Nov 28, 2009

Diss and Datt ....more dancehall trade offs

Since my last post there has been a lot of things happening in the world of Dancehall music in Jamaica.
More or less after Lysa Hype Suckathon, the inevitable took place when there were reports that the young lady was "disciplined" by cliques within the clan, though some say it was of a less caliber than Jah Vinci's beating.
Mavado invited Kartel to his domain for a some kinda peace and reconciliation gesture. The war mongers were not pleased but those like myself who are interested in a tone down and removal of the piercing eyes of the authorities would like to see this. Naturally the Gaza don didn't accept and in his own eloquent way indicated that he has other obligations, namely the Usain Bolt 9.58 party on the same day. There has been a second invitation, this time on "portmore empire territory" to Kartel ... we will see how this goes. Cant blame Kartel the first invitation is suspect because they new he was booked for Usain show and that Mavado just did a diss tune for Kartel.. so i don't know, it must have been some PR stunt.

Kartel since that stole DJ frass Israel Riddim and unleashed disses on the likes of Mavado, Steven McGreger and Aidonia. Of course beeing the "real lord evil" Aidonia in defending himself and Steven, in the process also stole the same Isreal Riddim with the Mac 90 track. DJ Frass replied dissing Kartel and Aidonia in his vlog for messing with his riddim. It still not clear what is the beef between Kartel and the Bigship family speculations are going as far back as the show that father Freddie kept and kartel didnt turn up due to some contractual disagreement, it seems thing ballooned from this.

Beenie man has been meddling into things of late ...he has a new tune out dissing his old nemesis Bounty Killer who is in turn more or less ready to dismantle Vybz Kartel at sting this year

Nov 18, 2009

Lysa seeking Further Hype?

Lysa Hype and her Boss Kartel

Could it be that the Management team within the Portmore Empire sat down and asked what is it that we can do to gather further attention? because any publicity within itself is publicity to market a name and the fame. So lets do something crazy, this is a perfect time because already we are in the spotlight with truck loads of negativity, slackness and general anti-social behavior lets make Lysa Hype give head to her mentor, leader and teacher, have him take the picture and put it out in the media and once again keep us at the top of the forums and blogs, well how does that sound? The forums are talking about it, well its being blogged about here.... so it worked!!

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Nov 15, 2009

Mavado 'Buss Over There' Vybz Kartel Diss

OOhhh the battle field is getting crowdy in the dancehall music business. This seems to happen frequently between the summer to the end of the year almost every year.
This new tune from Mavado Buss it ova there is certainly enough to get the attention of Vybz Kartel and the rest of his crew. This comes on the heels of the Bounty Killer lyrical tsunami on Kartel who have been taking shots at the Ground God for sometime now and have been engaged in a tune for tune on wax, to this date there has been nothing on stage yet. I know Laing is smiling.
Check out Mavado's latest Vybz Kartel Diss..The tune touch on a few things that should grip Kartels attention... though his name was not called its a forgone conclusion that this was designed, constructed and produced to jerk Kartel....its a matter of time before Di Teacha has something to say.

Nov 12, 2009

December 5 Gaza and Gully Shows Clash

Usain Bolt...having fun

Usain Bolt the newest ambassador for Jamaica and perhaps one of the biggest fan of the Vybz Kartel lead Portmore empire will be having his 9.58 Party on December 5. Bolt came under fire recently for his utterances about the Gaza /Gully feud when he told patrons at a dancehall session to jump off in a gully if they didnt like the fact that it is time to play some Portmore Empire/Gaza music. It is well known that the young fellow supports one side of the faction which he has been chided for doing... and ever since the ambassadorship....a lot of folks have been shaking their heads and saying OH NO!! him nuh ready yet he is too much of a party fan, he is a vulnerable youngster and all these things.
Apart from that, the fastest man in the world 9.58 party is clashing with Mavado's party that will also be kept on the 5th of December. The objective of Bolt's party according to one report is to provide funding for Bolt's home community health centre in Sherwood Content. The other objective of the party is to bring together warring factions Bounty Killer and Vybz Kartel who have been at it for sometime now and seemed to have escalated since Bounty Killer was denied entry into Trinidad for a peace concert with Vybz Kartel.
There is no confirmation on whether the artistes are gonna be there... but one thing for sure is that the Promoters of sting 2009 might not be too pleased with all of this mushy mushy talk.... it is in their best interest to keep the warring factions at war to make sure they can get the fans out to their show on December 26th.
The overwhelming concern however, is that this show put on by Bolt was intended to upstage Mavado's Birthday Bash. Since Bolt had pledged his allegiance to the Gaza family and openly expressed his arrogance towards the Gully fans, there are already strong speculations that there is some ulterior motive with this kinda of move.
There were no report of any press conference that was reportedly scheduled for earlier this week , thus resulting in speculations that the alleged appearance of the likes of top athletes such as Serina Williams might not be and that the ultimate thing is to upstage Mavado's show.
But I don't believe these things that they are saying about Bolts party.... i strongly believe that Sherwood Content needs the money, and it is just a coincidence that the party will be kept at the same time as the Gully Gods'. I dont think there will be any burying of the axe thing between Kartel and his former mentor Bounty Killer...otherwise Laing.. the promoter of Sting should have something to say to maintain the hype for his show.

Nov 6, 2009

Serani Off to a Slow Start with Album Sales


When Mavado earlier this year sold just over 2,000 copies of his album in the first week... there were critics who were saying that he should have sold more with the volume of investment and the popularity of the artiste. Serani has sold just over 1,000 copies of his album since its release last week, leaving the organizers to scratch their heads wondering whats happening. The investment was there, time energy and interest as well as popularity of the artiste was also there. At least judging by rotations on popular radio stations in the United States namely Hot 97fm, the number of views on his youtube videos and the frequent nominations for awards, one would expect a little more than just over a thousand album sold in the first week.
Comparatively speaking this is a far cry from the 8 albums sold by Vybz Kartel in its first week of release. This is after numerous number one songs in Jamaica. Vybz has gone some seven number ones and counting... the popularity of the artiste and the unpresidented multi entry to the popular billboard charts among others for the track Ramping Shop didnt seem to do a thing for the album.

What would be interesting is to compare the pirated material and the ligitimate purchased tracks from the artiste. This would definatly indicate the kinda of revenue lost by the artiste and production team.. as well as the culture of the people who likes this kind of music.
People will work hard to copy and "free download" .. even though if it would seem to cost them more in real terms (eg downloading virus and data miners along with the tracks)
The people may have the money but they are not willing to pay for something that they can get for "free" or in a format that they want, as ipod and other media players is now dominating the market. The dancehall artiste has made it a bit of a culture with the number of underground tracks not developed for organised distriburion, thus the aboveground tracks are treated in the sameway.

Nov 4, 2009

Jah Vinci! To Go or Not To Gwaan after alleged Beating

Vybz Kartel and Jah Vinci

And the empire comes crumbling down... well not yet!! ... there are wide spread speculations as to what happened between Jah Vinci and the Portmore Empire hierarchy. Rumours broke yesterday that the first "good potential" from the camp was beaten, got his face dented after he allegedly decided that this gaza gully music warfare was enough and that he is no longer fond of what's happening in the camp and thus want to go and find his way alone in the wilderness.

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