Jun 18, 2009

Twins of Twins Stir it up Volune 8

The Twins are at it again with their latest poduction .. which have been in the pipeline for some time.. but was delayed when they were robbed sometime ago...
The settings for this volume is a bit different but the concept is still about grinding out the fueds and unfortunate situations that exist in the dancehall within the last year or two...
The setting had the backdrop of a court house with lawyers representing the respective parties...
There is the case with Bounty Killa vs Monster Hemp Higher
Mavado vs Vybz Kartel,...
and just LA Lewis vs logistics of the system..
It was the side kicks such as ..jefferey hype and steve representing mavados brother.... seemed to take the spot light from Mavado and Kartel themselves..
If you havnt baught a copy of this one yet.. I think you should ..well,... its good for those who are familiar with the Gaza /Gully feud ..or the antics of LA Lewis .. you should enjoy this one. The ever comanding presence of Reneto Adams was once again on this one and played an active role ..in the preceedings..

There is no word yet of any reactions on the part of the persons who were the subjects on Stir it Vol 8... I guess they knew what was coming and took it with a grain of salt..

Take a pree... there is lots more here ..

Jun 17, 2009

The Angels Luck

D' angel according to some, had fallen from grace.. .when she opted to marry Beenie Man the long time rival of her ex companion Bounty Killa.. According to Killa the D' angel had fallen from grace when she made the move to marry Beenie.. only to have a miriad of marital problems leading to the unfortunate breakdown of the union. The young female artiste went through a public break down with beenie with their infamous fight in Kingston over funiture fixtures and fittings... and even the DNA testing to proove that

Jun 9, 2009

The Beef Goes On...

The recent incident in Club Amazura over the weekend between the Five Star General Bounty Killa and the youngsters from the Portmore Empire Blak Ryno and Jah Vinci is an indication that the immaturity, self-destructing attitude and total lack of common sense still prevails in the business of dancehall.
Couple of weeks ago Freddie McGregor from the Big Ship family was in a fuss with Kartel re a non-performance, over the weekend the Junior Reid Birthday Bash ended prematurely when members of the Empire wanted to bomb rush the stage while Kartel was preforming, the cops didn't let them and the show ended when Kartel walked off according to media reports.
The Portmore Empire camp is said to have more followers in their adolescent years, youngsters, largely undeveloped minds... whilst the Alliance/Gully camp has a more strong following of much more grown and mature folks. It is thus expected that the movements by the leader of the Allicance/Gully camp would have continued in this vein to make good as well as follow on a commitment he made recently to tone down and to be more charitable than anything else.
But no.. instead Bounty Killa in a recent news article was quoted as saying that he would box down Blak Ryno if he sings the diss song Drive Thru Price, namely at the Club Amazura show Bung Bang Connect...

Jun 1, 2009

Daggering Shocks Mutabaruka..

Talk show host Mutabaruka was bamboozled, shocked and was in a state dismay recently when he discovered the now-a-days dancing/daggering in the dancehall. Muta was most shocked about the recent incident where a young lady was knocked out cold in a Daggering incident.
Another incident where one young lady used a stone as her "pleasuring tool" ..aka cakkie have the well known Dub poet and Rastafarian flabbergasted.
According to Mutabaruka the dancehall is currently making carnival look like church and that this is pure animalistic bahaviour.
Well all good things must come to an end.. and so will the bad and the indifferent... but for now we can definitely say were in the era of not only Obama but also Daggering the crazy animalistic behaviour in the dancehall...
I dont know bout you ..but im LMAO....

Listen the clips courtesy of djprincemix1

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