Aug 31, 2010

Bob Marley and Spragga Benz to Release Album

Spragga Benz is said to release his latest album called 'Shotter Culture'. The album is said to be in the making for the past ten (10) years and features the likes of Swizz Beats (Alecia Keys Baby Father), Naz, the great Queen Ifrica among other top acts. The album will also feature a documentary and will have 17 tracks for the real Spragga Benz fans to enjoy. The album will also feature foundation beats and will have an overall focus of bringing back the foundation into the dancehall.

Bob Marley New Album

Bob Marley though dead and gone is scheduled to have a double CD album released. The eco-friendly CD, which will be facilitated by the Tuff Gong group, will feature live acts, recordings and renditions done by Bob Marley in his days of glory - live forever.

Nikki Minaj want Vybz Kartel

Its now common info that last week Nikki Minaj expressed intrest in working with Vybz Kartel. The new Hip-Hop diva indicated that she is willing to work with the controversial Jamaican pop star/rapper/DJ/Singj, to work on her album Pink Friday. Kartel in return indicated that not only is he willing to work with Nikki but he is even willing to work with Nikki for free...
No surprise here ..we can just imagine how far Di Teacha will take his desperation to unleash on the American market, I suppose just like everybody else.. talk about sell sole... Di Teacha will ask you how much per kilo... what other use does have anyway..since he aint going to heaven.. Just like so many of us..
So you all better go-forth and save your own soul and not worry about Kartel's.

Aug 28, 2010

Bounty Killer's Land Cruiser and Range Rover Siezed..again

Bounty Killer the DJ who perhaps now holds the record for the most court appearance without any significant jail time could face the courts again. This time relating to tax evasion matters, the DJ's Range Rover and Toyota Land Cruiser were seized yesterday for the non-payment of taxes that was said could have amount to approximately $15 million Jamaican Dollars. It was recently that the authorities seized Elephantman's Benz for his back log of unpaid taxes amounting to some $10 million, Beenieman had to put had to face the fire as well. It was earlier this year as well that Bounty Killer's range rover was seized by the feds after running several traffic lights.
People the axe is swinging ..and Babylon appear to be taking the fight to those are who deep delinquents. So who next... I hope Flippa Mafia payed his taxes... he throws away so much money ..and claim to have a lot to spear..then paying taxes should be no problem

Vybz Kartel in FAG shirt?

Kartel in the FAG shirt
 Jamaica's top Controversial DJ vibes Kartel was seen in the weird piece of attire recently at Sebas birthday bash in the Bahamas held at Club "Luna". The words FAG were clearly seen on the purple shirt he was wearing on stage. This latest piece of episode is having people wondering if the DJ is coming out of the closet, is pulling off another publicity stunt (however subtle), whether it is a mistake in not looking at the shirt before wearing it or was it photo-chopped. Whatever the case maybe it should be interesting to see what unfolds from this one.. but Bwoy... i dont know rasta ..  I dont  know!!.. how come the man guh wear a shirt weh clearly seh something bout battyman knowing the phobia and culture of his homeland... anything for a Visa?.. I just dont know rasta... Gaza gone luu... again. LoL

Aug 19, 2010

Wayne Marshall good with Vybz Kartel and Kartel good with Marshall

Well ...what can I say.. [bounty]..its good to see the unity in di music..the people will not refuse it..[/bounty]
When Kartel said .."marshall have tammy pussy jaw a chew chew and a cha cha"... and Marshall sang that bleaching song some time ago..and even did a short stint on the "Ity and Fancy Cat" show mocking bleachers.. I said to myself..look how these guys were 'good friends'..with the millennium tracks back in the days now reduced to less than a bitch fight. At the peak of the Gully/Alliance and Gaza Empire confrontation when Stein had to run for his life.. when there were drive-by's .. now look on this day August 19, 2010 ..Wayne Marshall and Vybz Kartel are indicating that there is peace and love between them.. I was not suprised ...but you call me a pessimist because just like how things broke down at that Bahamian airport, there is this thin line that exist between them.
I did hear about a month ago someone uttered that Julian (Mavado's Manager) was begging friend ...and I said to myself to what end.. wasn't the peace already set by the big man ..just before he was extradited and Alliance to me had nothing to gain from begging friend from the 'inferior group'..
However in this case it was Kartel who begged back the friendship through a Blackberry link to Marshall...
ok lets see now
Kartel and Asassin... no mo beef, things are kool there
Bounty and Beenie... are good
Kartel and Mavado ..made peace last year
Kartel and Wayne Marshall ..are no longer foes

