Jan 31, 2009

Mavado a Pirate Tupac Shakur?

On the point of website.. one876entertainment look like them pop down fi good... with this virus thing weh display on the site. So wah.. dem cant just run an anti virus.. you can download these things free off the internet.. and a know Mr. Mills is computer savvy.
But mi a read the Star...Read More

DanceHall Websites at War? Fighting over what...

Someone just forward to me ... some rae rae that a gwaan between two internet websites. When I first heard them say Jamaicalive I said ok it must have something to do with the incident between the Jamaicalive crew and the Portmore Empire Thugs (aka Gaza Thugs). It has been alleged by the Jamaicalive team in a raging fire complaint by the Host Summer (which they take out of the website archive) who was said to be threatened by the Gaza Thugs, due to some alliance affiliation... and had to flee the seen leaving a planned interview with the thugs aborted and in disarray. Persons who had paid to watch the interview had to be told that they are going to be refunded...
A couple of hours later I get to understand that another website would be doing the interview along the Gaza strip with the Gaza thugs... so mi a seh the rae rae is perhaps between that site and Jamaicalive/yourradio105.. NOPE.. it aint so, this is a totally different thing all together.
From the sketchy details I got.. the website yourradio105.com is now playing a voice message from a phone call .. allegedly from personnel from the JamaicaLive camp threatening the lives (the same thing they said kartel did to them otherday) of personnel from another website called worldflavas.com.. saying that worldflavas a try eat them food, thief their viewers, mimic them site i.e. they are also running live feeds on Ustream that maybe considered to be in competition with them...so Jamaicalive vex bout it and all these reason to get angry things.. so worldflavas took back them website youradio105.com from Jamaicalive (apparently they own it), after the threatening phone call incident.
The website personnel seem to go way back and have been working together for some time.. and it seems have really broken down.. just true money ..in my opinion.

Cant we all just get along... a mean.. nuff website take my story dem and use it..and mi nuh say rae... we know say nuff websites copy from one another and a gwaan like dem nuh want nobody take anything from their site... unnuh just keep doing what you doing and just nice un the pace.. for readers and viewers.. dont bother with the nasty slugging.

Jan 30, 2009

Busy Signal or Him Nah Answer

Check out this Busy... This one is another example how busy a try to be different... initially i wasn't too into it..So we just buil.. diss and then publish it ... tell me what you think about it..one thing though its one of the cheapest riddim ever...

Nah Answer is the name of this one..

Kartel Breach one of ... Lutan on Fire

Now Kartel's breach ... with Neyo's recording company would probably never had happened if he didnt pursued an "official release" with video, airplay... and all these things.
The song got its publicity mostly because of its on its raunchy Lyrical content between he and DJ Spice. The things is, this is not the first time the Gaza President and many other artiste over the long history of dancehall and reggae music had done soething like this. Kartel had done singer overs of popular hip-hop songs before.. the most recent one that comes to mind is the one we called Who guh.. (Click here to listen) an underground track done for coppershot which is a spin off from T-Pains monster automated voice assistance hit (well all of T-Pain songs are with voice assistance aka auto-tune) . Though this one was done for coppershot sound and perhaps there were many others done for different sound systems. But it being an underground track, no air-play, video and all these things except Youtube... so no complaints. He also did a spin off of Lil Wayne's Lollipop that seem to have found favour with some fans and is considered to be a counteraction to Waynes tune.... maybe some of the views is from Waynes fans in search of his song because this one is approaching 100,000 views. Again in this one there was no indication of any caution by the publishing companies of the breach commited by of the artiste.. as it remained underground. 
Rampin Shop 'buss big' ..so money might mek.. so Neyo's company pick it up on the radar. .. It bus far already nuff mp3 files all over the world.. unless the remix relly good.. then it just might supersede it.

So mi nuh know if these guys will take precaution and do them things right...the next tune they do just might become a hit...

Yeah big up yourself Lutan Fyah.. the man release a monster album with about 30 songs... my god. A living example of how the other entertainers should do it... well I'm assuming that at least 20 of the songs are newish.. and the other 10 old perhaps the Jamaican audience ... 
yuh have some man in the business fi years and make 30 songs ..and think it hard to compile them and call it a album.. is it really that hard.??

Yeah remember to check out we live HYPE TV link at the bottom of the page! Hype ..yuh large

Jan 29, 2009

Bare Passa Passa wid Kartel and Mavado thing

The school kids in Kingston are showing there allegiance to both the Gully the Gaza Empire... recent reports have indicated that they tagged themselves with labels such as "Gaza Muma" .."First Ladies of Gaza" ..'Mavado' and 'Kartel' .. the kids said that its a way to protect themselves from bullies.... police have already intervened and warned the students.. Read More

English Police Commissioner Support Bounty Killer?

Last year when Bounty Killer went to England to do some stage shows .. two of the shows that were scheduled for Bradford and Birmingham were cancelled due to gay rights group OutRage pressure. However, the other show was made to go on by the now New Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stevenson.. who was also recently knighted.
The Gay Rights personnel are still complaining about the incident.. ever since the Sir Paul has been promoted the complaints have gotten louder. They are claiming that Killer shouldn't have been allowed to perform because he didn't sign the Reggae Compassionate Act (RCA). ...

So to me it seems as if this Police Commissioner is line with what Bounty is saying..though they indicated that... because Bounty seh him not going to bun them out.. for the show in London...the Big Police Commmissioner said alright then.. gwaan do yuh ting Bounty... and so Bounty did...
They Gays are not too gay about the whole situation...
But this top cop appears as if him dont friend fish at all.. LOL

Serani Gone a Lead... and Bugle is..

I get to understand that top dancehall artiste Serani is seeing the brighter side of the year thus far.. since his unfortunate start with an unfortunate incident.
There are reports that the artiste mash up New York recently when he performed in front of a sold out crowd at Club Maracas in Queens -- Read More

Daseca Mavado Featured Again

Daseca New Riddim Good Life that features one of Mavado's new songs called 'High Ana' ... has grab the international dancehall lovers attention again. The Fader Magazine that we can now equate to our Jamaica Star when it comes on to featuring dancehall artiste. The magazine have big up Daseca and... Read More

Jan 28, 2009

Deva Bratt Hoold on!.. Dem Nuh Done Wid Yuh?

A just wrote a blog or two ago bout Deva Bratt ...and how he got off the case... 
But it look like me talk too soon... The man schedule for a April court date for the same rape charge. 
He turned up at a recent hearing in the same Spanish Town court that Vybz Kartel walk out of yesterday scotch free.. 
This case look to me like it not going anywhere.. the alleged victim have all rights to be scared still ..cause she did not turned up at the hearing, once again and chances are if she don't turn up at the next hearing the authorities perhaps will through out the case. 
The artiste according to reports is still maintaining his innocence ... 

