up to recently the couple was rumoured to have engaged or tied the knot .. sort of similar to the Tammi Chin and Wayne Marshall Stint, under the radar kinda thing. I am not sure where things actually broke down with the big producer/artiste and the singer Alaine... the young lady herself has had a unusual year thus far.. a nice track with Taurus Riley called Forever More .. actually love you forever more.. well we thought it was directed to Don..being an all Don production. Then there was the downside that being the allegations of fraud, when a motor vehicle was brought down under questionable circumstances in the name Alaine .. the young lady perhaps had her first brush with the law. I don't know maybe things went down from there .. though there are rumours of infidelity flying around.. with Names such as Daseca and Lysa Hype ..some how get a bit tainted in the love quadrangle. Its a pity, nothing last forever..good or bad.

Sep 24, 2009

Bounty Killa and Kartel for Peace in Trinidad

Bounty Killer and Vybz Kartel are at .. war!! at least up to the point of chatta box and toilet paper bounty. The two guys are Jamaicans and the Jamaican intellects has picked-up the Gaza gully issue and have not really made any indication of the trouble now brewing between Alliance Bounty and Kartel Gaza. The intellects are pouring out their soul in articles expressing the 'I told you so's that this kind of music is diseased filled and thus should be flushed... the music seem not to have anything to least not in Jamaica at the moment.. Promoters in Trinidad has something else up their sleeves though.
There is a peace/ ceasefire show to be held in Trinidad to cool warring factions. Surprisingly the mediators are bounty Killer the warlord and Vybz Kartel the war angel. Bounty is not new inventing his disagreement with the fans taking the violence beyond lyrics and expected to express more of the same.
But there is really a disparity with what these DJ's DJ and what they say. Then again the fact that they are referred to as Gads Lords and angels.. doesnt necessarily indicate that they are.

Sep 14, 2009

Never a Dull Moment in The Dancehall

The dancehall is never short of a dull moment. Just when you think the big feud between Kartel and Mavado was grinding to a halt here comes a bunch of other drama.
I am not sure as to why bounty Killer waited this long to answer Kartel.. at some point some thing broke the camels back because there are countless tunes since last year that Addi did ..dissing the entire Alliance. He dissed from Sharon Burke, Wayne Marshall, Bounty Killer to of course poor ole Bling Dawg. Well bling dawg has responded ... but apparently it didn't have the kick and delivery of Bounty Killer Chatta Box.. but even Bounty Killer had some tracks sometime ago that were directed at Kartel but never got no real traction.. chatta box did, just when Kartel was starting to enjoys his good string of hits for the year and gearing up to have some more.. his attention was forced to turn to the wrath of the killa.
Then when we thought that Mavado would have his laugh... his troubles with Foota Hype, that has brewing for some time, was spruced up with the drive-by shootings and counter allegations of bad mind and ungratefulness. Foota was arrested earlier in the week for the alleged shooting of Mavados Range Rover.. and there have been several long articles where both are giving their side of the story... but this is not really a music rivalry gone sour... but friends turned enemies indeed.
Hopefully Macka diamond and unicorn don't reach that stage because we are now hearing that things are not so pretty between them. Unicorn has accused Macka of short changing him. They have done a couple of overseas giggs and Unicorn is not pleased with the sum of money he gets from Macka,, there are reports indicating that Unicorn get upto JA$5,000 for a show when Macka collects in the region of JA$250,000... and Unicorn says that this is not justice.. so chances are things just might deteriorate hereafter.

