Jul 31, 2010

Di Pastor vs Di Teacha ... Pastor to Clash Vybz Kartel

A preacher has declared that he is ready and willing to clash Vybz Kartel not only to defeat him to a frazzle lyrically but also to save the souls of the youths of the nation. The preacher is hell bent on the opinion that of all the DJs in the island and perhaps the worldwide Vybz kartel is the evilest and the one that the youngsters tend to cling to. The paster referred to as Evangelist Taylor indicated in a news report that he would prefer that the these youngsters come into his church and contribute to the development of the house of god among other things..
Evangelist Taylor, who did not give the name of the church which he is associated with, would prefer that Sting promoter Isaiah Laing organise such a clash for the annual show that should take place on December 26.
Though the pastor indicated that he is willing to clash for free one has to wonder if the ulterior motive here is to fatten the collection bag of his denomination. However, there are speculation that the whole thing could be a publicity stunt by Kartel's management team, no one knows for sure, but I wouldn't put it pass them.
One of the the interesting thing in the article was that the pastor spoke of him and his fellow evangelist sitting down to listen and study the script of Kartel's lyrics ...and thus being able to brand him evil. I'm sure they didnt have to listen to his songs to know that.. something tells me they wanted to... those nursery rhymes and melodies are irresistible at times.
The pastor, if he really exist, should leave this to the likes of Papa San and Lieutenant Stichie both of whom are veterans in the art of clashing and very much now entrenched in the gospel.

Jul 30, 2010

Gaza Gully Feud ..rise again...but

Ryo di Skywalker
I just read in an article that there is an ongoing feud, similar to the tone of the Gaza Gully scenario, taking place the country that probably facilitate the sale of more dancehall music than any other country, halfway around the world - in Japan. It seem to have stemmed from the use of musical track, of the artiste called Minmi, in an advertisement with a known transvestite and according to some this goes against the grain of dancehall music.
The relationship between the artiste Minmi the equivalent to Mavado, in musical style of course, and Ryo the Skywalker the Japanese version of Vybz Kartel (wihtout the kool face) has broken down both on the personal and professional level. So much so that Ryo has no interest in performing at the same stage show as Minmi.
This is never good news for those dancehall music lovers - this is another unfortunate situation that needs to end quickly. We dont know if this was deliberately orchestrated to generate interest and music sales, conspiracy theories always fits well in any scenario, because right now both artiste are doing relatively well on the Japanese charts
There is a bit of irony though.. it is Minmi the Mavado equivalent who is have alleged to be associated the "freakyness"..and was rejected by Ryo ..the Japanese Vybz Kartel.... whilst here in Jamaica Kartel is more often associated with "freakiness" in comparison to the self proclaimed Gully God.

Jul 24, 2010

Vybz kartel was not Shot and Killed

Someone was asking if ace Dj/Singj Vybz Kartel was shot and killed?...the answer appear to be No.. it is a rumour. The artiste is somewhere trying to fill his quota of tunes for the month.

Movado-When The Eden Rise {Street Swag Riddim} Di Genius July 2k10

Check out one of Mavado's latest tune. The track is called "When Eden Rise" and it was produce by Stephen di genius, the riddim is called the Street "Swag Riddim" and is one to get rotation here after.. there are a number of tracks on the riddim mostly of course from the Big Ship family (ie Bramma Laden Chino Steven etc....

Steven on Plagiarism
Already there is a bit of controversy, the producer Steven did a track called "Instrumental aka No Man to the Instrumental". The track is basically telling other players in the business not to plagiarize his material...
Boy I dont know the nature of the spin offs from this but as we know thousands of dubs were done from instrumental without any permission, now if this develops more of the players in the business should benefit more from their hard work.

