Oct 29, 2009

The Alliance and Portmore Empire Medleys

The lyrical war is on ..but one thing is for sure ..not all their energy is focused on that aspect of the business though it is part of the marketing package.
The alliance team has released a video with the Honey Comb Medley of tracks under the PAYDAY production team. There are tunes from Bling Dawg now called Bawse Dawg, Wayne Marshall and Mavado who was not present for the video shoot, they pathced it.
The gully alliance has been expanding and now includes the likes of Stacious who have recently join the camp and now being referred to as the first Lady of the Gully Squad, she is not in this video but im sure we will see more of her in the future and she definitely brings a different look to the gully squad.

Not to be left out the Portmore Empire have done a video with tracks on the England Town Riddim (a RUSSIAN production) with a number of already popular tracks..namely My Money Ha Ha from the Merital Family.. this tune appear to be the target in recent track from FLexx, Savage and Mavado called Gully Christmas , however up to this point there was no response from the gaza camp. The Lysa Hype and Gaza Kim tune is a short and not so bad sounding track and as usual the teacha has done his thing... and controversial as usual but apparently quite pleasing to the gaza fans.

Oct 26, 2009

Vybz Kartel vs Bounty Killer ... the next level

Here is the latest round of war tunes between Kartel from the Gaza camp and Bownty Killer the Grung Gadd...

I'm sure the decision will splitt along party lines. One thing is for sure this is not the last of it.. and for the fans who cant stomach it ..dont click it.. leave it to those who can..So if you are not a big fan of Bounty nor Kartel ..dont dwell in these.. and please remember that this is underground material we dont expect it to pass or even reach certain sound systems.

Oct 21, 2009

Zebra, Deva and now Mr. Lex

Mr. Lex

I cant believe that another dancehall artiste has put himself in another compromising position. I am not throwing guilt at Mr. Lex here, never did for Deva Bratt nor Frisco Kid. Unfortunately I will now have to be looking to add Mr Lex to that now infamous list, depending on how this case turns out.


Oct 19, 2009

It Start Again?

The war start again?.. I dont know star !! because the rae rae between Kartel and Ground gadd Bounty Killer cold like ice right now. With Bounty killer spending more time in the court house paying for his legal troubles than what he spends in the studio these days .. one should not be too surprised trouble loves bounty. On the gaza side of things.. Addi Di Teacha.. has so many new students around him he perhaps cant get no time either to concentrate on the lyrical confrontation with Bounty. But in the recent spate of tunes from the Gaza family namely the boxing day riddim the folks in the streets are wondering if the war is off and running again.


Oct 18, 2009

Aidonia ft Suhverto - We Sick

This tune WE SICK by Aidonia... the JOP leader featuring his fellow JOP member Suhverto (who did relatively well on the track as well), on the outbreak riddim a new production from the big ship family, is said to be mashing up the place. With Aidonia making tracks like these and his counter parts in the dancehall arena more focused on a wide variety of issues ..he should get his ratings up a bit if not more than a bit. The long standing feud between himself, Busy Signal and Munga can be now be considered dormant... as those artiste seem not to be interested in any altercations with this guy. Well, it seems to me that no one will take on the likes of a Adonia at the moment.
The talk about his lack of clarity is going down.. perhaps the critics ears are now adjusting to his sound or maybe for sure he has slowed it down a bit. The tune is heavy and some are expecting more of this from the guy along this line and words of running the place right now will follow his name for sure, and yes the man have more badder tunes out there still.