Sep 6, 2009

Flippa Flipped Elephantman

I have heard dancehall artiste who clash/war say its not literal, it is not to be taken seriously, beyond wax and stage. Perhaps along the line when Sizzla "bu'n Jesus" and Capleton keep asking tell him what to Bu'n, cause apparently he has already burnt everything. Capleton did indicate that its about the fire for purification, cleansing and stamping out unrighteousness. Well we know that those that had clash over the years...have had real heart feelings.. Stitchie was affected by what Papa San said in their famous sting clash .. and Shabba cried when Ninja gave him an onslaught.
The war on wax these days are bit more elaborate and are considered to be orchestrated and designed to facilitate promotion of artiste and business surrounding the artiste. One of the newest clash that is currently on wax has gone little bit beyond that, at least not what I expected. The Flippa Mafia, Elephantman differences has breached the wax border.
Flippa well known to be a show promoter in the United States was scheduled to have Elephantman on the Philly Summer Fest Show, however there are reports indicating that Flippa Mafia has ripped Elephantman off the show line-up and have inserted Jah Vinci and Blak Ryno from the Gaza fraternity in his place. Not that this will significantly affect the big international star Elephantman but to see that Mafia himself indicated recently that the war of words between them is not a literal thing or anything too serious and thus one would think that he would have kept it that way and have Elephantman on the show. This is almost like Bounty Killa saying that he put down the war thing and then suddenly drop several bombs on Kartel and Kartel himself recently indicated that he wont be bothering with old foot Bounty Killa and by the next day he dropped Duppy Killa. These entertainers are liers ...or is it that they are exempted from certain ethics.

Aug 26, 2009

Thriller U moarns Death... Alley Cat down to 8 lives

It was unfortunate what happened to Thriller U's family this week. Condolences to him and his family. It has been reported that gunmen invaded premises in Miramar Florida where Thriller U's wife and daughter was attending a birthday party. Gunmen open fire on the event and when the dust was settled his daughter died and his wife seriously injured.
When things like this happen one has to wonder why and how. If it was in Jamaica there would have been foregone conclusions, because in deed the island can be a sad place.. just like anywhere else in the world.. but per capita its alarming.
We could have lost a few artiste this year but luckily we didn't ... Luciano 'jah messenger' had a close encounter and there were numerous near misses with motor vehicles accident with a lot of artiste and even big super star Usain Bolt. The latest this time round is Alley Cat. Cat apparently over the weekend was driving on a Main Road in Portmore when he had to swerve from animals crossing the thoroughfare ..and in turn almost swerved to his death. The vehicle, according to reports, was badly damaged with Cat leaving the scene with only a few scratch and bruises. .. He for sure no longer has nine lives left.

Aug 21, 2009

Flippa Mafia and Elephantman war of words

The war of words between Bounty Killer and Flippa Mafia may have subsided somewhat since we have not been hearing any new material from these artiste targeting each other. Though Flippa had his differences with Bounty.. there was some amount of sound off with him and other alliance members ..namely Mavado.
There are now diss songs from both Flippa Mafia and Elephantman targeting each other. Its very rear that a new artiste comes in the dancehall music business and starts by disrespecting one of the legends of dancehall Bounty Killa, and now he is moving along with more confrontation by dissing the likes of Elephantman.

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Aug 16, 2009

Champions in Action 2009

There are early reports out of the Champion in Actions show that the Alliance team has teken it. Vybz Kartel one of the leading DJ of 2009 was only able to do 2-3 tunes as a the boos seemed to have discouraged the DJ from continuing. There were lots of forwards for Bounty Killer and the Alliance family. Beenieman had joined Kartel before his early exit and were chanting tune for tune.. until some reference to Gaza.. generated the Boos.
Champion in Action is an annual event put on by the so called President of west Kingston. The show's venue was at Jamworld, Portmore, Kartel's so called backyard.
This has not been a good week for the Gaza family.. especially Kartel who was trashed in about 2-3 tunes done by Bounty Killer, and Kartel response has been receiving poor reviews. Kartel earlier this week pissed of a number of fans in the Turks and Caicos islands when he didn't turn up for a show. According to Kartel his reason was due to incorrect down payment by the promoters.
This is not the first kartel has done something like this to the fans and promoters and I get the feeling it wont be the last. Its certainly should not be all about the money and if you can amicably sort out the thing and make it work then it should be all good for you. Not much different from the Boos he got at champion in action... the Big bad mighty Bounty Killer gets Boos very regular.. but he works through it.

Aug 15, 2009

Vybz Kartel Counter to Chatta Box

Vybz Kartel has responded to bounty Killa's chatta box .. with an almost line for line counteraction called Toilet Paper Bounty. The track according to the critics is relatively weak, not as catchy as the previous war tunes made by Kartel especially those he composed for the war with Mavado.
I have certainly heard better from the Teacha.. in terms of the melody and hardcore delivery. Perhaps the tune was not finished but one thing for sure the lyrics stings ..
There are talks of reputation and general reuse of material.. well its either that or they are going to be telling lies on each other...which is usually done in the dancehall far more often than the actual factual situations..
But if this is the finished track then the Ground God takes the first round..

