May 30, 2010

What Happens now to Passa Passa and Champions in Action..and the Gullaza thingie

Check out one of the latest from Romeich Records latest  riddim "Bank Inna Mi Pocket"
This one has mostly alliance affiliated artiste.. which begs one to wonder about the Gaza Gully 'alliance' --> Gullaza..

None of the artists have not made it an habit to do any work together ever since the infamous fusion facilitated and coordinated by the then Tivoli strong man Mr. Coke ..

May 29, 2010

MTV Launches New Dancehall Music Chart

 MTV Dancehall chart logo
It was a couple of days ago I posted an article on the dancehall reggae charting ... Just a reflection on the fact that the dancehall music charts are not so trust worthy.., in that they don't necessarily reflect the 'truth'. The existing charts in Jamaica seem to have no moral authority to reflect the songs in order of sales etc... so is still developing a 'true' reflection of ReCent dancehall music sales that are more or less have a bit of connection to the Caribbean. The use of the I tunes chart is the basis upon which we determine what goes where, but MTV has taken upon itself to launch the "Official Dancehall Chart" --- im not sure what makes it official---because its MTV!!? well we welcome MTV intervention in the development and publication of Dancehall music.. welcome to the cause MTV we expect greater things as time goes by.
This according to
Catch this every Wednesday fortnightly @ 23:15 CAT on MTV base. Bringing you the latest and biggest dancehall riddims from across the world, the official dancehall chart will be hosted by Silverstar DJs, the biggest reggae DJ's in the UK!

May 27, 2010

Bob Marley Studio Burnt..collection lost again!!

Bob Marley Studio in Ghana
 The original tapes of Bob Marley recordings might have been lost in a fire recently. The multimillion dollar recording studio which also has a storage section was partially gutted by fire on Saturday in Ghana.
The studio was built by Rita Marley as part of the repatriation dream of the late great Bob Marley. There were no casualties and the cause of the fire was not confirmed but reports are that it appeared to be due to electrical problems.
This would be another loss from Bob Marley collection if the reports are true. It was reported in December 2008 that thieves made off with a collection of Bob Marley's, Peter Tosh and other great reggae artiste work of art. Since then there has been hardly any report of any recovery of those irreplaceable collection.
Is there a reggae Hall of Fame.. or Museum?... apart from that of Bob Marley museum on Hope Road..
We need some of the these stuff to be properly stored and preserved and available for the public to access.

May 26, 2010

Oniel from Voicemail is Gone

 O'neil of Voicemail in the middle
O'Neil Edwards from Voicemail is no longer with us. He succumbed to his injuries he sustained from gun shot wounds. The artiste from voicemail was attacked and robbed and shot some time ago.. and have been in the hospital for more than two weeks battling for life.

May 25, 2010

Seaga Birthday Party with Mavado cancelled

There have been reports that the birthday party for former Prime Minister the Honourable Edward Seaga that was originally scheduled for Saturday May 29 at Devon House was cancelled today.
Mavado was personally invited by Mr. Edward Seaga who's management gladly took the invitation and was hoping that the venture would have build some reputation for the Gully God. However the current unrest in the west Kingston community of Tivoli Gardens, the former enclave and constituency of Mr Seaga, has caused the event to be cancelled.
Some dancehall fans were questioning whether the Mavado camp should have accepted the invitation, which was made prior to the current unrest, knowing fully well the political stigma that comes with such an association... the current unrest has made the situation worst..
It could be a case of much ado about nothing...well we dont we just dont know
all we can say is that too many artiste have already got hit since this month... any association right now should be free from doubt and the slightest association with anything that might be deemed as shady... because we know that politics can be an unpleasant monster...
So Mavado ...we know you have nine lives... dont bother with the mix up that kind a thing.. there must be nine other ways to soup up conditions to get back your visa.

Popcaan crashed

Popcaan and friend

Just as he is beginning to break out... Popcaan had gone and crash writing-off his car. The young artiste, according to reports, was travelling along Mannings Hill Road on Sunday when he crashed.
There is no clear detail as to how the accident took place, but there are speculations that there was a flare up of violence in the Mannings Hill Rd area more or less relating to the raid on Tivoli Gardens for Mr Coke among others...
The Gaza affiliated artiste is said to be OK..
The sinj/dj has been getting some air time since the Clarks collaboration and new track Dream as well as recent interviews with BBC among others media outlets.

