Sep 30, 2010

I-Octane and Digicel has Bonded

Congratulations to I Octane who is rapidly carving out a niche for himself in the volatile business of dancehall music. The artiste who has been lighting up the ear waves with tacks like puff it, was endorsed by Digicel the cellular phone technology giant in Jamaica. I-Octane and Digicel inked a deal that will see the artiste representing the digicel brand and as an ambassador for the reggae/dancehall music.
I octane has been consistently churning out good, clean, positive and hit making music for the pass couple of months and was considered to be the best performing act at Reggae Sumfest 2010.
This is good for the music as we look forward to more positive moves like this, we very much appreciate what digicel is tring to do here ..even though they have their ulterior motives.. the music still benefits and so will I-Octane here

Sep 29, 2010

Blak Ryno and Cory Todd ...fights for What??

Black Rhyno and his baby mother were in a fight with Cory Todd and his baby mother... for reasons that seems unclear. One report indicated that Ryno was approached by Mr Todd and a fight ensued from whatever words were exchanged, the wives started their brawl ..we are not certain who through the first blow here but it does seem to be Todds babymother is at a disadvantage as the report indicated that charges maybe laid against her. Charges are being layed againt Blak Ryno for the tossle... it was also indicated that the incident was caught on MegaMart camera where both tag teams were engaged in the busy shopping due to stormy like weather.
Cory Todd with hands on head as police carrels MegaMart after the incident
Blak Ryno who recently completed stints in Trinidad, Guyana and French Guiana as well as upcoming stints in Costa Rica and Belize according to reports took out a knife after being knocked to the ground by the bigger Todd. Speculations are that Ryno was not amused by the lack of rotations he is getting form the now Gaza controled Di Building sessions in street vybz thurdays etc. Other speculations are that its a strong case of bad mind on the part of Todd who is Vybz Kartel's business manager in the street vybz rum, daggering condoms and businesses associated with the building nite club, that Ryno seem to be doing well without the influence of the empire camp... Others theories are that Boom Boom who was thrashed by Ryno's team recently might have had some input in this incident.. though this one is very far fetched one cannot rule out potential influences in this crazy world of Jamaican Dancehall Music...

"Di big man approached Ryno then immediately they started pushing each other which left Ryno pon di ground…within minutes Ryno was back up with a knife that he used to cut off a di big man but missed…the big man then grab likkle Rhyno and sail him a mile away...

Vybz Kartel signs Reggae Compassionate Act

The reggae compassionate act is not new but there was an hardcore bunch of artiste who put up resistance to the so called act. First of all there is a clear distinction between reggae and dancehall music, artiste has called for the act to be renamed the dancehall compassionate act, because reggae have not been targeting any group for any reason. Vybz Kartel have now signed the act, one of Jamaica's hardcore act in a bid to get some shows under his belt to support the Empire. The reaction of the rest of the dancehall community has not quite surfaced about this one. Buju, who have more or less complied with instigators of the compassionate act, has found himself in a scenario where it is being speculated that they are the same person who might have lead the charge against him.
We know that Kartel and his group can be unstable at times. Time will tell how compassionate they are--furthermore this act seem way short of outlining the consequences of a breach...
The act was signed just in time for the European tour...

Sep 28, 2010

RoundHead to Recover Money from Twins of Twins

Twins of Twins have been imitating artists for quit sometime now. So much so that it is sometimes preferred by the audience to hear them than the actual artiste themselves. In a recent interview Rounhead (a formerly prominent artiste) indicated that he was somewhere overseas and heard a jingle on the radio with Twins of Twins " imitation the voice of Rounhead."
Now Roundhead not being on anything substantial of late, though he had signed a new management/recording deal, was not too pleased when he heard the jingle of the twins using the voice that sounds like him and thus discovered that these guys are depriving him of some well needed revenue. So Rounhead is now making provisions to recover what ever is due to him under the law by filing a legal action against the Twins. If this suit comes through ..I think the twins will have to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy, their entire career was built on imitations.
It was recently that Busy Signal showed some disgust with the "copy cats". Its is rumoured that it was the Twins who flamed the Gary issue in the Busy hit "one more night"...the artiste makes it a habit of highlighting the certain issues in the dancehall... and Quite Rightly So! 