I dont know.. can somebody tell me why is it that DJ's get into more trouble than singers.. I cant remember ever hearing Wayne Wonder.. and Sanchez eva a go to court for indecent language and all these things...

Who Sound Like Zebra.. Who Sound Like ..?

I have heard several artiste trying to be like Bounty.. so much so that the man had a talk that goes 'they wanna be me.. they wanna be Bounty' (with a slight English accent)...
I hear artiste sound like Bob, Buju, Beenie.. yeah Beenie... One of the Monster Twins sound like Beenie and Twins of Twins did have it Say Monster Twins wanna be like them.. 
It was never an honour to "falla backa".. the uniqueness in the dancehall is what makes the artiste. Bounty never like when people sound like him.. I'm not sure if that was reason why Killa was not very fond of Mr. Lexx or was it because Mr. Lexx did thump foota hype inna him face 
But these days not much person sound like the other.. initially though I had a problem differentiating WASP from Busy Signal.. somebody tell me say they dont sound alike, it wasnt like a Zebra sounding like Tiger sounding like Scalla lee ting..  
A mean after ten years .. Scalla Lee do the one tune "Pum Pum Cut inna Two" people still think Zebra did the song.... even recently I heard Zebra telling an interviewer that it wasnt him..this was a pre-sting '08  interview... The tune is on the Headache Riddim Click Here to hear and see the man dem still make the error and put Zebra in the description. foward to track #4 @ 4:10
But these guys really took the prize so much so that Leftside aka Dr. Evil and Kiprich gave them a Tribute..  lol ...it bad check it out
But.. Jah Vinchi sound like the gully god inna dis.. ?

Yeah.. check out we Hype TV ..link @ the bottom of the page .. yeah we wah sound like hype TV.. 

Jan 27, 2009

Case Against Vybz Kartel Dropped

There are reports that top dancehall DJ artiste Vybz Kartel was spared the course of the Law due to the articulation of his legal council..and the verbal wit of the DJ himself ..with his apology to the court. The DJ and his lawyer appeared in the Spanish Town RM court Tuesday morning January 27, when the charges were dropped after the presentation. This follows similar procedures that was acted out by Mavado team last week. ..some report indicated that the Mavado team paid a fine of $3,000 and whilst some indicated it to be $10,000.

Hmmm... so let me get this straight.. how come the Di Teacha get weh?.. there was no evidence??.. and wouldn't the cost be more to pay a lawyer just for this?... or is it a case where a lawyer is compulsory and you would have to pay both the lawyer and the fine anyway.. which would put Kartel in a better scenario.. though these kind of money are chicken feed for these people... especially the Gully God..

Them ban the man Video on BET before it could buss good.... and the rap videos are said to be far worst than Mavado's. Surley that video was not cheap.. to pay all those girls and directing crew... anyway youth wheel and redo your thing..

Addi weh yuh seh.. babylon seh jail for me...

The Artist Called Moses is Dead

The Gospel artiste known as Moses (Kasim Grant) was found dead. It is reported that Moses got into an argument in relation to a motor vehicle with some immediate relatives. The artist allegedly pull a fire arm and lick some shot at them .. seriously injuring one person whilst the others had to flee.... Read More

Mavado I'm So Special Video Released - Not on BET

The Mavado 'I'm So Special' video was finally released.. and all over YouTube already..
But the BET peeps pull the video .. beacause of its content.., the alchohol, too much woman in degrading scnarios and all these things...
The video looks good to me, no shots of the gully, a whole heap a girls (a like that), tough rides and henesee liquor of course.. The Alliance members are present in the video, namely Bounty Killer and Bling Dawg.. flossing away and enjoying themselves with the girls.. as they should.. rolling high on the success of Mavado's fame and sweet fortunes..
We look forward to the release of Serani No Games that should follow soon. Is he putting out a album as well?.. I don't remember anything like that but it would very good if he does. I understand that he will performing in another small island in the eastern Caribbean, Anguilla to be exact... which i think is not too far from St. Croix.. were he got robbed earlier in the year. ..go make that money boy.. got to be 'Stinkin Rich' man.. make the dem deposit the thing straight to the account yuh see me !!

Anyway check out the Mavavdo official video.. and don't bother try look fi Summer in it and all these things.. i know you people, but I think mi see somebody like Attitude in it.. a need mi glasses to watch it again.

Remember to look out for the Gully God Album about the first week in March..unnuh go and support the thing though we all are in a bit of a financial crisis these days ... we want to see if the thing can at least drop in the top 10 on the billboard.. or even to number to number 1...wow.. that would be really Special.!!

Blood Brothers on Deva Bratt Case

Junior Reid two youth .. Wadda and Andrew Blood have been featured recently in the media especially for the song they made about burning paedophiles. Well to be exact the man dem a bun out Deva Bratt.. nothing subliminal, no guh roun-corner thing, these guys just say it plain and straight.
But Deva, though accused was never convicted of the crime. But the circumstances surrounding how he was freed ..perhaps cast a bit of doubt on the DJ by members of the Dancehall fraternity. Vybz Kartel did a song "I would never tun a raper" which was obviously directed at Deva, Deva counteracted with 'Judas'. 
I'm not sure if Munga not bothering with Deva or Deva not bothering with Munga these days.. I haven't heard anything since the babylon them let the man loose. 
With all that I haven't heard anything from Deva in reaction to the Blood brothers tune.. they call him name... they even went to stone love anniversary and rub it in.. .. when the man and his fans a trying to forget the whole thing. 
Deva ... appart from all that .. is not a poor DJ.. the man wicked kills still... the demon just riding him yah now. Don't worry yourself Deva.. Micheal Jackson, Zebra, Jah Cure went through the thing. You might not be forgiven by some of the fans..but a so it guh.. I don't know a which one of the law that in life..if a Murphy's Law or wah.. but ultimately is the people who is really going to determine whether you go through ... and of course confidence on your part... consult those who know your pain mi don.  

Jan 26, 2009

Pormore Empire to do Interview after Fracas

Well it appear there was some kind of motive to what really went down at Gaza the other day... in relation to threats on the life of the internet personality Summer and her JamaicaLive team, allegedly by the members of the Portmore Empire. Apparently the team was persuaded by fans to go and have a chat with the Empire crew. All was arranged for the interview only for the crew to pack up their belongings and made a famous sprint from whence they came.. due to the fact that the Gaza crew discovered that sweet little 'Miss Summer' had a preference for the Alliance crew. ...Read More

Jan 25, 2009

'Mi Done Wid Gaza' Portmore Empire Vybz Kartel Violate

According to this clip... the Portmore Empire violate Jamaicalive... the host Summer.. is cross angry and miserable.. to the point where she will destroy her radio if she hear any Portmore Empire member on it.
The host and her set was threatened with violence ..and ask to leave when they went to Gaza to interview the entire Empire.. ..