May 21, 2010

Top Ten Dancehall and Reggae Songs

The Reggae Charts that are in Jamaica reflects the latest tunes that are being rotated and that seemed to be paid for. The itunes reggae chart and billboard charts are a better reflection of tracks being sold... and thus this is the top ten LAteSt reaggae and dancehall tunes sold on itunes...

number on this site, number on itunes, song name, artistes

1) 1. Hold You (Hold Yuh) - Gyptian
2) 2. My Generation - Nas, Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley, Lil Wayne & Joss Stone
3) 30. No Games - Serani
4) 54. Love I - The Green
5) 63. Dispear - Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
6) 66. Time Bomb - Iration
7) 67. Clarks - Vybz Kartel
8) 68. As We Enter - Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
9) 69. Ehu Girl - Kolohe Kai
10) 79. Romping Shop (Raw Version) - Vybz Kartel & Spice

May 19, 2010

Stephen di genius McGregor Jabs bAck at vyBz kartEl

Stephen di genius McGregor have been jabbing bAck at vyBz kartEl.Stephen is not known for being a sing-J/dj but he has been expressing himself in this format for time now to let KarteL know (among other more important reasons) that they will no longer be friends nor will they have the slightest of relations hereafter ..and he is not gonna forgive dem/him...Now that all of that is clear Steven is going a bit further and he is now stepping on he clarks...@ about 1:27
Obviously there is still some bad blood since last year which has lead to one incident then the other...the most recent is that Kartel had accused Freddie McGregor and the bigship family of making his studio in Havendale no longer fit for operation and was therefore closed... the same community that Bigship have their studios as well... ,,according to reports kartel had indicated that the bigship studio should suffer the same fate as his... because the circumstances are the same...operating in a residential community etc...but it seem not to be the case as the big ship continues to sail...

Check out one of Stephens latest interviews as he speaks about some of the things...

May 15, 2010

Serani Sings for times

I was watching an interview with Serani recently .. and he gave the indication that if a man like him should loose his travelling capability ./..mainly to the united states..he would be like a fish out of water, back to the drawing board ..or key board even.. he is still, at second, a producer thus that should no be a problem. We know that Serani is not so 'popular' (by that we mean Mavado, LA Lewis etc seem to get more interest from the locals) in Jamaica and therefore will find it even more difficult than Kartel to generate an income on home soil with all that "talent". Serani indicated he is not filling any void relation to the inability of the other members of the alliance group (namely Busy Signal, Mavado and Bounty Killer for the time being not being able to travel to the United States, thus facing a significant reduction in revenue)... what is for Serani or any other member of the group stays with it goes in Alliance.
One of the interesting thing that Serani revealed in the interview was that half the gigs he does in the United States, and perhaps in more lucrative markets, are promotional in nature and are done for free.
Now isn't that something.. This guy is humble and patient..we know that there is bit a twink in his voice but the yankees love it.. that's all that matters - he nuh care otherwise, the locals seem to not yearn for too much of it... I don't have problem with it.. but I hear it.
Check one of Serani latest for the summer..its called Searching... MaDDD!!1

May 13, 2010

New Hit from Christopher Martin

In My cup by Richie Loops.. was said to be the song for the summer.. but he now has competition from the Rising Star veteran Chris Martin.
The tune is called Come Where you going - released earlier this year and have been carving out fans for itself.
This one has a hit feeling to it.. and is expected to do well if not already..

Chris Martin - Come Where You Going (MARCH 2010 MOSIAH PROD.)

May 11, 2010

Mad Cobra... shot!!..and injured

Another of Jamaicans entertainers were violently attacked today... this time its Mad Cobra
According to reports
Mad Cobra was shot and injured in the vicinity of the Braeton Seventh Day Adventist church on the Hellshire Main road in Portmore, St. Catherine. Eyewitnesses say there was a barrage of shots fired close to the church at about 7:35 p.m., and a few seconds later, a car burst onto the main road, dissecting crawling line of cars on the road, and roared off.
DJ is a live up to this time...
Again we hope for a speedy recovery of this artiste...
so I wonder who is next!!?