Sep 24, 2010

D-Day for Buju Banton

Buju Banton ..waiting to hear his faith
Today could be D Day for Buju Banton, we are hoping that things would be positive for the Jamaican Artiste that is currently undergoing a trial  for alleged drug dealings. So like Buju Banton a lot of Jamaicans are waiting and hoping that things go Buju's way. The fact that the jury needed to go overnight for the verdict this could be good news for Mr. Banton

Bounty Being Protected from Himself

Cross Angry Miserable and freaky crazy bounty killer

Why is the news or allegations even, coming out about Bounty Killer does not sound positive. Instead of hearing that there was a conspiracy and some form of entrapment, I am hearing that not only the young lady was hit with a Hammer but also with a mosquito zapper and that a chain was involved?!!.and he gave her US$100 dollars, perhaps for the services he just rendered to her!! .. this is pure madness.
The DJ was not given bail on Wednesday when he appeared in court, despite a desperate plea from his lawyer. The lawyer was speculating that the wounds on the 19 year old model and student were perhaps not from blows with a hammer and that the police overheard conversation with her saying "if you did answer long time this would not have happened"...or some thing of the sort.
The judge presiding over the case gave the grounds for his non release saying that Bounty Killer will be staying with her (i.e.  magistrate) ..saying that he has a number of cases before the courts and keeping Bounty is not only to protect the alleged victims but also to protect him from himself. The War Lord was reportedly calm and smiling during the hearing.

Sep 20, 2010

He Hammered Her

Bounty "War Lord" Killer

Why.. WHy ..YYY.. Why would you beat a girl with a Hammer, Bounty you Mad, Mad I say... There is a much better way to drive in a point than this barbaric means. No matter how much she was nagging like a nail, thats not the way you treat ladies - they make the babies. So even if, worse case scenario here, she defecated on your stomach (which didnt really happened) an hammer is not the proper tool to fix such a problem.
Bounty Killer have been there before (im not gonna supply the link ...go google it) He didnt learn, he didnt understand the magnitude of his situation to the point where he threatened the girl in front of the cops, who were perhaps incompetent. Nevertheless he is back in the slammer and this time he may spend a longer time in that familiar constant spring lock-up. This incident is right on the heels of his tax evasion charges where his motor vehicles were recently taken away. The wounds from the previous encounter where it was alleged that he made attempts make the lady into a pulp...was just about to heal.
There are some speculation that the couple were actually playing with the hammer, which implies that the blows were perhaps not intended and the initial reports that were made to the police was made by a friend of the victim... time will tell... for now he has to gwaan chill in the favourite part of his cell.

Sep 19, 2010

Bounty Killer ..beat up a lady again?

Oh.. My God.. he did it again ..if the reports are true then the Big Bad Mighty Bounty Killer, the war lord, the ghetto gladiator is in some serious shiiiiit once more. Allegations are that the DJ have beaten some girl close to him, to the point where he had to get his lawyers involved.
This now makes it the second for the year and countless times that the DJ is alleged to be involved in this level of madness. Right now Buju perhaps is more better off than this hot head.

Sep 18, 2010

Simon Says Tanto Blacks is a Moran

Tanto Blacks

There is a bit of an uproar, if you want to call it that, over a recent interview with Tanto Blacks one of the finalist in the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition and Simon Croskill interview on Smile Jamaica.
Tanto's Manager/Producer Skatta Burrel is not pleased about what happened on the show. Well what happened on the show, you can see here in the clip (click here), was that Simon asked Tanto a few questions and made a few statements that in the purview of Skatta and a few folks were distasteful and belittling.

If you ask me Tanto is a cross between Shabada and LA Lewis.. he his crazy as it gets. If its his true character well then he needs to visit ward 21 and we don't mean the producers. If its a act then its working continue with it - soak up the criticisms because if you don't get a hit song soon you will have to rely on publications of this nature, controversies and suss. Is Skatta grabbing at anything he can get here? As Simon rightly says he should be thanking him for the 'good' he has done for Tanto.. Simon says he is not going to appologise - so what you gonna do now skatta? you lawyer?.. better you call Shebada

Vybz Kartel and the Portmore Empire World Tour?

