Apr 29, 2010

Tanya Stephens gives away latest album

Tanya stephens decided that she is going to do some thing for her fans .. especially since there is a period of so called recession.... she made her latest album "Infalliable" ...
According to Tanya's management giving the album to a record label like VP..is like giving it away free anyway..
well Isnt that nice of you .. now Tanya up the stage show price.

Apr 28, 2010

Clarks 1 and 2 gone ..here comes 3

Vybz kartel continues to try and squeeze out his limited opportunities.  His latest effort is clarks 3. He already is riding high on clarks part 1, that was not enough... he moved to clarks 2.. solo ...now he ventures into clarks 3 ..milking it all the way to its death...
click here check out the track

Apr 27, 2010

Apr 26, 2010

Black Ryno Banned from Trinidad?

Blak Ryno aka Stinger

There are reports that Blak Ryno now known as the Stinger is being banned from performing/entering the twin Island State of Trinidad and Tobago. This is the latest in a series of blows to dancehall fraternity in Jamaica. Most if not all dancehall artiste in Jamaica make a high percentage of their income from overseas giggs and whenever these means are cut-off there is cause for concern for them. The unofficial word out of Trinidad is that ..they are seeking to ban anything that insight violence or promote any form of social disorder.
Lysa Hyp was at a show in Trinidad the weekend with Ryno, there was a rumour that the Ryno was shot.. that turned out to be untrue and could be the trigger that caused that reaction. There is no word on whether any steps are going to be taken to ban Lysa Hyper ..for her brazing sexually explicit acts made public recently, well knowing the little I know about Trinidad..chances are she wont be ban for that kind of activity, after-all according to some its more constructive than destructive and may lead nation building and population growth... well not if they all swallow ..ROFL

Apr 22, 2010

Mavado Impersonated... Gyptian Number 1 and Kartel Clarks..rea rae rae

With the fact that many top dancehall artiste are not able to travel due to various country bans and US Visa restrictions, this has more or less presented opportunities for the 'second string acts' to take the stage.
Apart from that the already restricted artiste like Vybz Kartel ..seem to be always on the move to carve out an opportunity wherever possible, to open doors even when so much are closing around him.

Read More HERE

Apr 17, 2010

Bounty Killer Lover in Trouble

Bounti Killa was granted bail yesterday.. after almost a two week stint in jail for the alleged beating of his mistress. The dancehall artiste was scolded by the judge before he was released, the judge didnt stop there, it was reported that the magistrate had slapped charges on the young lady who was abused. The young lady, Kadeem Baker, had refused to press charges against Rodney..and is now described by the judge as making public mischief thus a charge of public mischief is now on her shoulders.
KADEEM Baker, the girlfriend of dancehall deejay, Bounty Killer, was yesterday charged with public mischief, when the two appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday.
Bounty, whose real name is Rodney Basil Pryce, was granted bail in the sum of $200,000, after spending close to two weeks in jail. He had been charged with assault after he allegedly beat Baker, his girlfriend of three years. The police also reported that Pryce called the complainant in their presence while he was being processed and threatened her life.However, since Bounty's first court appearance last week, Baker, who is a model, had asked that the charges be dropped as she and Bounty wanted to get on with their life together. Her lawyer yesterday requested mediation as an alternative, after which the Resident Magistrate, ordered that Baker be charged with creating public mischief.

Apr 15, 2010

The Clarks effect

The Clarks tune by vybz kartel, popcaan and gaza slim is said to be responsible for the increase in sales of the shoe bran,...
Kartel has done clarkes 2.0 in response to this.
The tune is a hit... so much so that there are at least two spin offs... Macka Diamond ft Captain Balkey's "Dirty Drawz".. and Eppie Rebel et al's.. "Kickers" referred to as Clarks counteraction...

Apr 12, 2010

Guardian got Mavado WRONG

If you gonna do something.. you should do it right... this is one the philosophies of my granny... and its applicable to everything and everyone even the big bad first world country news paper and website articles... case in point the Guardian newspaper out of England. They have an article entitled Jamaica split by dancehall feud.. well one of the problem with the article is that they got wrong image up of Mavado... and is suppose to be more popular than Kartel...well at least internationally...apart from that the article was insinuating that Gaza supports the PNP and Gully supports the JLP,,....I have never heard of this.. although I often thought about nature of the support in this regard...and the gaza gully feud is not dividing Jamaica...get it in your skull.
I'm just a blogger I can mess it up and perhaps get away with it like that,,, but no sah.... Guardian  you need to sort out the thing.. you hear me MR. Alexis Petridis... I know you perhaps dont care but ..people like me have an interest.. and could somebody tell me who the rass is the other guy in the pick is that Jefferey Hype??..brother of Lisa Hype?.... ROFL

Take a pree at the ARTICLE

Apr 10, 2010

And its Gyptian Leading on the charts ..fallowed by Serani then comes Busy..

Gyptian time this time round... they say "Hold Yuh" is like the Wayne Wonder's song no letting go..which some time ago broke into the billboard charts... yeah the chart people cannot necessarily dispute that it is a buyout chart.. The tune is selling on itunes and jumped in the top ten going ahead of the likes of Bob Marley and running down Matisyahu for the number one spot...
I knew Gyptian would have gotten a big hit oe a dem days yah... I thought he would have gotten a hit with the song Love Against the Wall that didnt materialised. Gyptian is not new to big tunes he started with a bang ..with the track Beautiful Lady.
With the disappointing news this week about the cancellation of the top artistes (Mavado Beenie Man .etc..) visas.. Gyptian climbing the Billboard and Itunes charts is welcome news.
To be noted on that same Itunes chart is Vybz Kartel still kicking it with Ramping Shop and a new entry Love Dem. Busy Signal is very much riding the success wave with the 'Gary tune' ...one more night is currently No.44 on the Itunes chart... Vybz Kartel and Busy Signal has no visa to travel to the United States ..but they are doing well with itunes. The ever present and locally under-appreciated Serani is still atop of his game ..with the song No GGGames

Apr 6, 2010

Richie Loops My Cup .. a HIT?