Jan 24, 2009

More Diss and Rumours of Diss

What is this I heard that Tarrus Riley... one of mi favourite artiste diss him father! ..in a tune he did sometime last year called Start Anew.
There are reports however indicating that Taurus denied the claim that the tune was directed at his father. .. Read More

Bramma Di Bomma .. Have a Diss Song?

It seems everybody now realise that there are benefits to be had with a diss tune... Though its far better than a physical confrontation when its too much from too much artist it can get really lost especially when its subliminal. ... Read More

Jan 23, 2009

Mavado et al Involved in Bottle fling, Fight?

There are unconfirmed reports flying around the internet that ..an incident took place at the famous La-Roose Lounge in Port Henderson area in Portmore on Thursday night into friday morning where a number of artiste were present including the likes of Gyptian, Bounty Killa, Jah Cure, Sizzla and Mavado.. when things got out of hand. It was indicated that after a set was played by top selector Foota Hype.. another sound system started playing and it was said that they played the Kartel track 'Last Man Standing' at some point in the set ..it was at this point that the Mavado entourage was not very pleased with it and started throwing bottles at the set in protest and was about to leave the venue when they were lokced in and melee ensued were quite a few blows were thrown..it is uncertain as to the condition of the men directly involved..but it was indicated that the Gully God was unharmed, though a bit roughed up... it was also indicated that the other artist were also escaped unscathed..
It is uncertain as to whether the empire camp were at the venue.. or was apart of the incident.

All this when Mavado's 'I'm So Special' video is to released on BET's 106 and Park early next week.

If these allegations are true .. we hope that everybody come out alright still... but it should be known if you are going to initiate trouble .. try and do it in song and leave the physical thing aside.. we love the music and we woudnt like nothing happen to the artiste... Killa you need fi talk to you pickney dem... i understand that you have problems of you own ..but see if you can hold the camp together....

New Song From Mavado

At fisrt glance we got the impression that Mavado was more or less finish with tune fi tune confrontation with Vybz Kartel.. after Kartel unleashed a number of tunes dissing the Gully God and the rest of the alliance fraternity since the end of last year ..with the more popular one being 'Last Man Standing' .. nothing was heard from the Gangsta for Life mouth... but a whole lot was heard from new comers Prince Pin, Assailant, Einstien, Busy and a number of others out of the Alliance camp
...It would appear that Mavado has responded with a new track called 'Walk wid Dem casket' ...this one is in collaboration with Flexx, an ardent member of the Alliance and Fagan Fraternity..

check it out ...

Jan 22, 2009

Spice Still in the Ramping Shop?

It look like Spice and Kartel still a ramp in the Rampin Shop.. I heard the every spicey DJ ..is now the spokes person for Kartel's Daggering Condom..
In a recent blog we mentioned the new television advertisement for the condom but didn't pay too much attention to the singing ..as we knew it was Kartel and Spice, still reeling from the Rampin Shop success, were doing the singing on the ad... but since it has been mention that she is the 'official spokes person' ..then we take another listen to it..

Artiste Insecure?
I understand the artists ..are now looking into security ever since the Serani robbery..
So dem a gwaan like annuh long time dem a get rob.. a just now them a beef up security?.. anyway gwaan protect what yours..

click here to see the ramping ad
..if you wah see it

Rich This Year

I tell you people.. I prefer this one than his previous hit (no disrespect to the soca genre here).. This new tune reminds me of the Konshens 'Winner'. This one is a good one from the man called Charlie Blacks... a Coppershot Sound production....riddim not bad at all either...
It could be a big one for the man that hails from Trelawny .. im not sure if he is a neighbour of the big man Usain, but im sure this one should Bolt up the charts this year...
The tune is called 'Rich This Year' .. another money theme that seem to becoming almost as saturated as daggering, bad mind and all the dancing tunes in the dancehall.. but as long as them sound good we have to just love them and big them up....

On a heavier note,, I understand that man called Heavy D trying to also either get rich again or to remain rich.. the man is more into reggae than first time i understand.. he recently linked with man like Sizzla out of Judgement Yard and Barrington Levy for some callabo on his album... more here ..
...a notice him tie for fourth place to take the grammy this year.. not bad for a early 1990's rapper who haven't had a hit for some time.. big up yourself big man..welcome home ..dont watch no face..

anyway checkout Charlie thing here..woawoooo !!

Jan 21, 2009

Whats in a Name.. Truck Back !!

Whats in a name... Bounty Killa, Beenie Man, Merciless, Kiprich, Assassin..Truck Back

Yeah... Truck Back Records,the production team that propelled to publicity when Erup's tune 'click mi finger' on the Gearbox Riddim took off like a storm early last year and of course the same riddim did well for Harry Toddler's 'Dont Run In' which tear up the charts last year as well.
For those who didnt know though.. Truck Back Records actually got their name from the fact the studio is actually in the back of a truck...(see it deh! in the background of the pic)... nothing wrong with that.. its interesting though that you can actually good sound quality from a ole' truck..
Its a smart move though .. no rent, very flexible and definitely draws attention to it ...not everyday you see a studio in a truck in a Kingston.
The team were recently featured in an extensive article in The Fader
...props out to the man dem ... look out for the Dashboard Riddim.. especially if you did like the Gearbox Riddim...
keep up the good work.. the Baijie Thats Life on the on a drop riddim sound good

Business in the Business

Vybz Kartel ...seem to be pushing his business on the back of the recent hot single 'Rampin Shop' in collaboration with DJ Spice .. There is now a commercial for the promotion of his daggering condoms.. with different varieties having different names such as 'Timeless' and 'Ramp Ruff'..

So.. I'm not sure, but with the down turn in the world economy, lets hope business turns out well for the Teacha.. So perhaps its a good move as not everybody have that full international appeal to get to the international scene and maintain it as well....
you can see the video of the ad here

Not to be left out Mavado recently endorsed a line of products ..including Gully Side wear which incldes t-shits, baby Ts and rolling paper (aka rizzla, gnaja wrap).. so we expect to see a lot more of these products this year... and the artiste diversifying their port folio
Macka Diamond ..have written her book and acting movies and all these things...

Already the Sting hype a kinda ware out among the fans in Jamaica.. However, it has been reported that artiste like Merciless and Kiprich are reaping some sweet benefits as the DJs are in high demand after their notable performances...
Yeah,,thank Laing fi Sting.. already looking forward to the '09 version

Jan 20, 2009

Mavado Pleads Guilty and New Tunes a road

The Gangster for life Mavado ..has pleaded guilty to the charge of using indecent language at the recent Sting stage show at Jamworld in Portmore St. Catherine.
The artiste would either pay a fine of JA$3000 (not per word) ..or serve time of up to 1 month.. READ MORE

Artiste having Marriage Problems

No.. No..man.. a wha dis man?
The Gospel 'Dancehall' artiste Prodigal Son.. find himself in court yesterday according to a star report.
The the artiste and his wife are settling the differences in relation to their divorce and custody battle of their child.
This is not looking good for a man that fair God.. all the way to court man?.. unless the wife really dogish still.. but im not in a position to say.. I can only hope that things workout well for them... after being together for eight years ..now this.....
At least its better than Beenie man and D' Angel (Bounty Killa ex common-law wife).. not to mention Kartel.. that marriage just dissolved like salt inna water... , Spice thing wasnt all that calm either with troubles ever since romping shop buss
Now me hear say Chi Ching got hooked up with a wife for a visa.. ...well from a yard man perspective ... business is business still it might not have worked with Kartel but who knows you never can tell things might just turn well for the dancer/DJ.
Chi Ching could well use a flight right now.. with the mix up with babylon and all these things.

