Mar 31, 2009

Amy Winehouse ...Rejected, Luciano ....Charged

The reggae flavoured album that controversial UK artiste Amy Winehouse have been working on for the pass couple of months was recently rejected by her label Island Records. The album was mostly written and recorded in St. Lucia in the Caribbean, where she had spent most of her time.
It was more or less speculated that Winehouse would have gone to Jamaica to give the album ..some "original reggae flavour".. but it seems that dint took place and perhaps contributed to the flat rejection of the album, perhaps.

Winehouse known for a her soulful tracks ..was apparently trying to do something a bit different, something that had worked well for other artiste like No Doubt, who did a reggae flavoured album a couple of years ago.
I don't know we the public need to hear it to judge the thing, these guys think they know what will ..or will not work. Reggae is in the air at the moment Serani, Gyptian, Mavado ..Taurus etc have a nice market out there ..but perhaps the Winehouse fans base, which is much greater dont even know what the font is reggae.

'Jah Messenger' Luciano Charged
In other Reggae matters... Reggae Icon Luciano ..was charged with harbouring a criminal and will appear in court on April 9.
The now dead badman known as 'conqueror' was said to have been wanted for a number of murders and other crimes. He was hired as a security personell by 'Jah Messnger' who was involved in an near death scenario with Freckles, hence the need for strong security.

Mar 25, 2009

3 Police Shot at Luciano's Residence

Jah Messenger is more and more in the News these days all for the wrong reasons. The latest with Mr. Luciano ..aka roots plus culture is that there was a shootout between police and gunmen at his residence at Westminister Crescent in St. Andrew.
Three police officers were reportedly shot and injured and one of the alleged gun man known as 'conquerer' was shot and killed during the two hour long incident in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Mar 24, 2009

Sizzla House Burn Before New Album Release

Just on the heels of the Sizzla's new album 'Ghetto Youthology' one of his uptown residence located in the Liguanea area of Kingston was gutted by fire over the weekend. The house which was said to be valued at some $60 million Jamaican dollars (Approx US $700K)was said to have been undergoing some improvements at the time. Reports are that the fire may have been triggered by some elecrical mishap. Click Here To Read More

Mar 23, 2009

Ninja Turns Self in After Alleged Killing of Ricky Trooper

Things are getting to look sticky for Ninja Man when he was charged on about 4 counts for the murder of Ricky Trooper.
With what happened with the Bob Whoolmer case where Babylon flopped big time.. I guess they are gonna make sure that they dont miss a step in this one, sort of like what the feds in the States are doing with the Chris and Rhianna affair.

Bwooy Ninja ..mi hope seh annuh you kill the man but if a you dawg nyam yuh suppper... because you probably end up on the hang man knoose because they also working on the resumtion of hanging. Tsk Tsk !!!
But it look like Ninja not guilty cause him a skin off him teeth and a make all kinda sign.. in this clip

Mar 20, 2009

Whats Happening With the Dancers?

Whats happening with these dancers ... from Bogle was shot and killed in 2005 things have been up and down for the dancing fraternity. Recently ICE was shot and killed putting a damper on the fun in the dancehall and have other dancers scratching their chin. But apart from the murders the dancers are from time to time involved in all kind of scuffles. The latest is with Cullo Cullo.. Click hear to Read More

Mar 18, 2009

Ninjaman Wanted for Questioning Murder

There media reports are indicating that veteran DJ ninjaman is wanted for the shooting of a man in Kingston yesterday Tuesday. It it is reported that the man was shot at his home, ran and was chased and shot again several times. He was pronounced dead at hospital.

Oh we go again...Ninja Man is not new to trouble .. but if the allegations are true one wonders if this is the last straw for the "Front Teeth Gold Teeth Don Gorgon"....
Speculations were that at 'fallow the arrow' .. a recent stage show in ST. Mary where Ninja clashed with Merciless.. some fans claim that Ninja was acting a bit strange .as if he was touching the white stuff again.. that too would very disappointing.. cause im a fan of the Don.. but if a you do the crime .. he has go do the time..
Look like he not listening to Mavado's "Jail house" tune..!!?

Mar 16, 2009

The Recession effects - Artiste Robbed, Artiste Rob

I hear the authorities in the states saying that the recession might end in 2009. Well that sounds good.. and this means that 2009 needs to hurry up cause its affecting everything, except perhaps the Amazon peeps.
The dancehall industry is feeling the pinch here and there .. some perhaps don't feel the effects of it yet.. Click here to Read More

Mar 13, 2009

Kartel and Lisa Really HYPE

YOW ... a  wha dis man.. Kartel taking this thing for a habbit first Spice now Lisa HYpe...
This is for the promotion of the tune 'come wine for me'... this guy never cease to amaze me.. so much for the banning of slackness.. lol ... there seem to be never a dull moment in the Gaza camp..  wow.!!

