Jan 31, 2010

Marley wins Grammy ...again

No disrespect to the Marley Clan ..but come on man... its almost like default that these guys will win the Grammy for best Reggae album once they are nominated. A lot of people were rooting for the likes of Buju Banton .. or a Gregory Isaacs... but no that didnt happen but it went to Stephen Marley for the compilation Mind Control... what makes it more disheartening was that this guy won last year with that very same album.
We wish Stephen all the best still.. and I congratulate him...this is not his fault.. his music is good but certainly not miles ahead of the "ordinaries"...

Jan 29, 2010

Sizzla ..ceased

Sizzla Kolonji

Its only January ..and already the problems for the likes of Sizzla have already begun. The artiste was taken into custody to facilitate investigations into shootings that took place in his home town area --papine/august town and relatively close to his residence.
Sizzla is one of those artiste that has a mix of concious tunes and underground tracks.. just like most DJs. The same cannot be said for most concious artiste ..usually because they are more 'concious'.. and them head is not usually hot. I can bet my money that Sizzla will be mixed up in incidents of this type if he continues to mingle with Hotheads...

Jan 28, 2010

Empire Falling....

Portmore Empire

KYM... formerly known as Gaza Kim .has more or less left the Portmore Empire. This according to a number of reports. The 17 year old left due to the fact that she was beaten last week .. unofficially by members of the same Portmore Empire Camp.
Vybz Kartel is said to have responded along the lines that KYM is still under contract.. a three year contract according to some reports.
The fact that the young lady is a minor and have been entering venues deemed for adults ..namely the Building.. a place not for minors, a place that has alcohol readily available.
There are speculations that the other women in the group has also called it quits, namely sheba and gaza indu... There is no word yet on the male faction of the group.

This implies that there is some amount of.. dismantling of the empire.. certainly things are no longer the same and speculation has it by next thing.. gaza will be no more.

But the music lives...

Jan 26, 2010

Kartel Denies ..the Kim Beating

..in song

Lets hope he will facilitate the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth... because this young lady is one of the stand-out in the Camp .. its just a matter of time that the Empire will fall... well thats what the people are saying if these assaults continue ... its difficult to make good music with this kind of distraction.
Kim indicates that she will be taking legal actions... we look to see this unfolds..

In the mean time the Di Teacha reponse once more, this time in song..
This one is on the same riddim as the Street Vybz Rum tune

Jan 25, 2010

Gaza Kim beaten...!!!

Gaza Kim

Gaza Kim was beaten over the weekend... the published statements below confirms the incident. Vybz kartel has issued a response ... which seem a bit vague and have the critics speculating whether the incident was not part of his doing, whether he initiated thugs to carry out the act. It is not new for allegations of beating in the Portmore Empire.. there were reports that Jah Vince as well as Black Rhyno and..not to mention former upfront member Jeffery Hype received their fair share beating either directly from the di teacha's hands or indirectly.
There are other speculations that the young lady was perhas frazzled by Lysa Hyper
... it is not yet clear as to what could have caused the incident but we do hope that the young promising artiste gets her justice.

This was the statement said to have been put out by Gaza Kim aka Kim Hamilton...

I will like to make it known that I've heard rumors about an incident that occurred over the weekend.
I Kim Hamilton AKA Gaza Kim will like to make it publicly known that I was indeed assaulted over the weekend. I've visited the doctor but I'm still traumatized but recuperating through my ordeal.
I've taken the necessary actions to correct the wrong that was done against me and legal advice is been sought.
I ask my fans, family and friends to not only sympathize but empathize with me in my time of need.
Future comments will be made through my publicist and legal team.
This statement is an official statement made available through my publicist and other media broadcast will be coordinated at a later date by my representatives.

Kim Hamilton

This was Vybz Kartel's response....

I, Adidja Palmer, condemn this alleged attack on Gaza Kim. And if these allegations are true, I urge her to contact the relevant authorities if she has not yet done so,to deal the matter swiftly .

I do not condone violence, especially any attacks against females and children. Gaza Kim is a very young and very talented singer who I hope will reach far in her musical endeavors whether or not she is a part of the Portmore Empire.
My deepest sentiments go out to her.

--Adidja Palmer--

Jan 24, 2010

Hold On (Haiti Tribute) - Wyclef Jean feat. Mavado

This one is dedicated to the people of Haiti... a track that was done sometime ago last year but comes in quite handy just now.. They dubbed in a few lyrics ..like the obvious term 'earthquake'. The track is called Hold On... by Wyclef Jean featuring Jamaicas own Mavado.