So when Mavado is going to tie the knot?.. with his new baby on the scene and all... finish the job Gully God. I suppose Bounty know too well that nothing last forever so he might as well keep it ital...

Big up Mutabaruka ...and you people need to stop talking bout the man is not Rastafarian...


Chi Ching is ALSO in Trouble

You know them man yah a real bait.. on a day when Obama is being inaugurated to be president of the united states.. mi hear news seh a man like Chi Ching (see photo to the left).. is being hounded by the Feds... what for?.. driving without a license.. ..its is alleged that they found a learners license on him.. , charged for excessive speeding .., smoking ganja.. and driving a vehicle without insurance
the police held on to Chi-Ching and his poor girl friend who got caught up in the confusion..

let me see if any other artiste didn't take heed here.. .. or perhaps its a publicity stunt.. do something and get your name called in the media everywhere..

anyway gone back gah watch the Obama inauguration

Jan 19, 2009

Bounty Killa in More Trouble

The year haven't started well for some artiste at all.. especially Bounty Killa. Once again the War Lord is in trouble with the law. It has been reported that the DJ is to appear in court in early February to answer to charges of dangerous driving among other traffic offences. One of the charges slapped on the Five Star General is the breaking of seven red traffic lights ..in one early morning session with his entourage after returning from an event in Kingston.
At the time of the incident the Bounty was alleged to have been refusing to stop when the police signalled him to do so, they eventually caught up with him after a small chase. The DJ is alleged to have parked his ranger in the middle of the road and took another vehicle and left the scene. 
According to the report the popular dancehall DJ also refused to take a breathalyzer test .. so the police had to call for backup .. when his entourage and the police had a stand-off.. up to ten other police patrol arrived on the scene but Bounty Killa did not budge. After leaving the scene and his range rover behind, it was later towed away, the artist appeared later in the day to retrieve his vehicle.. but was however served with traffic tickets and summonses to appear in court instead. Bounty may loose his drivers license according to the police when he pays the traffic tickets.

Bounty.. it look like you head tough... yuh know say the police dem dont like you already and yet still you give them reason to give you more trouble... everybody done know still say man nuh stop a stoplight after hours ...you haffi keep an eye out and look fi the babylon dem.. ..with such a large entourage use some of them fi look out.. 
and is how come a him alone the feds them press charges on ..me sure that entourage has at least four cars.. ..Badmine them Badmine the man... more money more problems mi bwoy

Adavantage Demarco and Serani...

The producers are really stepping out ..and blurring the line between artise and their roll as producers... 
Demarco and Serani are among the most outstanding artist/producer..  they are to me much better than a Timberland and Puffy kinda thing ..well to me even Dr. Dre.. who wasnt really potent and have any big tune ..(i might have to take that back)
..But even Don Corleon .. did some collaborations and buss the autotune long before it became an issue ..with floating by.. .. When I heard it for the first time mi a seh a which singer this..(thank god for auto-tune).. 
There are others like Dr. Evil dem and Ward21.. who seem to go the other way from artiste to making more beats than doing any songs...
Mathahorn was perhaps the only selector who made the cross over and did that well...
Roach also could buss big as a writer/artist /producer/ manager.. im not sure who is under his managment these days ..i cant realy think of anyone else who does all like him, mad roach.. yuh bad.
But Demarco and Serani take the prize in this category... 

Jan 18, 2009

Capleton Diss Kartel ?

Mi know Prince Pin diss kartel.. Assailant diss him ..both from alliance so.. naturally.. but there is some faint rumour going around that the Big Man from David House diss Kartel
.. The fans are asking as a result of a song done by Capleton called 'Badman Strap' that I listened to it a couple of times to see if there is any subliminal material.. ..because no names were called and no reference was made to issues that are usually associated with a Kartel diss such as Bleaching, Tatoo and association with masonery.... But certainly it would be interesting if it is true.. listen and see if you hear anything

YouTube puts light on Underground Tracks

The creativity of some of the videos on YouTube..should be recognized... perhaps they should have a best youtube video award.. not for the official videos but for videos created by ordinary fans. 
One of the advantages of youtube is that the censorship is almost non existent for music.. unless someone complains to youtube about it..
... this means that the underground tunes can now be tunes very much above ground in the sense that they are available to the general public ...to de the wurl.. basically!!
..diss tunes...expletive riddled tunes and stuff that are just not fit for airplay in Jamaica, find their way on youtube and all the other internet websites that allow music and video uploads..
But like every genre of music all over the world ..its not practical nor economical for an artiste to make a video for every song that they make, youtube helps out here. In Jamaica a song is cut perhaps every hour in the day... worse they dont have the resources to do a 'good quality official video' for the main songs.. and as for underground tracks they dont make videos for those. So youtube etc.. fills the gap.. . I have seen a few clips on youtube .. and what they did was to overlay the music over a movie clip... one of the first one I realy liked was 300 vs Mavado and Timberlee vs Dora.. the Aidona Kartel Laugh and shot dem ..is also good
there are many others..  ....here are some

Jan 17, 2009

Terry Lynn to change the Bizz

I got it mixed up at first but.. Terry Lynn ... from Waterhouse is different from Terry Linnen who is originally from Red Bank, St. Elizabeth.. they are also different in gender/sex, local popularity.. and the last names as well...

Now Ms Lynn is said to be a star in the making ..getting good reviews since early 2008 from top Magazines on the international scene.. including The New York Times, Timesonline, Spin and a lot more.
Her style of music is not one that could be readily identify as reggae or dancehall.. it has touches of electronic/ techno riddims.. and the general flow is different from what we are accustomed to hearing from Jamaican artiste..
The approach here is to not necessarily to sound like a typical dancehall/ reggae artiste... its different and perhaps will take some time for the local fans to appreciate it ..if ever.
But to me she sounds ok...and could be the one that further stimulate creativity in the business.
Check out her website.. its pretty decent.

Jan 16, 2009

Serani ... robbers arrested

We understand that the police caught and arrested the persons who allegedly relieved Serani and his manager of monies in the range of US$10K.. or perhaps more.. The incident some claim to be the working of the promoters of the show that Serani performed at in St. Croix..
There are reports that the alleged thieves are Puerto Rico Nationals....
So we dont know if the robbery was conducted in Spanish or the local dialect of St. Croix.. but it is certain that the police are gaining ground on the case.
There is no word as to whether Serani and his road manager would be heading back to the island to facilitate any needed information that can bring the criminals to justice...