Dancehall war in Africa

Have you ever heard of Winky D..? see him deh inna de picture ....
Many may know as well as they might not know that the dancehall fraternity doesn't stop at the shores of the Caribbean nor is limited to where Jamaicans reside. There could be a lot of Jamaicans in Africa, I dont think Winky D is one of them. He is the self-proclaimed King of the Dancehall in Zimbabwe, and there are many more top dancehall acts in other African countries such as Ghana. 
Winky D .. has some problems .. he is in war with his fellow dancehall artiste from Zimbabwe, namely one called 'Badman'. There have been diss tunes and counteractions just like the dancehall atmosphere here in Jamaica.
In a recent news report in the Zimbabwe Herald, it was indicated that the new artiste are looking to take some hype off Winky. They seek their populairty by taking cheap shots at the "King".. 
This sounds familiar... in the lyrical wars over the years in Jamaica between artiste, especially the ongoing 20 year war with Beenie and Bounty, .. it has been said that one is parasitic on the other ..and same with more recent confrontations with Mavado and Kartel...where it is said that Kartel is riding on the Mavado international popularity. There is now a barrage of upcoming acts taking swipes at Kartel and Mavado under the disguise of defending their crew.

But what im saying is that the Dancehall war thing is in Africa... a see  the connection... Africa cant seem to be at peace with itself ever since me know it... now wonder the extended nations like Jamaica cannot be at peace.

check out a long time interview with Winky D ...

Mar 12, 2009

Mavado Album flopped in First Week

Mavado for the first week of sales of his highly anticipated album "Mr. Brooks .. A Better Tomorrow" did not do pretty well. This is accroding to a gleaner report. The singj new album Mr. Brooks A better Tomorrow failed to make any of Billboards Magazine charts in its first week of release.  Click Here To Read More

Mar 10, 2009

The Artiste dem have a Raping Sickness

According to a recent Star report Danny English is now the latest Jamaican Dancehall artiste that is now free of rape charges. Danny English aka Mr Donald Cox have been more or less quiet during the trial was quoted as saying he felt very relieved that the burden of bearing something like a cross has now been lifted off his shoulders. This was after the victim (now 17 yrs old) refused to testify against the DJ for the incident that allegedly took place sometime in 2007. Click Here To Read More

Mar 9, 2009

A Better Tomorrow

Mavado did a album release over weekend in Toronto, Canada. The singj has been making some good impression after several more positive reviews about his new album "A better Tomorrow." gave their review recently along with the likes of the LA Times.
There are speculations already that the gully god might take the grammy next year with the continued positive momentum he is getting thus far, though some fans dont want to put the bar too high the general mood is that the foundation is being made. So far there have been no bad reviews of the album from the gangsta and it expected that he should be getting some good sales right through the year.

Mar 6, 2009

Sean Paul Album potential Competition to Mavado's A Better Tomorrow

Jamaican super star Sean Paul have been relatively quiet over the past couple of months, at least in Jamaica. Well its either that or the musical revolution in the local dancehall fraternity has taken away the lime light with the likes of David Brooks aka Mavado lighting up the international airwaves and the overall media with his current single "i'm so special" and release of his sophomore album "A Better Tomorrow". The attention Vybz Kartel and Spice have been getting since sting and rampin shop and the whole music industry ban that the hot head Broadcasting Commission has invoked on the small island have also grabbed most of the musical attention. Click to Read More

Mar 5, 2009

The east upset with Serani ...again

The Eastern Caribbean folks since the start of the year have not had a good run in with dancehall star artiste Serani. There were the incidents leading up to the robbery in St. Croix which resulted in a war of words among the fans. There was some complaint of mediocre performance in Guyana recently leaving a bad taste in the mouth of the folks in the east.
There is more wining taking place again this time its from an interview Serani did with FADER.. giving his views on the recent ban by the Broadcasting Commission ... Serani gave his views... and now the folks in the eastern Caribbean are once again not pleased with the artiste... some even suggesting that they would be waiting on his next performance in the east ..and making sure that they have some bottles a to hit the Jamaican Dancehall Star...

My God... hear we go again..
anyway take a pree at the interview..

Mar 3, 2009

Bounty Killer No Longer 'Killing'

Bounty Killer at the Recent Follow Di Arrow show officially declared that he is no longer in a killing mood and was not wearing his trade mark shades. The DJ who got booed at sting last year when he tried to indicate to the crowd that he no longer interested in killing thing found a more appreciative crowd at follow the arrow in St. Mary. Click Here To Read More

Mar 2, 2009

Merciless vs Ninja ...Kiprich vs Monster Clashes

The Fallow Di Arrow stage show over the weekend in St. Mary, was built for the continuation of the clash at sting... The clashes went on without the likes of Vybz Kartel and Mavado.. But Merciless vs Ninja Man and the Kiprich vs Monster Empire certainly did their thing and to me was a better clash than the Kartel Mavado.. Click See More Here
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