Jul 24, 2009

Richie Feelings Bottled for not Playing Iyara

When Beenie and Bounty were at their peek of musical war .. I can NOT recall incidents when selectors were beaten up because they didn't want to play one artiste song or beaten for playing too much of one artiste. So that gives an indication that the ongoing clashes between the Gaza and Gully is a different kettle of fish here. The Richie Feelings Episode is the latest in the saga to unfold. The former Stone Love sound system selector was recently bludgeoned over the head when a rain off bottles greeted him at the last uptown Mondays show ... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Jul 23, 2009

Shaggy Fleeced?

There have been reports ealier this week that Shaggy ..the man known for hit tunes such as "Mr. Boombastic", "It wasn't me" as well as from his latest catalog "Badman don't cry".. was said to have been robbed recently CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Jul 16, 2009

Neyo Called Kartel Thief?... Jacksons for Sumfest

The Vybz Kartel and Spice song Ramping Shop entered the Billboard hip/hop charts earlier this week at number 96. The tune was on Reggae iTunes chart in March and is still there in two different versions. Reports are that its due to the ban in Jamaica and the rejection by NeYo's management for the unpermitted use of the Miss Independent riddim. Though the song was banned in Jamaica and the Miss Independent version is being scrapped off places like YouTube... radio sations such as HOT97 in the US from time to time play the Miss Independent version, contributing to the popularity of the track.

In a recent report NeYo expressed his disappointment about the fact that Kartel had used his Miss Independent riddim in his Ramping Shop. In a radio interview NeYo indicted that he was not at all happy with what took place and stopped short of calling Kartel a thief/pirate, he stated that "..If they didnt get permission, proper permission to use it, then they shouldn't use it ... same thing as walking into some body's house and taking something that does not belong to them.. you are not suppose to do it..."

Neyo, Spice and Vybz Kartel are expected to be at the Micheal Jackson dedicated Reggae Sumfest scheduled July 19-25, 2009. It is expected members of the Jackson Family will be at the show, this was revealed in a recent press conference.
It is not yet clear if Kartel and NeYo will engage in any friendly clash, whether on or off stage... though there are speculations indicating that there is a possibility that this might happen.

source iriefm

Jul 14, 2009

The Joke is on the Twins

Just on the heels of the release of Twins of Twins Stir it up volume 8 the Gaynor twins are preparing to release the music album version of stir it up Volume 8 - Trial and Crosses.
The twins were in the news recently after they were taken into custody by the police for 'reasonable suspicion for fraud'. It is alleged that they took money from a young artiste with the promise to facilitate the artiste to travel to the United States to perform .. Things did not go according to plan and the artiste requested for the return of the money CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Jul 11, 2009

Bounty Killa in Trouble ..

One of Jamaica's top DJ's is once again facing possible Jail time. Well known DJ Bounty Killa was arrested earlier this week and released on bail yesterday July 10 after being charged with illegal possession of a firearm, unlawful wounding and assault on a police constable. Click Here to Read More

Jul 4, 2009

OK Zebra Thats it !!

It appears that ..Zebra has strike again. This time the alleged victim is a 10 year old girl. This is now the third incident of this sort as far as Zebra is concerned. The man is a serial rapists!! ..and this ought to be the last act, he must now be put away for life since he cant keep his hands and things to himself. I don't know if these kind of illnesses can be treated or cured... but a stay in jail for a life time can definitely do some good for the rest of the society.
There are other artistes who have had similar runnings with the law and going against the grain of the norm of the society. One would expect that these calibre of people would been a bit smarter than the average criminal.. but it seems that they are the average criminal turn artiste.
Zebra was released late last year and was looking promising and positive ..though sounding slightly demented in a couple of interviews. It now seems as if the outside world is too much for the Zebra, it is not a place for broken minds especialy one like Zebra's.. chances are anywhere the hothead catch him .. they go ask him.. weh yu run fah?
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