Lets hope they don't call him a 'stinking snitch'.. as since the incident the St. Croix fans have come down hard on the Dancehall Billboard debut artiste.. calling him all kinds of names and that he deserved to be robbed ..after claims that his performance was way below par and that he was being disrespectful during his stay on the island.. etc etc...

Well Serani.. at the end of the day I'm sure you can make a hit out of all this drama... and the drama will come with the new fame still so dont get too disheartened. .. in the mean time mi know say you prob song this one a few times since then.

On a completely different matter now.. have you seen the preview for the Biggie Smalls Movie?.. I was a fan.. so mi a promote the thing... Biggie knew a lot about fame and troubles fo sure..

Big Anticipation for Mavado Album in March 09

Its now more or less official that one of the most anticipated album in the history of dancehall will be released on March 3, 2009. The album entitled "Mr. Brooks ... a better tomorrow" to be released on the vp records label will be Mavado's second album.. . with his first being "ganster for Life: the symphony of David Brooks" released in 2006 is said to be in the top 25 Reggae Billboard chart sales... and still counting..

.. if the first album did so well we can anticipate that this one will do very well on the charts ... with the popular track "I'm so special" peaking at #52 on the top 100 Billboard singles recently.
The album also has number of tracks produced by Steven Mcgregor and includes tracks like "Overcome", "So Blessed" and "Dont worry" produced by Daseca
Mavado since his first albums got a lot of great reviews from a number of major music magazines and institutions, click to see some of the big articles and ratings the Gully God g0t :
Rollin Stone

Bwoy.. Mavado im looking forward to a billboard top 10 this year.. and perhaps a big number one some where.. we know next year your name should be among my list of who should take the grammy joining the likes of Junior Gong Marley, Beenie Man etc..

Ramping Shop Copyright Problems

The new song 'Ramping Shop' with the Ne-Yo's Miss Independent Stargate Rhythm has been remixed for the official release to avoid possible future trouble. The report from the Jamaica Observer quoted Claude Mills, Vybz Kartel Publicist, as saying that the popular version "cannot be officially released because it would be a breach of copyright." .. he further indicated that they didn't contact Neyo's management ..."we never intended to put it on an album and would have to pay clearance money. And I don't think we have that kind of money."

But haven't they done the video with rhythm already!!.. but to me it look like the horse already gone through the gate. To have this song remixed ..the new version would have to do a lot to catch up the old version. I haven't heard the new one yet but the report indicated that the rhythm was 'switched' and it was produced by 'Notnice'... so chances are it could be not nice.. lol
Read more here


Jan 15, 2009

Kartel and Mavado Wanted in St. Kitts

With the recent mishap with dancehall artiste Serani in St. Croix, US virgin Islands perhaps still fresh on the minds of those who were paying attention to it especially the aftermath... The demand for Jamaican dancehall acts in the eastern caribbean has not been dampened by the fraca as salavating intrest are being shown by the folks from St. Kitts. 
There have been reports that the St. Kitts locals have indicated that they would prefer to have the likes of Vybz Kartel.. hot off the heels of his Sting performances in Jamaica and Antigua as well as having current populor tracks "ramping shop" and "last man standing". The people had also expressed there interest as well for the top dancehall artiste Mavado as well ... not only just for a performance but maybe also a clash..

ahh emm  :)

..any way the locals also expressed interest in Serani, Lil Wayne, Rhianna and Beyonce...

Read the story here

Now that show would more than sell right off..... the island just might tilt..

Trouble follow Reggae all The way To Kauai !!

It seems that trouble just fallow reggae/dancehall anywhere it goes.  If the artiste is not in trouble then its the event itself with some form of breach of local laws or the fans  get rounded up by the feds or something.
Have you heard of Kauai?... Kauai is one of the islands in Hawaii. According to GardenIsland.com there was a reggae concert on Kauai island last Sunday and the police had to be called in due to complaints.  They issued some 39 citations at the event for all kinds of breaches which included things like: expired tax, obscure license plate, no insurance, detective tail light among other offences.  .. but nothing to do with noise and shots fired this time though.. well .. thus far

See the rest of the story here

Come on people when in Kauai do what the Kauians do... stop breaking the rules.. if you do it in Jamaica the incompetence of Babylon sometimes make it slip.. but chances are you might not have the same luck with perhaps a more competent set of police. 

I understand that they hold on to a suspect in relation to the killing of Ice late last year. Lets see how this one goes... because it seems there must be some connection with the death of about six other members of the black roses crew.. that included Bogle, Willie and Blacka Duech.. so the remaining members if there is any.. .. i think you should do this  click here n see

Jan 14, 2009

Who will take the Grammy?...

On February 8th 2009 the 51st Grammy Awards will be shown live.. on CBS and somewhere on the Internet for sure.. we have our Reggae\Dancehall  Nominations which were announced last December. The nominees and the name of their albums in the that category are:
  • Shaggy - Intoxication
  • Elephant Man - Let's Get Physical
  • Lee "Scratch" Perry - Repentance
  • Sly & Robbie - Amazing
  • Burning Spear - Jah is Real
  • Heavy D - Vibes
Our new poll is asking you to vote for who you think will take home the Grammy this year.
And as I look at the line-up I can safely say some of these artiste have never shared the stage together and perhaps only see each other on television.. its really an interesting group..
One of thing about these award show sometimes is that sometime they come up with some nomination that ...people like myself ..didnt even hear of until they get nominated.. I not even know Heavy D still in the bizz... big up yourself Heavy..
where is Shinehead?.. that guy had a lot of promise...

Beenie Man.. Survived.. !!

Beenie Man! one of dancehall's great.. has been around for a long time, and if he remains healthy and alive then chances are we will continue to see the Doctor...aka the Girls Dem Sugar around the place and making hits...
He has withstand the onslaught of one of the baddest DJ in Jamaica (i.e. Bounty Killa) for the past two decades and at the same time done well in the international arena, won countless awards... and is still going strong as one of the old timer in the business.
Went true embarrassing scenes with estranged wife and former common-law wife of his nemesis Bounty Killa, now a grandpa and after been taken to court last year for tax evasion ... Beenie seem to be able to take the blows...even from Twins of Twins (have they released anything recently?...cant wait to hear it)
Its interesting to see how those who came before and after him have faded ..but he remains among the top acts at shows...
With new artist like Einstien, Konshen, Black Rhyno etc.. the competition for the lime light get tougher as time goes on.. as some may say Beenie eat his food already and he should let the other youths shine... Well he has taxes to pay and perhaps over thirty siblings to feed including grands... so I dont think he is interested in packing up at this time...
By the way.. is it that all other artist pay their taxes, cause I cant seem to remember any other being taken in for questioning on the non-payment of taxes..
I'm not saying that these artist are not law-abiding citizens...