Jan 19, 2010

The Microphone Sharking

There is a long tradition of "mic sharking" in the dancehall business. I have seen on numerous occasion where you have informal stage shows and bunch a of artiste seeking means of extending their reach to the niche ... and thus try to get as much stage time or mic time as he/she possibly can. Its almost typical to have a number of artiste on stage at the same time and one would grab the mic and do his piece for a forward.. it means a lot. There are cases of more formal shows where an artiste is not booked for the show but turns up and takes his turn on the microphone.
Recently at the Sting 2009 show Aidonia, one of the big DJ's in Jamaica, was not booked for the show but he was allowed to perform. A lot of the times artiste have quite a few acts in their entourage and each has to show their skills and facilitate personal marketing and buss.... Shaggy was not too pleased about the entourage that some scheduled acts took to his show recently as tickets had to be provided for them which could have well garnered additional sums of money for his charity drive.
In the latest of the microphone shark attack was the Sean Kingston concert over the weekend. Beenie Man was not booked, performed and disrupted the flow of things for Elephant Man. Elephant Man was upset and very much disgruntled when his set at the show was cut off. Though Beenie man was called on stage by Sean Kingston, I know that Beenie have a way of "enca-ring" for the MIc.. and Sean must have felt sorry for him ,,seeing that the 1995-99 dancehall king yearning to come on stage. Demarco had to abbreviate his set to accommodate Beenie.. though it went well more or less for the fans ... Elephant Man got some boos when he otter his disgust...

Jan 15, 2010

Mavado ft Stacious - Come into my room

condolancies to the People of Haiti...bwoii this was terrible.. it seems 2012 come already. We hope that all will improve for them as soon as possible... those who can should donate through the various avenues available.
Anyway the dancehall music seen is still rolling on. I want to Highlight a new tune from Mavado ft Stacious which seem to be grabbing some early attention and getting some good reviews. The tune was described as being raunchy and could be another cross over for the gangsta for life. It sounds ok.. but so did "I'm so Special"... so you never know. Mavado has become more raucnhy in his tacks similar to how Kartel now sings on almost every track.. well not quite that raunchy.
This is a good buss for stacious who was sucked up into the confrontation with Lisa Hype since her whole suckathon.
This new song from Mavado and Stacious its called "come into my room"..take a pree

Jan 12, 2010

Serani amongst the worst for 2k9?

Serani has not been in the local Jamaican spot light since he bussed big on the North-American and other markets. This, as the dude may be very busy with bookings of all sorts and the fact that local jobs are not as lucrative anyway.. that said its obvious why he is not very much in the minds of the Jamaican fans .. almost like a Sean Paul. But perhaps that's what Serani would definitely prefer... to be like Sean Paul .. selling lots of records (comparatively speaking) and sign some sweet major deal. Thus local stuff might not be in his focus for some time to come..but this is where the music is born.. he came back for skip to ma lu ... didn't he...
I'm rambling because I have heard, at least two times this week, from two separate critics that Serani " need to learn to sing for 2010" and that Serani is amongst the worst artiste for 2009.
No Games by Serani was a local and regional hit in 2008. In 2009, it began to gain major airplay on urban radio stations throughout the United States. The song already had a low-budget video for Jamaica, but as it became more popular, a video of international standards was being called for. This was done and it was an utter disappointment.

The green-screen technology used to create an interactive background that had the stereotypical Caribbean themes of sun, palm trees, and the beach was brightly animated throughout the video. If a Caribbean backdrop was the goal, there was no need for a computerised one as the video could have simply been done in Jamaica like its predecessor.

No Games had good camera quality, but there is hardly anything else to be commended.

For a song that could easily have had visuals to relate to its storyline, the international version failed to deliver. The video basically consists of Serani serenading a woman with random dancing scenes and cameos.

The concept for No Games was weak, it lacked originality and did not utilise the immense potential it had to catapult the song from an urban to a mainstream hit internationally.

Now I don't really get it.. OK he is not here!!.. but i wouldn't go as far as saying he is amongst the worst... Serani has had a wonderful 2009. He signed ...some deal, made an album - had a slow start and should pick up.. a mean look at them YouTube views he is been getting. And why did Yasmin Peru said that the man cant sing... that's cold... really cold. ROFL...

Jan 8, 2010

The Latest Dancehall and Reggae Music

If you haven't had a chance to hear some of the latest tunes since 2010 started then it means that you have not checked out the Latest Music link right there on the right hand side of this page. There are quite a few tracks out there .. there are number of tracks from Busy Signal, Lisa Hype and Vybz Kartel. Twins of Twins is up to their usual and veterans like Capleton don't want to be left out. Spice and Lisa Hype have been going at it, but so has Steven (Bigship) vs the Empire and JOP vs the Empire.
There also new songs from Konshens, Popcaan, Stein, Erup,Chino, Jah Vinci and Cris Martin..

So when you get the chance go check out some lively music ... bookmark, subscribe to it, it updates often these days...yuh see mi!!

Jan 5, 2010

Ward 21 - Suspicious

Talk about vocabulary ... play on words... I dont remember what part of speech or wah they call the technique that Ward 21 is chanting in this track.. but is a tuff track ,,,called Suspicious. You might not see this one running up the charts.. but at least it was mentioned on the blogs....
Big up to Ward 21 ... and even more big up to Timberlee for obvious reasons

check out the track... video kinda corny though

Lisa Hype Speaks once more

Lysa Hype is not quite over she got more to say... we rinsing it yeah!!
Check out her latest interview..

from on Vimeo.

Jan 4, 2010

VYBZ KARTEL - "UNFAITHFUL" official video

Welcome folks to twentyten...
Check Out this track from Vybz Kartel... he is at it again...

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