Charlie Blacks Car Stolen

Why..did they took poor ole Chalie Blacks car in Oraccabasa in St MAry ..over the weekend..
dont they know that he is from Trelawny...
where is the mercy... ??!!!

Popcaan busted for Ganja

Popcaan was arrested and charged for possession of 'marie'.
According to reports, the police were on patrol in the Mannings Hill Road area of Kingston, when a vehicle was seen ’suspiciously’ parked up at a gas station.

The occupants of the vehicle – Popcaan and another man – were allegedly seen smoking ganja spliffs, and were arrested and charged by the police.

Popcaan and the man were released on bail, and 
will appear in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrates' court on May 28th to answer to a charge of possession of 'marie'.

Mavado stars in Drake Video

This new Drake video "Find Your Love" tells a story .. about he coming to Jamaica and doing just a bit more than just music. He sees something, he likes it and wants to see it again - that is a 'nice lady'. The problems is the lady appear to have unseverable ties with Mavado the Gully God, the Gully Gangster.. in his own back yard ..make sure all is in check at the end of the day...
Check out the video posted below.. ..Mavado speaks in this one. Is this his first 'acting' role?

May 10, 2010

Voicemail's Oneil in crtitcal condition

O'neil Edwards ..from voicemail on the right

We are hoping for the recovery of Oneil Edwards, one of the members of the Voicemail group which are well known for their myriad of dance songs. Speculations are that the incident was a robbery, as the artiste was pounced upon at about 1am in the morning on his way to session.
Oniel is said to be in critical condition at the Kingston Public Hospital.. with one of the five bullets he got hit with has migrated from his head to his neck...

This does not look too promising...even though we very much want him to pull through.. the situation really looks grim.
Check out one of Voicemails latest track Wine it Up

May 6, 2010

Sizzla Awarded with farmland From Zimbabwe President

Sizzla Kolonji

Sizzla Kolonji was been given several acres of farmland in Zimbabwe for his performance on President Robert Mugabe's 86th birthday.
The report indicated that the reggae singer is grateful but appear to be running from his legal problems in Jamaica, which he denies. According to the report the Mugabe administration has some principles that are common with Sizzla, these include but not limited to homophobia and the 'upliftment' of black Africans.

Well what can I say... Iv always been saying that since the door of America is closing artiste might as well seek new opportunities elsewhere including the motherland africa... but im sure these opportunities will come with their own troubles.

May 4, 2010

LA Lewis NO SEX to boost career

The art of becoming what is some times referred to as "attention w h o r e" ... is strongly catching on. This is especially noticeable of those artiste that don't have sufficient tunes to capture the spot or the case capturing the spotlight with tunes simply isnt enough. ...Vybz Kartel in particularly is well known for his antics in his efforts to grab whatever attention that may exist in the limited market...the blue movies, the beatings, nude pics....etc
LA Lewis is no new commer to capture attention with off the record antics... Mr Lewis in recent attempt to grab attention had made a public declaration that he will abstain from sex for 12 months in order to exert full attention to his so called musical career.
If this is not being an attention w h o r e    ...i dont know what is.
...and as the Twins indicated to Mr Lewis some time ago..... YOU ARE NOT WELLL!!!

May 3, 2010

Vybz Kartel Lashes Caribbean Leaders

Vybz kartel has come out lashing Caribbean leaders for his recent spate of bans. The artiste is apparently irate because this is more or less his last real source of income being stripped from him. This adds to the existing ban from the rest of the world as well as the exit from his crew the likes of Gaza Kim, Blak Ryno and Lisa Hyper. The reduction in crew members means that Kartel no longer garner any revenue from them, where he would normally get a percentage of their performance, appearance and dub fees.
There was a St. Lucian group who made an attempt to lobby the government for the artiste to perform in that country, this apparently didn't work.. as the show which should have taken place over the weekend didn't happen.
Kartel indicated in several interviews that his art is a reflection of society.... well the leaders of Barbados and St. Lucia are saying that his lyrics has a negative impact on their society...
So Kartel need to stop reflecting the negative aspect of society and reflect the nice, peaceful and beautiful aspect of it.. and be truthful... though it wont 'sell' as much as the raunchy stuff for him... and im not sure if this would make any difference in the future re his access to the Caribbean market and other strong revenue markets.
You can click here to listen the interview with BBC Caribbean
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