Checkout a old interview with Beenie on BET..

Jan 13, 2009

Are Artiste Lucky or its a Incompetent Justice System?

Have you noticed that dancehall artists seem to have some serious "good luck" when it comes on to being arrested and charged for some criminal activity and then miraculously the charges are dropped for one reason or the other...
Therefore we as dancehall/reggae music fans you should rejoice for the incompetence of the police and justice system
...here are a couple of notable incidents that took place last year...

In January Aidonia was arrested on gun charges... He is still free as far as a bird as far as I can see

Beenie Man’s tax evasion case was dismissed last year... (luck you say?)

In August last year Police in Negril, Westmoreland charge Mavado with assault and using indecent language after an incident at the Jungle nightclub. Later in the month, the charges are dropped as the complainant in the matter tells the court that he has no desire to continue with the case....hmmm

What happened to Teflon since he was arrested on gun charges, after an illegal gun was found at his home during a police operation in his community... last year

In June 2008 Mavado (again)was freed of the gun-related charges he had been facing earlier in the year; the main witnesses didnt turn up at the trial

In May arson case against Lutan Fyah was discontinued...

Vybz Kartel and some other persons were detained for questioning by the police, reportedly regarding the murder of a well-known gunman in Spanish Town. .........was eventually released without any charges being pressed

Deva Bratt carnal abuse charge dropped...

Female deejay Spice was reportedly punched and beaten by her common law husband... the case was dismissed earlier this year.

But it seem that these people get in trouble far more than the average man.. this is just a fraction of the incidents that happened last year..
Never a dull moment in the Dancehall fraternity...the artist should give thanx say the police cant seem to press charges and convict a roach for crawling

Mavado et al International Level 2009

Mavado... certainly did well last year. The self proclaimed "Gully God" aka "Gangster For Life" has been the most popular dancehall artiste both in Jamaica and abroad and was involved in a number of career boosting events especially in the USA. Mavado was involved in Grand Theft Auto IV which turned out to be the top selling game of 2008 he also did collaborations with Jay-Z and G Unit. Not to be left out was his chart busting single "I'm so special" doing well on radio stations, the Billboard Charts as well as making the 44th spot on the Vibe Magazine top 80 songs for 2008.
Things are not going to be quiet for the Gully God this year with an album set to be released early in the year. There are reports that a Vibe Magazine top reporter will be coming to Jamaica to do a detail piece on the artiste a rear thing for dancehall acts that usually get snippet or two even for popular acts like Sean Paul and Shaggy.

Yow.. the gully cant hold the man anymore... they will have to do a complete redesign and fundamental infrastructural changes and expansion to accommodate to accommodate the man.. ..

Serani was also featured in a the Billboard Magazine recently due to his big hit "No Games" .. another major accomplishment for the artiste and Jamaican Dancehall Music.

It should be interesting to see how well Serani, Mavado and Busy Signal do this year on the international scene. The artistes had a bit of a set back at the start of the year with Mavado being charged for the use of indecent language at Sting 2008 and Serani's unfortunate chain of events in the USVI where he was robbed and left now a fued between some Jamaican and USVI fans. But with those incidents aside it is expected to be a great year for dancehall and these too artiste.
Not to be left out is Busy Signal who was also featured in Vibe Magazine last year..he is also expected to quite busy this year with his recently released album "Loaded".. He also had his fair share of setbacks.. with police said to be looking for him re breaches of "indecent language act" ... at a recent stage show in the western part of the island.

expect a lot of good stuff this year and we know bad things happen ..so we just hope that the good outweigh the bad..

Jan 11, 2009

Serani Dissed St Croix Dissed Serani ?

I have never been to St. Croix ..Virgin Island... I always love that song that Bounty Killa did called virgin island .. well the name might not be virgin island but .. it goes .."Virgin Island we dont pet, tell a gyal seh bet, if she believe sey mi have short a breath"

As far as the allegations goes.. with hate emails flying all over the place.. saying that Serani served up a raw deal on the Virgin Island people..its like Serani robbed the Island of its verginity and they decided to rob him back according to the news report... The VI people them saying that Serani management indicated that he missed two flights one after the other missing two shows... after they paid thier $30 and $50 to go see him... and Serani dissed them by saying he will give a free show ... after them done pay the money and he didnt turn up.
He turned up at the "free show"... and they say the performance was so bad... that they had to rob him..
watch the clip.. on the youtube link

Now His the Time to Shine

This guy has been asking when its gonna be his time to shine.. to me him already a shine... but surly he should be shinning brighter in 2009.. check the video from the man I recently indicated that he should change his last name to minimize visa problems.

Spice to Move On with Life

There have been reports in the media that the assault case involving 26-year-old dancehall artiste Spice (real name Grace Hamilton) and her common-law husband Nicholas Lall was dismissed in the Old Harbour Court on Friday January 9.
According to the report the couple told the court that they are no longer interested in pursuing the case and are willing to work out their differences and move on with their lives... However Mr.
Lall is to return to court to answer charges of assaulting a police woman who was pregnant at the time... It is alleged that Mr Lall verbally assaulted the officer at the time he and Spice had gone to the station late last year to make a report on their domestic dispute.

So it seems all is forgiven about the ramping shop fuss....The Ramping shop song was said to be the cause of the dispute between the couple in the first place.
Its good to see that people can resort to more amicable means of settling their dispute... I hope all turn out well for Mr
Lall though.. he is in a spot of bother there..


Jan 10, 2009

Oprah?.. No Opal.. look for her in 2009

Opal..who? Opal.. as in Opal, Hatta Ball and Mr Vegas "Hot Wuk".. O that's Opal. "The Young Veterans new breakout artist Opal Alicia Josephs" ..real down to earth Kingston girl that promise to keep it real, keep it raw (not as bad as lady saw though) and true. Opal have plans to mash-up the place locally and then take it to the International level just like those before her, the Lady Patra and Lady Saw dem.
Opal currently has a single called "I said it" that has been doing relativity well last year and we expect it to continue this year and also expect a lot more from her in 2009 as well.
The single "I said it" has a wicked riddim behind it with veteran DJ Terror Fabulous vocals in it... Mad.. and Opal did the riddim justice with a nice chant style.

Big up to Terror.. anyweh you deh.. the last time I hear you were still in Portmore.
Anybody know the whereabouts of Daddy Screw?.. it look like I have go do a where are they now feature..