Aug 12, 2009

Bounty Killa unleashed new Diss Track on Kartel

Bounty Killa is now officially Cross, Angry and Miserable again but this time at the leader of the Portmore Empire aka Gaza.. Vybz Kartel. In a fresh diss track called "Chatta Box" Bounty Killa unleashed his familiar war like tone and socked Kartel in the face. Though there are insinuations as to why Bounty took so long to respond to Kartel previous prnouncements and that some aspect of the new tune is from the old Spragga Benz and Mavado diss tracks. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Aug 6, 2009

Kartel with more Controversy

Vybz Kartel is at it again with his 'on the boarder controversial style of tunes. He has at least three new tunes which area again combinations with female artistes.
The latest one is Teenage Pregnancy which on the lips of the debate enthusiasts. The tune is a collaboration between Gaza Kim and Vybz Kartel. Gaza Kim is apparently a 17 year old youngster out of school and was introduced to Kartel though his wifey..shorty. Captivated by the voice on the CD the DJ as usual pulled a fast one from the head and penned Teenage Pregnancy. The tune has the gully fans calling Kartel PDF file and all these things, one reporter indicated that he has gone a bit too far and that the Rampin Shop should have been enough. This one is right on the heels of "Virginity".. and artiste like Queen Ifrica is not at all amused.. and thus build a counteraction to Kartels recent flurry of tracks that are deemed to be outrageous and inappropriate with a tune called "No Bwoy" in which she called a number of the Kartel track names like rampin shop, virginity etc. which some is tantamount to a diss.. I say she teaching the Teacha. The 4 minute track basically saying that abstinence is the best way .. and those who are going after the young ladies should work on themselves instead..
The camp has responded with a poster shown above with the messages of "stay in school", "wait for the right time", "education comes first" .."Use a condom" ..etc.
Im not sure if the critics will accept this as some form of redemtion for the DJ..

But I say, this is from a man that did "Dutty Panty"... "Tek Buddy Gyal" and "Sweet to the Belly" .. you can expect things along that kind of genre.. "Completely" aka "Come Breed ..." are mild compared to the tunes above mentioned. If you have been listening dancehall over the last ten years you will know what to expect from a man like Kartel.. and these two tunes are right up there in what he loves to do.. The Rampin Shop was a success with billboard and all, we are not quite sure if Kartel is making another attempt here by making these songs just as provocative for debate and general discussions. Already completely is number one on at least one chart.. and chances are Teenage Pegnancy might follow .. and also follow the route of Rampin Shop..

Mrs. Tyson need to say her piece on these to get them really down the controversial and debate ally.. and yeah Kartel just might have another set of hits on his hands. Well its either this or the Vybz..Rum Street Vybz business

Jul 24, 2009

Richie Feelings Bottled for not Playing Iyara

When Beenie and Bounty were at their peek of musical war .. I can NOT recall incidents when selectors were beaten up because they didn't want to play one artiste song or beaten for playing too much of one artiste. So that gives an indication that the ongoing clashes between the Gaza and Gully is a different kettle of fish here. The Richie Feelings Episode is the latest in the saga to unfold. The former Stone Love sound system selector was recently bludgeoned over the head when a rain off bottles greeted him at the last uptown Mondays show ... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Jul 23, 2009

Shaggy Fleeced?

There have been reports ealier this week that Shaggy ..the man known for hit tunes such as "Mr. Boombastic", "It wasn't me" as well as from his latest catalog "Badman don't cry".. was said to have been robbed recently CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Jul 16, 2009

Neyo Called Kartel Thief?... Jacksons for Sumfest

The Vybz Kartel and Spice song Ramping Shop entered the Billboard hip/hop charts earlier this week at number 96. The tune was on Reggae iTunes chart in March and is still there in two different versions. Reports are that its due to the ban in Jamaica and the rejection by NeYo's management for the unpermitted use of the Miss Independent riddim. Though the song was banned in Jamaica and the Miss Independent version is being scrapped off places like YouTube... radio sations such as HOT97 in the US from time to time play the Miss Independent version, contributing to the popularity of the track.

