Sep 29, 2009

Reggae is Not DEAD

In an press release by Billboard Publicity Wire, there are expressions of reggae is not dead!!.. and I'm saying who said it was? The fact that dancehall appear to be more popular does not mean that reggae is approaching extinction. Shabba Ranks, Beenieman and Sean Paul have been more popular than the traditional reggae Grammy winners such as Burning Spear, Lee Scratch Perry amongst others. It is the younger generation who are more susceptible to dancehall and taking it far, they did the same for reggae 40 years ago in making it hip and popular.

Sep 25, 2009

Don Corleone and Alaine are no longer

Don Corleone and Alaine has been together for sometime now. Not as far as the 5% mortgage rate commercial done by Alaine...but up to recently the couple was rumoured to have engaged or tied the knot .. sort of similar to the Tammi Chin and Wayne Marshall Stint, under the radar kinda thing. I am not sure where things actually broke down with the big producer/artiste and the singer Alaine... the young lady herself has had a unusual year thus far.. a nice track with Taurus Riley called Forever More .. actually love you forever more.. well we thought it was directed to Don..being an all Don production. Then there was the downside that being the allegations of fraud, when a motor vehicle was brought down under questionable circumstances in the name Alaine .. the young lady perhaps had her first brush with the law. I don't know maybe things went down from there .. though there are rumours of infidelity flying around.. with Names such as Daseca and Lysa Hype ..some how get a bit tainted in the love quadrangle. Its a pity, nothing last forever..good or bad.

Sep 24, 2009

Bounty Killa and Kartel for Peace in Trinidad

Bounty Killer and Vybz Kartel are at .. war!! at least up to the point of chatta box and toilet paper bounty. The two guys are Jamaicans and the Jamaican intellects has picked-up the Gaza gully issue and have not really made any indication of the trouble now brewing between Alliance Bounty and Kartel Gaza. The intellects are pouring out their soul in articles expressing the 'I told you so's that this kind of music is diseased filled and thus should be flushed... the music seem not to have anything to least not in Jamaica at the moment.. Promoters in Trinidad has something else up their sleeves though.
There is a peace/ ceasefire show to be held in Trinidad to cool warring factions. Surprisingly the mediators are bounty Killer the warlord and Vybz Kartel the war angel. Bounty is not new inventing his disagreement with the fans taking the violence beyond lyrics and expected to express more of the same.
But there is really a disparity with what these DJ's DJ and what they say. Then again the fact that they are referred to as Gads Lords and angels.. doesnt necessarily indicate that they are.

Sep 14, 2009

Never a Dull Moment in The Dancehall

The dancehall is never short of a dull moment. Just when you think the big feud between Kartel and Mavado was grinding to a halt here comes a bunch of other drama.
I am not sure as to why bounty Killer waited this long to answer Kartel.. at some point some thing broke the camels back because there are countless tunes since last year that Addi did ..dissing the entire Alliance. He dissed from Sharon Burke, Wayne Marshall, Bounty Killer to of course poor ole Bling Dawg. Well bling dawg has responded ... but apparently it didn't have the kick and delivery of Bounty Killer Chatta Box.. but even Bounty Killer had some tracks sometime ago that were directed at Kartel but never got no real traction.. chatta box did, just when Kartel was starting to enjoys his good string of hits for the year and gearing up to have some more.. his attention was forced to turn to the wrath of the killa.
Then when we thought that Mavado would have his laugh... his troubles with Foota Hype, that has brewing for some time, was spruced up with the drive-by shootings and counter allegations of bad mind and ungratefulness. Foota was arrested earlier in the week for the alleged shooting of Mavados Range Rover.. and there have been several long articles where both are giving their side of the story... but this is not really a music rivalry gone sour... but friends turned enemies indeed.
Hopefully Macka diamond and unicorn don't reach that stage because we are now hearing that things are not so pretty between them. Unicorn has accused Macka of short changing him. They have done a couple of overseas giggs and Unicorn is not pleased with the sum of money he gets from Macka,, there are reports indicating that Unicorn get upto JA$5,000 for a show when Macka collects in the region of JA$250,000... and Unicorn says that this is not justice.. so chances are things just might deteriorate hereafter.

Sep 6, 2009

Flippa Flipped Elephantman

I have heard dancehall artiste who clash/war say its not literal, it is not to be taken seriously, beyond wax and stage. Perhaps along the line when Sizzla "bu'n Jesus" and Capleton keep asking tell him what to Bu'n, cause apparently he has already burnt everything. Capleton did indicate that its about the fire for purification, cleansing and stamping out unrighteousness. Well we know that those that had clash over the years...have had real heart feelings.. Stitchie was affected by what Papa San said in their famous sting clash .. and Shabba cried when Ninja gave him an onslaught.
The war on wax these days are bit more elaborate and are considered to be orchestrated and designed to facilitate promotion of artiste and business surrounding the artiste. One of the newest clash that is currently on wax has gone little bit beyond that, at least not what I expected. The Flippa Mafia, Elephantman differences has breached the wax border.
Flippa well known to be a show promoter in the United States was scheduled to have Elephantman on the Philly Summer Fest Show, however there are reports indicating that Flippa Mafia has ripped Elephantman off the show line-up and have inserted Jah Vinci and Blak Ryno from the Gaza fraternity in his place. Not that this will significantly affect the big international star Elephantman but to see that Mafia himself indicated recently that the war of words between them is not a literal thing or anything too serious and thus one would think that he would have kept it that way and have Elephantman on the show. This is almost like Bounty Killa saying that he put down the war thing and then suddenly drop several bombs on Kartel and Kartel himself recently indicated that he wont be bothering with old foot Bounty Killa and by the next day he dropped Duppy Killa. These entertainers are liers ...or is it that they are exempted from certain ethics.
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