Reegae Sumfest 2010 Dancehall Night

Bounty Killer
The Dancehall Night at Reggae Sumfest has been getting praises for the
overall good performances from the artistes and the quality of the event execution despite the rainy
weather. Special mention must be made of Bounty Killa for his strong political over tone performance, which sounds bad right? Bounty indicated that support must be given to the police to do their jobs. Lets hope Bounty dont forget that he has to court to answer to charges coming in October, there is no presumption of guilt here... but the number of times this guy ends up in court and nothing seem to stick..anyway let the feds do their job. Bounty have been doing his job over the years where dancehall music is concerned and he was handed an award for his contribution to the music industry at the Reggae Sumfest 2010.
Other commendable performances at the show include that of the duo Craig and Kevin of Voicemail, who indicated that absence of O'neil hit home for them at this event which was dedicated to the former Voicemail member.
The Big Ship family did well with their catchy well put together tunes
..Chino, Steven, Bramma and Laden are now very much a staple at events and performed
well. Tifa, Charley Blacks, Statious D'Angel and Ding Dong with Ravers Clavers
prooved their worth with good performances.
Top acts like Ce'Cile, I-Octane ...esp Octane who got very good reviews and it is being said the I-Octane took the show. Mavado was said to have out did himself with a very good performance. Vybz Kartel closed the show.. he had a theatrical entrance with prison attire and all... I haven't heard any complaints about his performance.
The patrons came out in there thousands with muddy conditions, rain and all … and its seems it was worth the discomfort.
Take a peek at Mavado's performance in the video clip below

Jul 21, 2010

Movado said to be Going Def?

Gully God Mavado n some nice girls
It is being reported that top dancehall SinJ Mavado, who had a bit of a flicker with VP Records recently, will be teaming up with the mighty Def Jam Records. Already there are praises and complaints about the potential deal. If the reports are true then ..it seems that Def Jam dont care too much about artistes visas or they know that its gonna be sorted out shortly or they gonna fix the visa issue themselves.
Mavado in comparison to his nemesis Vybz Kartel and his Ground God Bounty Killa.. is way way cleaner interms of police record since the Visa ban a couple of months ago.
The complaints are along line that dancehall doesn't sell, being on and independent label is far better and the fact this 'money driven tatic' for the label move wont necessarily have Mavado's interest at heart...
I say Yay.. give it a try Gully God..and see where it leads.. you might get back your visa fast fast.. and or you might out sell the likes of Sean Paul and Gyptian ..just by doing a collab with Rhianna..and of course catch up Beenie Man with a Grammy...then you will become King of the Dancehall...fallow me?

Jul 20, 2010

Elephant Man Red Benz Taken Away..

Elephant Man.. one of Jamaica's top DJ's for the last ten years or so..and who have enjoyed United States success.. allegedly owes the Jamaican Government some $10 Million Jamaican dollars..The DJ was prevented from travelling some time in March of this year after the tax collection team was unable to get anything from the self proclaimed energy god.
Elephant Man

Today the tax collection team seized the Dj Red CLK Mercedes Benz ..after only receiving 3 of the ten million owed.
Red Convertible Benz
This tax evasion thing is becoming a habit.. Usain Bolt recently bolted from a UK track meet due to its exorbitant tax structure.. and Wesley Snipes is looking towards some 3 years in the slammer for evasion tactics as well... Beenie Man and a few other artiste were summoned recently for not wanting to contribute to sustainable development though tax payment. It should be difficult for Elephant Man.. cause word on the street is that this guy has over 20 children

Jul 18, 2010

Vybz Kartel to Sue Government

Vybz Kartel
I think this is a first for Vybz Kartel ..the DJ is usually threatened with law suits from promoters who he had contractual arrangements with and he at times end up not being in good standing. After Pliers and Chakka Demus dropped a law suit on Universal Music Group last week for unpaid royalties, Kartel is now taking that example and will be seeking to recover lost revenue due to his detention by the state over a three week period, this will be by means of filing a law suit against the state.
Kartel was scheduled to perform at Tidal Waves at the waves beach in Portmore, it is also reported the DJ/Singj was scheduled for shows in the Bahamas and Trinidad. Isn't he banned from Trinidad? he will still be available for the Sumfest show.
Im not too sure if this one will go through... and I do think that he had ample time to conceptualize tunes while he was incarcerated, perhaps compensating for the waste tunes he sometimes makes..and thus garner more earning potential from the quality tunes.