There is still tension between the likes of
Steven Bigship and Munga Honurable
Steven Bigship and Kartel
Kartel and Deva Bratt
Deva Bratt and Munga
Kartel and Roach
Kartel and Stein
Kartel and Flexx
Kartel and Bounty ... even though bounty was saying otherwise
Kartel and Sharon Burke
Kartel and Bling Dawg
Kartel and Daseca
Spice and Lysa Hyper...and so-on and so-forth

Popcaan Released

Popcaan was released from jail yesterday in the Bahamas without being slapped with any charge. The Gaza Empire artiste along with the likes of Notnice were arrested earlier in the week, after a show in the Bahamas and was heading home things took a turn for the worse at the Bahamian Airport. It is being alleged that the young men had a couple of girls in the bathroom at the airport, they closed the door and were handling some business in there, the pilot on the outside who wanted to use the facilities had to get security to have it opened, a fuss ensued and the Pepsi drink that the pilot was drinking spilled onto the the pristine white CLARKS that Popcaan was reportedly wearing... all hell broke loose thereater...
Kartel took away himself... leaving Popcaan and the other members to face the fire.
Popcaan is expected to return to Jamaica today Thursday.

Aug 18, 2010

Vybz Kartel and Gaza Crew Implicated in Bahamas Airport Brawl

It seems that Popcaan head is too hot to handle because he and the other members of his Gaza crew including Vybz Kartel were involved in a brawl at a Bahamian Airport on Monday. It was reported that Vybz Kartel and his entourage were using the bathroom facilities and apparently took too long and in the process frustrated a pilot who was in line. It is alleged that Popcaan and Pimpim were sorting out some groupie in the bathroom.. but the pilot could not hold his piss any longer... the pilot according to reports was beaten up by members of the crew after he decided to do something about it
These guys never seem to learn ...then again they are thugs arent they...thugs do what thugs do...yeah..something else to DJ/SingJ about.. never a phucking dull moment with these boiled brains... it should be some time before these junkies see an airport again...

Aug 15, 2010

Nuffy leave Lysa Hyper

Lysa Hyper

MC Nuffy
It was confirmed that Nuffy is no longer working with Lisa Hyper. Apparently MC Nuffy left the job of managing Lisa's career due to the interference of Lisa's sister Natasha Gooden. Nuffy in a radio interiew indicated that Ms Gooden was querying his manament style and the hefty nature of his stipend that he takes home, Nuffy wasn't fond of hit he left. Now, Lisa is without a Manager ..a road manager... and thus gets to keep all of the money she makes within the family as Ms Gooden is Lisa's Business Manager. There is no bad blood between Hyper and Nuffy as Ms Hyper did indicate that she and her sister wanted Nuffy to stay... under their conditionality.

Aug 11, 2010

Barbie Kicked off set ...Nicky Minaj involved?

It was being reported that the big Barbie of Jamaica's dancehall divas was dissed by Sean Kingston. Barbie was Kicked off a video set by Kingston... sort of like how Mavado was  allegedly kicked off the stage in Italy recently.
The report also indicated that the beloved Nicki Minaj had a major role to play in the incident. It was recently that Sean expressed his affection for Ms Minaj..and apparently it was down to whether he keep Barbie on the set or Nicky, Nicky Won.. Barbie lost.
The video being shot was "Letting Go" a track featuring Nicky herself..
I guess Nicky don't like dem massive competition, ..lets face it .. Barbie is definitely a lot of flesh in the womanly form... apparently it was like a clash between Titans here.

Aug 9, 2010

Mavado Kicked -Off Stage in Italy?