In a recent report NeYo expressed his disappointment about the fact that Kartel had used his Miss Independent riddim in his Ramping Shop. In a radio interview NeYo indicted that he was not at all happy with what took place and stopped short of calling Kartel a thief/pirate, he stated that "..If they didnt get permission, proper permission to use it, then they shouldn't use it ... same thing as walking into some body's house and taking something that does not belong to them.. you are not suppose to do it..."

Neyo, Spice and Vybz Kartel are expected to be at the Micheal Jackson dedicated Reggae Sumfest scheduled July 19-25, 2009. It is expected members of the Jackson Family will be at the show, this was revealed in a recent press conference.
It is not yet clear if Kartel and NeYo will engage in any friendly clash, whether on or off stage... though there are speculations indicating that there is a possibility that this might happen.

source iriefm

Jul 14, 2009

The Joke is on the Twins

Just on the heels of the release of Twins of Twins Stir it up volume 8 the Gaynor twins are preparing to release the music album version of stir it up Volume 8 - Trial and Crosses.
The twins were in the news recently after they were taken into custody by the police for 'reasonable suspicion for fraud'. It is alleged that they took money from a young artiste with the promise to facilitate the artiste to travel to the United States to perform .. Things did not go according to plan and the artiste requested for the return of the money CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Jul 11, 2009

Bounty Killa in Trouble ..

One of Jamaica's top DJ's is once again facing possible Jail time. Well known DJ Bounty Killa was arrested earlier this week and released on bail yesterday July 10 after being charged with illegal possession of a firearm, unlawful wounding and assault on a police constable. Click Here to Read More

Jul 4, 2009

OK Zebra Thats it !!

It appears that ..Zebra has strike again. This time the alleged victim is a 10 year old girl. This is now the third incident of this sort as far as Zebra is concerned. The man is a serial rapists!! ..and this ought to be the last act, he must now be put away for life since he cant keep his hands and things to himself. I don't know if these kind of illnesses can be treated or cured... but a stay in jail for a life time can definitely do some good for the rest of the society.
There are other artistes who have had similar runnings with the law and going against the grain of the norm of the society. One would expect that these calibre of people would been a bit smarter than the average criminal.. but it seems that they are the average criminal turn artiste.
Zebra was released late last year and was looking promising and positive ..though sounding slightly demented in a couple of interviews. It now seems as if the outside world is too much for the Zebra, it is not a place for broken minds especialy one like Zebra's.. chances are anywhere the hothead catch him .. they go ask him.. weh yu run fah?

Jun 18, 2009

Twins of Twins Stir it up Volune 8

The Twins are at it again with their latest poduction .. which have been in the pipeline for some time.. but was delayed when they were robbed sometime ago...
The settings for this volume is a bit different but the concept is still about grinding out the fueds and unfortunate situations that exist in the dancehall within the last year or two...
The setting had the backdrop of a court house with lawyers representing the respective parties...
There is the case with Bounty Killa vs Monster Hemp Higher
Mavado vs Vybz Kartel,...
and just LA Lewis vs logistics of the system..
It was the side kicks such as ..jefferey hype and steve representing mavados brother.... seemed to take the spot light from Mavado and Kartel themselves..
If you havnt baught a copy of this one yet.. I think you should ..well,... its good for those who are familiar with the Gaza /Gully feud ..or the antics of LA Lewis .. you should enjoy this one. The ever comanding presence of Reneto Adams was once again on this one and played an active role the preceedings..

There is no word yet of any reactions on the part of the persons who were the subjects on Stir it Vol 8... I guess they knew what was coming and took it with a grain of salt..

Take a pree... there is lots more here ..

Jun 17, 2009

The Angels Luck

D' angel according to some, had fallen from grace.. .when she opted to marry Beenie Man the long time rival of her ex companion Bounty Killa.. According to Killa the D' angel had fallen from grace when she made the move to marry Beenie.. only to have a miriad of marital problems leading to the unfortunate breakdown of the union. The young female artiste went through a public break down with beenie with their infamous fight in Kingston over funiture fixtures and fittings... and even the DNA testing to proove that

Jun 9, 2009

The Beef Goes On...