Jul 16, 2010

Kartel to be Released

Kartel and 'ex-wife' in blacker days

Its seems Vybz Kartel will be released just in time to do some rehearsals for the 2010 reggae sumfest. According to reports his lawyer Valerie Nieta-Robinson had indicated that Security Minister Dwight Nelson had signed the release form since yesterday ..ie Thursday night ..this was directed to the superintendent of the Portmore lockup where the artiste is being held, it is still however uncertain as to when the Gaza president will be released.
Kartel has been in police lockup for 16 days now since he turned himself in to the Greater Portmore Police after being described as a major person of interest.
This is good news for those who like kartel ..and perhaps not so good news for those who dont.... Im not too sure if these means that this saga is over.. something tells me that there is certainly more to come.. these guys are like to trouble like what magnet is to steel.

Chaka Demus and Pliers to Sue Universal Music Group ...US$10 Mill

Chaka Demus (L) and Pliers (R)

Chaka Demus and Pliers ..veterans in the dancehall reggae business never seemed to be the kind of role models that other artiste would like to looked up to.. well maybe Devonte and Tanto metro should... but I keep hearing the likes of Shabba, Bob Marley, Bounty, Beenie, Ninja Man etc as the role models of artiste. I think Chaka and Piers are good role models in the industry I cant remember hearing them involved in any mix-up... These guys have been so nice that Universal Music Group have allegedly siphoned off millions in royalties from the group without a complaint from them ..until now. These guys are taking on the giant Universal Music Group, suing them for at least US$10 million.

Click Here to Read More

Jul 15, 2010

Sumfest promoters hope tongues are kept ..and Kartel B-Free

Reggae Sumfest preparations are still continuing and one of the issues that the promoters are working on for the 18th staging of the show is to keep it profanity free. This naturally goes for the hardcore dancehall night that is packed with artiste of the calibre of Beenie Man, Mavado and Bounty Killer.
I will not bet my money for a profanity free show with the likes of Bounty Killer.."the angry god" performing at the show.. Since his indictment and his upcoming charges for weapon of some kind of destruction, Bounty Killer appear to much calmer.. we have heard it before.. I don't want to say its because he is getting old and thus getting grumpy (big up merlene ottey..still)... but this dude seem to disappoint when you don't expect him to.. just like his protege....the dude that sings the three clarks tune.. The armoury of the promoters of the show includes contractual arrangements to deter the artiste from using foul language, prosecution and reduction of fees are some of the consequences.
Speaking of the leader of the Portmore Empire ..aka gaza, the promoters of Sumfest has indicated that they have not replaced him as yet...still hoping that the authorities will release the Dj/SingJ in time for his performance at the show.  ..again I would not put a lot of money on that ... If Ninja Man is not being released for Sting due to his indictment ..then Addi de Teacha will perhaps get the same treatment...
They don't really need kartel at the show anyway.. Mavado, Elephant Man and Popcaan is not good enough?

Messing with My Heart on the Attack

Wayne Marshall
This one is said to be a big one from Wayne Marshall, so big that there had to be a remix with the Gully God Mavado. Though the tune is almost drowned in auto tune the style and word play is catchy ...that "La La La" is universal and part of the winning formulae for the tune. The tune is said to be tearing up the itunes digital music sales ..just the same as the Clarks tune ..and may perhaps surpass this and chase down the likes of Busy Signal's One More Night and No Games by Serani.
Marshall have been dormant for some time but seem to be picking up steam as the honeymoon with Tami Chynn is now over, and no the song has nothing to do with Mr and Mrs Marshall relationship... at least that's what Wayne indicated in a recent report. "In my Cupp" by Richie loops is the hit of the summer ..perhaps Messing with My Heart will take the rest of the year. The tune is said to have been penned and recorded in a day at the King Jammy's studios and was produced by King Jammy's son Baby G.
Check out the video which was put together by Storm Salter, who says watching this video is like the perspective view of a fly on the wall.

Jul 14, 2010

Sean Kingston's close call?