There is no confirmation yet,,,but there is word that Mavado was Kicked off stage, roughed up even, after what is described as a 'poor performance' at an Italian venue. The top Jamaican Singj was perhaps performing at Parco Gondar, Gallipoli in Italy on Sunday August 8th.
"WoW-just watched Mavado get Booed off stage, chased & even kicked (yes literally) out the venue. Italian's ain't playin-they were like, 'Bi*ch, WE the 'original Gangsta's'! WHY u ask? The whole nite was jacked; Promotors fault he went on 2 hrs late but his fault for not singing his own songs-not even a lick of 'On the rock', just stuck the mic out 4 the crowd 2 sing along. They'd had enough.."
hate when a artist thinks hes there to lead karaoke"
We know that Italy has source for them real gangsters emulate ... now the gangster for life was busted up in the real gangster's city. We hope he is ok... and the person who is to blame for this dosnt just get a wrap on the knuckle ... in any case i hope this is lesson to all in the business.
Alliance memers are on a tour of europe, Mavado was in Geneva and gave a good performance , well no one complained there. Mavado is expected to turn up at Vienna in Austria @ Volksgarten on the 10th ... tomorrow.

Aug 8, 2010

Beenie Man and Bounty Killer ...are friends again

Yup.. they may not be friends now in the truest form the old wounds are still deep, but with Bounty Killer taking down the angry out of his cross-angry-miserable banner it has resulted in himself and his team engaging old rival Betweenie Man. Now the two have not only don the stage once since then, but up to three times since Reggae Sumfest. They shared the stage at one of the Dream Weekend events. The two DJ's showed their sign of unity at the show shocking the wits out of their fans and giving them a thriller that had them screaming and shouting. The event was Guinness Summer Eclipse at the Jungle night club in Negril.
Again the now dinosaur like DJ's met once more at the recent alliance affiliated Fully Loaded with Beenie Man indicating that he was dressed as an alliance artistes---yeah the full black..
Yes we have been here before... perhaps more than once over a roughly 20 year span, it might played out for the old dinosaur generation ..but its new to the new comers and they should enjoy it too ....

Head Concussion - Russian ..lost a few things

Head Concussion Logo
In a report earlier this week it was said that producer Tarik Johnston more popularly known as Russian was robbed. Production from Head Concussion Records, which is under Russian's directive along with Cleveland "Brixton" Scott, maybe stalled as it was reported that thieves broke into the studio and removed valuable items and a large amount of studio equipment.
Tarik "Russian" Johnston
Russian is more popularly known these days for his collaboration with Vybz Kartel in the track "Straight Jeans and Fitted", the producer is also known for work done with Taurus Riley and Konshens with the hit tune "Good girl gone Bad".
According to the report investigations by the police are under way, but no word yet on the extent of the lost in monetary value, which also recently produced material
Already bloggers a expressing some  child-like behaviour to the news-- comments like 'ah good'..and showing no preference for producer, which seem to be smothered by old gully/gaza stench.

LA Lewis Beenieman Diss Again

I am not in the medical field .. but one should not have to be a medical practitioner to see that the mental health of LA. Lewis is not amongst the norm. Nevertheless his insertion into the field of dancehall music simply means there perhaps will never be a dull moment while he is around. The artiste, in many sense of the world, is still not fond of what took place between himself and Beenieman, thus he had created a new diss tune for Beenieman. The self proclaimed Seven Star General has pointed out a number of Beenie Related issues .. as far back Bogle to the more recent fender bender incident between Lewis and Beenie. Lewis is mostly indicating here that Beenieman is bad mind..and that he is Shabadious and Ragashantious... mostly local Jmaiacans would get the drift here.
The track is a take-off of the popular gospel song "Jehovah-jireh cares for me"

Aug 2, 2010

Mavado France MaryJ ...rumour?

There is a rumour flying around that Mavado was caught trying to go through French customs with weed. There is no official confirmation of this, and it is being said that this kind a rumour is a typical tactic used by some promoters who do not have the artiste booked for a show, however artistes were already included in the show line-up. Usually some corny story like this is developed to cover the deception that the promoters have cooked up, bringing an ease to potentially angry patrons who have paid their money to see the artiste.
Why would a promoter, just for a quick buck, mess up his reputation like that? It would seem that these patrons have amnesia because this tactic is very much now exhausted.
Well as you can see we are saying that this rumour is not true... but if it is or isn't ..either way dog should nyam somebody supper.
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