There is a new dude in town... his name is Richie Loops... don't know yet but if you have heard the tune MY CUP ... with that RnB flavour having people thinking that this is another big tune produced by another RnB artiste somewhere in the states.. NO... thats not the case. The tune was produced at the Big Yard recording studios...that studios that has the likes of Chris Martin and Shaggy.
We dont know for sure if this tune is gonna take the international stage by storm..and break into the foreign charts but it would very nice for Mr. Loops and the Big Yard family. Loops is a new artiste and has about three tracks in total but have been in volved in producing for some time
It does takes a bit a luck sometimes to get a hit tune...and it has been said that the song was inspired by lil wayne statement in an interview   whatever the case maybe ..this should be a hit somewhere at sometime in the future.  Go Here to hear The TUNE "MY CUP"

IF Bounty Beat woman... Bounty will go to Jail

 Bounty Killer with Sue
What was that saying ... you do it once mistake...twice a habit ..three times you is a rass claat maniac..
Bounty Killa is the baddest DJ inna Jamaica... this MF has about 16 cases to try at the courts ..now has add another one.
The war lord, grung god, getto gladiator, poor people governor ...the creator of the gully and the plaza.. made it quite clear he has a fetish to give women thumps box and kicks...

Dancehall DJ, Bounty Killer, was this morning arrested by the St Andrew North Police at his East Avenue home.

Bount Killer, whose real name is Rodney Pryce, was collared by the cops about 6:40 AM, who executed a warrant for assault occasioning bodily harm on him.

Police say Pryce physically abused his female companion after she decided to end their three year relationship.

A report was made to the police and following investigations a warrant was issued for his arrest.

While he was being processed at the Constant Spring Police Station, in keeping with standard police operating procedure, Pryce was allowed to make a telephone call.

He used that opportunity to call the complainant and threatened her life in the presence of the police.

He was refused station bail and will appear in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.
Again we can only say at this time Bounty Killer please do not beat any more women ..what ever the nature of the conflict. We love the music.... but we dont like the lifestyle...not very becoming for a God... a Grung God at that.

Mavado in Bike Accident ...again!!

Mavado left Bounty Killa Right

Sing J Mavado crashed .. once again from his motor bike... the artiste is said to be OK and only suffered a few bruises. He was said to have been checked into the Medical Associates Hospital in Half-way-Tree yesterday.
This is not the first the artiste has had accident with a bike, and we know this might not be the last if does not get some more wheels on that thing. Mavado is one of the top acts from Jamaica who recently was banned by the United States from travel into the United States..and was rejected along with nemesis Vybz Kartel from performing in Barbados recently.
We are not sure as to what was the cause of the accident apart from the the fact that bikes have to wheels and are can give a nasty spill if one is not careful. This could have been a build up from the Visa affair or the fact that his music father is deeper s h i t where trouble is concerned. There are speculations of obeah and all these things ..but we wont get into who and why,,,nor what or how that guh...
Our advice to Mavado and all the others that like the motorcycle like Bugle Stein ..etc leave the Bike thing alone... or else everything a guh dung ina whole

Apr 3, 2010

Flippa Maffia from King to ...Criminal

 Flippa Mafia

Bwoy Flippa you may be the flossing King but when it come to homeland security, uncle sam and the violation of its laws ..its different kettle of fish.
Flippa was reduced from flossing status to a common criminal caught trying to sneak in the united states of america via a fcking boat... reports earlier in the week indicated that the artiste\promoter\flosser was warned not to return to Jamaica last December... but the flossing king had other ideas..

Deejay Flippa Mafia is currently being held in the Federal Detention Centre (FDC) in Miami as a material witness in an illegal alien smuggling case.

The deejay is alleged to have attempted to enter the United States on a boat from The Bahamas with the assistance of two men.


Apr 2, 2010

Louie Culture shot....ends a week of Turmoil

Louie Culture ...on the right

Louie Culture ..the Stalwart was shot and injured today reportedly by some gunman. The artiste was rushed to hospital where he was in stable condition and there were reports that he was released.
According to reports Louie Culture and another man had been sitting at a location when a man walked up to them with his hand held behind him. As he neared them, he pulled his hand from behind him and fired a volley of shots towards the singer and his colleague. Both were shot, with the entertainer sustaining two gunshot wounds to the arm.
The circumstances surrounding the incident is not absolutely clear however it was earlier this week Culture was arrested...


Apr 1, 2010

Mavado, Bounty Killa, Beenie Man, Aidonia and Ricky Trooper US Visa Revoked

Since yesterday there were reports that top artiste Mavado, Bounty Killa, Beenie Man, Aidonia and Ricky Trooper US visas were revoked but without any clear reasons
Initially some thought it was a April fools joke,...and some still think it is...but as the reports become more formal things are getting to look quite serious...

According to information from the Fraud Prevention Arm of the United States Embassy in Kingston, the visas of Bounty Killer, Mavado, Beenie Man, Aidonia and selector Ricky Trooper are now being cancelled.

A document obtained through our sources advised airlines not to allow any of the entertainers on flights bound for the United States.

The document listed the name of the artiste and their details as follows;

The cancellations follow that of businessman Wayne Chen who recently found out his visa had been revoked while he was about to board a flight to America.

University law professor David Rowe had predicted that there would have been visa cancellations as backlash for the Government’s denial of the extradition request for West Kingston strongman, Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

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