Sean Kingston was recently speaking of his affection for Nikki Minaj... now there are accusations that the 20 year old pop/reggae/singer with Jamaican connection has allegedly sexually assaulted some female. Reports are that the authorities don't necessarily believe the story told by the alleged victim and are currently conducting their investigations. The incident was said to have taken place Sunday night at a Seattle Hotel.
Sean...what can we say.. you should be careful like Paul...and not be bad as Kingston itself... don't try and live up to that name. The ladies see that you are fond of them so the they seek to make things lighter for you..yeah they perhaps are saying that your pockets are too heavy..and therefore needs a bit of cleaning out.
Don't be dazzled by them cleavage... gold diggers have a role to play in life..so are the suckers who get suckered by them. Don't be a sucker Kingston

Jul 12, 2010

Sugar Minott Dancehall Veteran passes

Sugar Minott
One of Jamaica's Dancehall founding fathers passed away on the weekend, Sugar Minott. I heard persons asking questions since late Friday if the veteran had passed away, he did, but his legacy lives on.
We would like to express our condolences to the family and friends of the late Sugar Minott, real name Lincoln Barrington. Came on the the scenes in the 1960's and was the vibrant promoter and artiste in the business.
According to Minotts website a new album is schedule to be released some time in the near future

Jul 9, 2010

Vybz Kartel Might be released today

DJ Vybz Kartel detention expires today... and should be released depending on the discretion of the security Minister who can extend the detention.
It appears that the detention does not dent the volume of tunes put out by the DJ...he has one track preleased called Love Yuh SUh which apparently is still under construction thus it being a preview. The DJ also has a new tune called Yuh Love Chat -- produce by Russian --indicatin in the intro that he is in Jail ..

Jul 8, 2010

Mavado and Drake for Good

Drake and Mavado
The bond between Jamaican star Mavado and Canadian singer/rapper Drake seem to be strengthening. Both artistes worked together as recently as April of this year in the music video "find our love" the hit new single from Drake with Mavado playing the villain and Drake the unfortunate good guy.
The two artiste have teamed up again this time for charity in Mavado's enclave Cassava Piece aka Gully Side. Drake donated, a couple of weeks ago, US$25,000 towards the building of a library on the gully side.
It was reported that Drake said ..."I had a great time when I was in Jamaica and the people of Cassava Piece showed me a lot of love. I just wanted to show back some love by helping out with Mavado's project on the Gullyside. It's a very positive move and something I am very happy to be a part of. Education is the key to life so to be able to assist in that process is very fulfilling."
Mavado is not new to charity ..the artiste is known to have made contributions to several charitable scenarios and obviously don't intend to stop any time soon. Since "the end" of the lyrical confrontations with his rival, his recent bike accident and the state of emergency in Kingston city..Mavado have taken a more sombre tone ..and churning out many a tunes that are of the calibre of an anthem for peace and unity. The artiste is
still without his US visa, but that does not seem to deter his efforts to make a positive impact on his surroundings.

Jul 7, 2010

Deva Bratt is the Lyrical Architect

Deva Bratt have gone through some rough times... and he has been struggling to take back what he had which was a growing list of hardcore dancehall fans. Deva was not the most demanded in the business but his style and lyrical flow is hard to ignore. He has a new track called the Lyrical Architect which takes some jabs at the old rivals..which includes Vybz Kartel and Munga.
This one is full of Dev's wit as he try show his capabilities in Lyrics and why he should be described as the lyrical architect.. we wish him all the best.

Jul 2, 2010

Vybz Kartel Surrenders

The DJ Vybz Kartel has turned himself in..after the police threatened to launch a manhunt for him. Kartel and his lawyer turned up at the Portmore Police station just after 9am this morning three days after he indicated that he would have done so. The DJ will spend the nigh in jail... and will have enough time to write at least 100 tracks.. with at least two hits out of it, according to reports they Police may question him tomorrow.

Kartel and his Worries

The cartoon depiction is true.. Vybz Kartel is banned from Trinidad, St. Kitts etc..and is very much wanted by the police. The DJ is said to be worried about his bookings and his already not so good reputation and have expressed that this attempt by the state is the latest in the series to smear his 'good image'.
His dilemma lies in the fact that he has a number of shows coming up..most of which are local... except for the show in Nassau Bahamas, there is the Big Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay, he also has shows in St Ann and Portmore where he is wanted. So if he turn himself in and miss all these shows ..then chances are he wont be able to properly compensate his lawyers and if he attends the shows then chances he will be nabbed.
Some will say serve him right..esp the alliance fans.. but there are show promoters over the years that were hurt by Kartels habit of no show including the likes of GT Taylor and Freddy McGregor.. now his no-show to the feds and the domino effect, its a bit of his own medicine.
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