You can check out Opal's bad single called "I Said it" Click Here
See also her St Lucia stage performance late last year Click Here

Jan 9, 2009

Mavado Nominated for DJ and SingJay of the Year

There is doubt as to who won the clash at sting last year... but I'm sure there should be no doubt as to who is the artist of the year... in the dancehall arena. I read an article were Mavado was nominated in two categories, one for the HYPE TV Male SingJay of the year and the other being male DJ of the year.
Now me scratch my head.. and a say something dont right here. Let me see the rule book.. Oh! there is none is there?
I heard Beenie complaining sometime ago when Mavado got an award for DJ of the year and he shouldn't have because he is a singer. Well he was not nominated as a singer, he is a SingJay and a DJ... i think!!
A singjay is not as smooth as a singer and not as rapid as a DJ. Mavado in some of his songs go rapid on the verse and slow on the chorus.. so he is singjaying and functioning as a DJ as well. But these days everyman a sing and DJ them thing, first time they use to call everything Djing or singing.. SingJay came about round about the time when they were trying to find a category for artiste like Mr. Vegas who was also nominated along the rest of the Alliance camp namely Demarco, Serani and Bugle.
These artiste you could not safely put them in a DJ category.. they singjay 90% of the time.
So me a wonder if they want to please both Alliance and Empire camps by putting Mavado in a singjay category..it seems justified still but at the same time they confuse the issue with the DJ nomination, chances are the Gully Gad just might take the whole a dem.. .. All whe a gwaan still Kartel do a lot of singJaying last year.. so mi nuh know still, he has at least 3 tunes can be considered singjay quality.
Suh it guh yah my youth, to get the trailer load a money you have to go where the money is..
Big up Daville mi understand that the man a mash-up the Japanese computer dem.. cause dem nuh stop downlaod his songs till it reach number 1 in the country for the most downloaded.. 'ichiban'... Domo Arigato!!

Jan 8, 2009

Boos for Kartel and Mavado

The Boos from Mavado and Kartel fans continues. This is according to a recent media report. The fans have been turning up at parties and various entertainment events and have been showing their respective allegiance by echoing boos to song from both artiste. The feelings and opinions are still quite fresh in minds of the fans, as the sting clash are been rebroadcast on websites and television.
One popular selector Razz from Razz and Biggy sound system indicated that he had not seen the situation like this before ..and indicated that the country is almost divided along the lines of the Gully and the Gaza. He indicated that the situation will however simmer down eventually.

Anyway .. while all a that a gwaan.. JDMBC understands that Mavado new album will be released in march of this year. The fans can expect alot of the popular tracks on the album including the billboard riding single I'm So Special.
D' Teacha has been up to his usual, with almost a weekly release of a single (under ground and otherwise) One of his latest is one called Survivor click here to check it out.. remember to rate it

Jan 7, 2009

New War?.. No Response from Kartel Yet

This is the Busy Signal "Gangsta Nuh Bleach" youtube version..
One of many artillery launched against the "Gaza" captain Vybz Kartel..

Egg Nog, Lisa Hype Performance at Sting Antigua

Lisa Hype .. Egg Nogg?..it has been reported that these two performers, especially Egg Nogg (without Danny English) got some good reception at the recent Sting stage show in Antigua. And of course it was also reported that Kartel and Spice did well.

Did Lisa Hype performed at the Jamaican Sting?.. its hard to remember these things... with some 140 artist performing, one can easily forget the first 120.. is that true though!.. the 140 acts
But sometimes it take a different audience to really get your motivation going. Egg Nogg.. im not sure if he released any 'recognised' song this year that got good air play.. well to be fair I have not been listening to the radio these days, so I could be absolutley incorrect here .. But this is good for the artist after his act was dicribed as mediocre at the Jamaican version of Sting last year.
With the groups like JOP.. Alliance and Empire ..and all these bag a man groups in the industry .. to me them overshadow the independent artist them (well im not saying that Egg Nogg is independent.. he and English a par all the while.. like a Devonte and Tanto.. Wickaman and Barkey...
what the hell happened to Devonte and Tanto Metro?... Shocking Vibes just popped down so... My God!

Yeah Big up Coco T.. I understand that he will be involved in the weekend celebration for the US presidential inauguration, with his big tune for Obama... and being among the first set of artist who did a song for Obama.. the Gully Gaad should be there.. he also did a song for the president elect.. but I have not heard if he would be there.. but it would be good for him to get the recent events off his mind.

Jan 6, 2009

The Clash according to the Polls

The star has reported that the polls it took last week Friday about who won the clash stated that the fans gave Vybz Kartel the victory in Sting 2008 clash. The report indicated that Kartel copped some 65% of the vote.
Also According to the poll on this website and at the time of this blog Kartel had more or less gotten the same percentage (66%) of the votes to Mavado's 34% with some 352 respondents.

You know, I should have put an option for a draw in the polls, because the clash was incomplete... I guess most of the fans have it that Mavado lost by default when he left the stage and perhaps the number of boos etc. However prior to sting, Kartel was leading in the polls to 'take sting' and win the clash by about the same margin with over 750 respondents at the time. You can take look over to the right and see who a lead the polls for 'who took sting'..go vote now if you haven't.
It could be several reasons why the polls gave it to Kartel, of course the big factor is that one could say that Kartel has more fans that visit sites like these or the majority of Mavado fans are perhaps shy too vote or they are more on the neutral side because the actions taken by Mavado lead to a technical default of the clash. ... Anyway this could be the last of the clash between these two as was indicated by the Gully Gad ..him "have no time fi dat."
But one thing for sure a lot of Alliance artist have more than a word or too for Kartel .. including the likes of Busy Signal, Einstien, Bling Dawg... Nuclear, Roach, Ninjaman, Deva Brat and whole heap a other artist.. Yuh Know when kartel Buss him did tell Anthony Miller's ER programme on TV that he would relish a clash with the killer at the time..this was long before you heard of people like D'angel. So im not sure if he gonna get his long time wish.

Gangsta Nuh Bleach - Busy Signal- alliance4life.com

Bounty Live (DIss 2) - Bounty Killer

Jan 5, 2009



Serani and Manager Robbed at Gun Point

You know I have always said I wanted to live in St. Croix because jamaica too f@ck up (well sometime).. but it look like St. Croix just as messed up .. according to reports the Billboard debut artist and his manager were robbed at gun point on the island

According to the report " the island was the scene of a near-deadly robbery in which Serani and his road manager were the victims of a daring robbery at gunpoint.

With all the signs pointing to them being set up by the promoter of the show Serani had just performed at, they were mysteriously dropped outside the hotel and immediately jacked by two gunmen who carried them upstairs to Serani's room, put them on their faces on the ground and told Serani they were going to kill him.

They proceeded to rob him and his road manager of a substantial amount of cash and expensive jewelry before making their escape."