The recent incident in Club Amazura over the weekend between the Five Star General Bounty Killa and the youngsters from the Portmore Empire Blak Ryno and Jah Vinci is an indication that the immaturity, self-destructing attitude and total lack of common sense still prevails in the business of dancehall.
Couple of weeks ago Freddie McGregor from the Big Ship family was in a fuss with Kartel re a non-performance, over the weekend the Junior Reid Birthday Bash ended prematurely when members of the Empire wanted to bomb rush the stage while Kartel was preforming, the cops didn't let them and the show ended when Kartel walked off according to media reports.
The Portmore Empire camp is said to have more followers in their adolescent years, youngsters, largely undeveloped minds... whilst the Alliance/Gully camp has a more strong following of much more grown and mature folks. It is thus expected that the movements by the leader of the Allicance/Gully camp would have continued in this vein to make good as well as follow on a commitment he made recently to tone down and to be more charitable than anything else.
But no.. instead Bounty Killa in a recent news article was quoted as saying that he would box down Blak Ryno if he sings the diss song Drive Thru Price, namely at the Club Amazura show Bung Bang Connect...

Jun 1, 2009

Daggering Shocks Mutabaruka..

Talk show host Mutabaruka was bamboozled, shocked and was in a state dismay recently when he discovered the now-a-days dancing/daggering in the dancehall. Muta was most shocked about the recent incident where a young lady was knocked out cold in a Daggering incident.
Another incident where one young lady used a stone as her "pleasuring tool" ..aka cakkie have the well known Dub poet and Rastafarian flabbergasted.
According to Mutabaruka the dancehall is currently making carnival look like church and that this is pure animalistic bahaviour.
Well all good things must come to an end.. and so will the bad and the indifferent... but for now we can definitely say were in the era of not only Obama but also Daggering the crazy animalistic behaviour in the dancehall...
I dont know bout you ..but im LMAO....

Listen the clips courtesy of djprincemix1

May 29, 2009

Somersault Daggering Gone Wrong

The daggering dance has evolved … surely in the initial stages it was not looking like gymnastics or a scene from an old Kong fu movie. The concept these days is for one dance group to out shine the other with well choreographed moves. This mode of operation have been there and still is around with numerous groups in the dance. You have individual dancers who tend to be in the lime light from time to time. Click Here to Read More

May 28, 2009

Kartel disses Alliance again and again!!

The war appear between the Gaza and the alliance dancehall camps seem to have resurrected from its dormancy. The sixteen riddim produced by the alliance affiliated daseca group had a number of tunes from alliance artiste namely Mavado that appear to be nothing above the norm in relation to diss or throwing words at Kartel or Gaza..the riddim also featured the likes of Aidonia ..a once self proclaimed son of Kartel
The ambiance and aura of the riddim and lyrics seem to have ignited a response from the sell proclaimed "Teacha of war" aka known as Gaza Thug... Vybz Kartel.
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May 20, 2009

Sean gonna flop?.. Snoop Dogg try a thing

I haven't heard it as yet but I have heard that the Sean Paul's new album 'Imperial Blaze' has a strong potential to flop and it is not even released as yet. There have been indications that the single "so fine" is not doing too well and based on this the critics, at least a few of them, are speculating that Sean is certainly not at his best with this one..

But this is true for all ..... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

May 12, 2009

The Long Arm of the Law & Alaine

The long arm of the law coaght up with Alaine recently. According reports Alaine also known as Alaine Laughton squeeky clean reputation was scratched .. when she was fined for the breach of the Customs Act.
The young lady who works a lot with Don Corleon and said to be engaged to the Don.. has been around the music bussiness for some time and is not expected to be caught the arms of the law.
It is reported that Ms Laughton imported a damaged 2007 bmw 530i sometime last year at a declared value of $8,915. Sensing that something was quite "fishy" the custom department made an investigation and discovered that the vehicle was under valued... and thus slapped Ms Alaine with a fine three times the avoided value and seiazed the vehicle.

The young lady has since then paid all the penealties and fees for the release of the BMW.. and has appologised for the ingnorance of the law at the time.. indicating that the formalties for importation was not done by her though it was done in her name.
what a peice a sacrifice ... this government mad fi money .. nothing gonna passs them this year.. 
But a so these 'big stars' do it though?... I thought they baught these cars brand new.. but damaged?.. watch it eenuh Alaine because these damaged vehicles fall apart easily and that would be a real sacrifice... 

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