Oct 13, 2009

Blak Ryno Arrested... No Money and/or Badmind

Blak Ryno
More money more problems is what Blak Ryno aka Romane Anderson must have been singing during his tenure at a jail cell recently. It was reported that Ryno had a long-standing dispute with his landlard about the payment of water bills. The nieghbour allegedly has been harassing the recording artiste until things reached a breaking point and things eventually came to blows, where Ryno was allegedly boxed by the neighbour/landlord who used his dog to desecrate Ryno's welcome mat. The goodly landlord went as far as damaging the pipelines leading to Ryno's apartment leaving the Ryno without the precious commodity. Its alleged that Ryno got frustrated and exerted some kicks and thumps upon his neighbour resulting in cuts, bruises and swelling all over his body.. the police was later called leading to Black Ryno's arrest.
Upon his entry into the jail cell there were reports of cheers and welcome as it seems as if there were a greater number of Gaza/PE fans in the prison cells at the time.
The artiste was charged on two counts.. wounding; assault and occasioning bodily harm.
Persons are now speculating that this has to be one of the reasons for Vybz Kartel poor showing in Album sales... the fans don't even own a credit card.. they are all broke and in Jail cells.
Blak Ryno .. who resides in an apartment at Winchester Estate made an effort to wash off the crosses that has come upon him at the mineral bath.
Comparatively speaking.. The Gaza family does not have the kind of cash status as their rivals.. but it appears to be coming in slowly and they are no longer among the most poor.. and this could be a case of bad mind on the part of ther neighbour ..not wanting the ghetto youth to rise.. or straight up mean and stingy on the part of Ryno. Now could things be really that bad that you don't/can't pay your water bill? So its not just a case of more money more problems..its also a case of the less money you got the more severe your problems are.

Oct 4, 2009

Major Mackerel chopped.. with Samurai Sword

Major Mackerel ..what a Irony with the shirt

A lot of people around the world just like many Jamaicans seek a better life in first world countries. Its normal.. it was and still is the thing to do, to get ahead in life. Most of the persons reading these blogs and other on-line material are expatriates who perhaps have been comfy since the day they left Jamdown. Not all can say the same.. I have heard about the ordeal of that Jamaican dancer who was assualted by a fed while in jail in one of the small islands in the good ole West Indies..
You know, Jamaicans go out and hustle try to improve their lives and that of their love ones. So when Josey Wales repeatedly chanted "Nuh Lef Yah..Nah Lef Yah".. he was amongst a number of recording artiste that seek a better life elsewhere. Amongst them was Major Mackerel well known for his unique vocals..that up to this day, it has not been matched.
Major resides in Brooklyn and apparently had some some dispute with his neighbour about coveting his neighbours wife. The neighbour accused him of harassing his wife ..didn't like it and then proceeded to use a Samurai sword and chopped Major Mackerel. Apparently this is a case of mixing with a dutty bungle, persons you would not want to be around. He is still alive and relatively well after the ordeal ..and was reportedly saying its a Jamaican thing... which is another way of saying he rather get chop-up and stay abroad rather than come a yard and go get chop up...
I wonder if the attacker really spent some time in Japan or is he Japanese.. they do have a thing for sea food.

Why Kartel album Flopped? ... ROFL

Vybz Kartel is the most popular dancehall artiste in Jamaica right now according to a poll conducted by the so called intellectual ghetto aka UWI, Mona... facilitated by Dr. Donna Hope. Besides this, Vybz kartel managed earlier this week, since the release of the 'Pon Di Gaza album', ..managed to sell just a measly eight... yes 8 ..copies. One can only conclude a few things here.... 1) all who say gaza is as broke as f...,
2) the empire fans are as mean as the devil him self,
3) the fans already got copies of all the songs on the album,
4) they had no clue that the album was out..

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Oct 3, 2009

Serani should have been MOBOed?

Serani will be releasing his new Album on October 17 of this year. It will be a highly anticipated album release because Serani like Mavado is on a high at the moment in the North-American and British markets. The singer is making some serious inroads in the North-American market with his unique style and delivery. He has been compared to ..of all people.. Tracy Chapman. Does Serani sound like Tracy Chapman?... no .. there is a tiny bit of something there but nothing to say I cant tell them apart unlike the initial senario with Busy Signal and Wasp, Bounty Killer and Baby Cham, Beenieman and one of the Monster Twins.

The critics are saying that the MOBO awards should have gone to Serani... and not Sean Paul.. because they are not sure how much reggae/dancehall is in Sean's piece, that Sean album release missed that deadline for qualification, that Sean's first release off the album was whack and that the second was just as whack ..sounding more like techno than anything else. I guess Sean has more ratings than Serani.. and does sell more, he more popular.. but thats not what its about.. is it?
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