Yow.. what unnuh a do.. thats serani yow.. Bwoy 2009 not trending too well thus far... Condolences to the family of Jizelle Salandy... and Richard Thompson take note and do not put yourself in dem situation again.. yow unnuh take time pon the road people..cheees

klicken Sie hier für den Artikel auf Deutsch


Mavado and Kartel Speak after Sting

Mavado and Kartel speaks ... and gives their views about what happened at sting .. the possibilities of a rematch and what next? Kartel a real joker...And Vado not laughing

well .. the man them can just move on if they don't want to continue the confrontation thing.. all mi know say them still ago throw word. And if it quell lets see who ago start it up back. As mentioned in an earlier article on this blog, there is a number of youngsters who want to stake their claim so the saga continues

Jan 4, 2009

Police Busy hunting Signal

I thought Busy Signal said that "mi nah guh a jail again"... perhaps he might have forgoten because there are reports that the police is searching for him. It is reported that The Westmoreland Police are looking for DJ, Busy Signal in order to charge him for using what is discribed as a barrage of expletives at Sav Impact stage show in Llandilo in the parish on New Year's night.

According to the report "Busy's behaviour was so crude that some fans and patrons expressed shock and disgust at his outburst, which some openly condemned as totally unnecessary and unwarranted."

It also indicated that there were several police personel present at the show and Signal continued to unleash the expletives.

The report further stated that "Busy was being backed by a soundtrack, while a group of musicians were quietly testing their instruments ahead of the next performer.

The deejay became very annoyed and blurted: "A wha di ...deh gwaan?" He looked around and upon seeing the men, he asked the audience: "Sav dat right?" "No," the crowd responded.

Busy walked up towards the men, as they were about to make their exit and shouted in the microphone: "Hey, don't mek mi tell unu fi go ... face. Hey mi a cool youth sometime. Alliance say nuh ... yuself... bwoy."

At the end of his 22-minute performance, a team of police personnel rushed backstage to arrest him, but the deejay escaped.

Said an officer: "He jumped off the step and escaped in a vehicle. We did not know which vehicle he was travelling in so we missed him. We will be trying to charge him as soon as possible."

SO BUSY.. you need to turn yourself in and end this matter quickly ..we cant have a man talented like you have another thing to be worried about. Anyway write another hit song about this incident... Hat Head Hat Head.. lol

Jan 3, 2009

New artist and Potential Artist Stake Their Claim

There is a line in one of Biggie Smalls track that says "you are nobody til somebody kills you"... I'm not sure of any other music genre in the world other than dancehall and rap that has that kind of real life challenge to death ellement to it. It is not on the minds of every DJ nowadays to realy get a buss from a challenge/competition from the more recognized names in the business. We use to hear about who is better Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston... it never realy got any where as that is not hardcore from the ghetto thing. RnB has its melody, dancehall and rap music got its attention mostly by lyrical content and style ..and later drifting to be melodious.
There some real artist and zealous fans out there that I have noticed been trying to make their voices and opinions heard on the whole Alliance Empire misunderstanding. It is perhaps a case of they are nobody until they take some stripes from some these recognized artist namely Mavado and Kartel at the moment. To be fare to these guys there are 'veterans' that are now trying to make a comeback with this approach, namely the Monster Hempire. For the 'new' artists I now recognize the names (at least while i write them down);

Alliance affiliated artist/fans
Prince Pin,

Empire affiliated artist/fans
Bad Aada
michael morton

Perhaps some will climb the charts in the near future perhaps some will not... This list is by no means exausted and perhaps there is a lot more out there. You can check them out on youtube and let them know how well they are doing.

Munga Honourable - My Life

This video feature is from Mr Munga Honurable, its called my Life on the Supa Charge Riddim, tuff piece of tune. We expect a lot from Munga in 2009. No, I dont expect him to reply to disses and these things, at least not in depth, Munga appear to be larger than that. He has not been in the lime light too much in the latter part of the year with all the hype with other artists. Munga has been consistent with some big tunes and we need to hear more from him this year.

Jan 2, 2009

Sizzla's Royal Treatment.... Dancehall Bizz Stall?

Sizzla Meets the President
There are reports that Sizzla Kolonji has received some royal accolades form the Gambian monarch. The artist was invited by the Gambian president His Excellency Alhaji Ya Yah Jammeh to his farm late last year were they had discussion on issues on making closer ties with Jamaica and the artist making contribution to Gambia's socio-economic infrastructure via education and music.

Yes Sizzla a long time mi a tell the artist dem to link with Africa, I like how Mr Vegas did his thing the other day in Kenya keep up the good work

How will things be Affected?
Promoters and show goers probably a little worried that all hell seem have popped loose in the dancehall fraternity. With the incident at Camp Fire were bottles were thrown because Beenie Man didnt perform... for whatever reason, the escalating tension between the Empire and Alliance camp with a number of incidents since the sting show, one has to wonder about the shows booked for these artist for the next coming weeks. There is no guarantee that something is not going to happen or sponsorship and fans might just not turn up due to fear of any ugly incident.

I can assure you people that this too shall pass, so its just a matter of time that they will calm down and return to normal... the depending on how long, and how far the feelings are going to be carried.


More Passa Passa... 'Jah' know Star

Before a go into the passa passa... let me big up the thing Shaggy doing for the less fortunate and hope that the charity event that he has organised turn out to be successful, people you need to go and support the thing in some way shape or form...

What is this I'm hearing about more foolishness happening in the aftermath of sting. I was just reading on a popular website on allegations of how the melee between the Kartel and Mavado fans realy started in the Hungry town and Big yard area of Mannings Hill road, said to be home towns of the likes of Turbulance and Jah Vinchi.
People asking why Jah Vinchi didnt perform at Sting, just like how they were asking why Kartel and Aidonia stop par just before the Sting event.
They have it seh Jah Vinchi, due to him being a resident of the area and an Empire member, he and Kartel has been allegedly came up empty handed when asked for 17 tickets for Sting for 17 men of Hungry Town. The men turned their attention to the DJ called Crimist (also from the Hungry area, and allegedly par with Mavado Dem).. got the tickets with links through Foota.
After sting Kartel fans in the Big Yard zone erected posters of the DJ in the Mannings Hill Road area... again according to the comment on the blog ... The gully God was not amused and allegedly instructed to have his image and likeness painted on the wall. Other men in the area wanted Turbulance image and likeness to be there as well, with him being a veteran DJ from the area and all... now Jah saw all that was happening was not pleased (and considered it as a diss to him)and thus made a report to Big Yard which resulted in the melee and the image of the Gully God smeared leaving Turbulance unscathed. ... it was indicated that a domino effect resulted when Mavado went up there and was expressing his anger/disappointment and reportedly declared some kind of war. Police went to Big Yard and tear down all sign and poster of Kartel and made it clear that none should be replaced and calling for a truce between the camps...

The other set of madness ..relates to the incident relating to camp fire show, mi hear seh people relating to Beenie Man got stabbed and in hospital..

Just in case it might get worst.. for those who cannot stomach this kind of thing, this is a good time to turn to gospel music and some country and western...
If a anything like death or serious injury or prison sentence of any artist, fan or other person occurs during this hype session .. this web blog will not be held responsible for such incidents and will not condone such incidents.
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