It was one of the main sticking points for the Portmore Empire camp that their travelling/ touring abilities were significantly handicapped. For one, their popularity "globally" is very much limited in comparison to the alliance camp members namely - Mavado, Elephant, Busy Signal and Serani. The other thorn in the flesh for the camp was the lack of visas to travel anywhere that requires one. Thus the groups earning power was and perhaps still is limited to a merge market reach which included small parts of Caricom and of course some shows in Jamaica. So it was perhaps with great delight to the Gaza members and fans that it was announced that they will be having a small tour of Europe at the end of September.
It is reported that Vybz Kartel would be a part of the Amsterdam Reggae Festival at
the Heineken Music Hall in Holland on Saturday, September 25th. The gaza don will also perform on at the Crystal Lounge in Zurich, Switzerland on
Friday, September 24th. The DJ and Sometimes SingJ will finish up his small European excursion with a performance at the Elyesse Montmarte in Paris, France on September 26th.
According to reports Vybz Kartel was last in Europe three years ago where he also performed in Amsterdam, Holland and in Paris, France.
Also in the pipeline is Gaza Slim to do a short stint in England this weekend, whilst Shawn Storm is expected to do a tour of Japan in October.

For some this is mere speculation because its well known that Kartel Still doesnt have a visa to the states nor for the UK, and there is still some uncertainty by fans that he has schengen visa

Sep 16, 2010

I Octane Puffing It

I-Octane has been going hard for the past couple of months now.. there is at least 4 tracks he has out that we could describe as tearing down the place these include "No More", "Puff It", "My Life" and "Missing You". "Puff it" on the Orange Hill Riddim produced by Cash Flow records is one that has been wheeeled up a couple a times. Though it was released earlier in the year it still sounds fresh and packs a punch. ..again this one has a close relation to the hip-hop beat but the lyrics is good..and its about marijuana you got to love it. One of the top Songs in Jamaica right now.. Puff IT by I-Octane.

Sep 15, 2010

New Gaza Talent Search Supersedes Fresh Fridaze

Cory Todd the partner of Vybz Kartel has kicked out Arif Coopers Fresh Fridays to make way for the New Gaza Talent Search. This involves a show "searching for selectors, deejays , singjays and female dance groups" Todd said in a report. He also indicated that
Each week a winner will be selected from each category and receive cash prizes courtesy of Street Vybz Rum. The weekly winners will then automatically qualify for a final at the end of the month, the winner of each category will then move on to a grand final in December where the overall winner will be signed to a recording contract with the Portmore Empire.

“The winner will receive $500,000, a video for their debut single provided it meets our standards, and a real chance to buss, this is not like other talent shows where it’s a remote possibility you might buss, the Gaza busses artistes,” Todd, who is also Vybz Kartel’s business partner, said.

The show will be hosted by Boasy Boy Floyd and excerpts of the show will be aired on Hype TV.
“It was a purely business decision because it was the weakest night in the club, that’s the bottomline. I know that Arif Cooper is disgruntled, and he is trying to earn a stripe with the Alliance, but he needs to face the fact that he has been poorly promoting Fresh Fridays, it has almost no buzz in the streets,” he said.

Todd dispelled all claims that there was a move to sideline any artistes or selectors who were not aligned to the Gaza camp saying that “I don’t do business that way”.

“All artistes and selectors are welcomed in the Building. People need to get their facts straight before they start tweeting and assuming foolishness, everyone’s music plays in The Building and if that wasn't the case, Street Vybz Thursdays wouldn't be the most successful weekly event in Jamaica,” he said.
“I hope that peace can remain in the dancehall and hope that Alliance, Gully and Gaza can unite as one and take dancehall to the level it belongs,” he said.
source 1876entrtaiment

Sep 14, 2010

Marley Loose

The Marley's lost the case against the Universal Music Group in relation to the rights of some of Bob's most popular songs. These includes songs like "get up stand up", "one love" and "woman no cry". Well its seems this ruling will put a wedge between the family and UMG, thus there will be no one love between them. There is perhaps a case of Rita crying because this case ruling is a major blow to the Marley empire - so don't go telling Rita ..woman no cry! -- chances are somebody might get shot and it not gonna be the sheriff this time. But we know that the Marley clan is strong for sure, they are going to get up and stand up and fight for their for sure this is not over until the fat lady sings one of bobs song with a stick a weed in her the mouth.

There is Fire under the Beef again.. !! ..No Gullaza?

There are signs that the relationship between the Bounty Killer/Mavado lead Alliance and the Vybz Kartel lead Portmore Empire is still at odds. There are tracks around the place that may contain the usual subliminals targeting the respective groups. Even though Mavado express that its peace time in the track 'Nuh Fraid a Dem' (i.e. not afraid of them)... one has to wonder if he is referring to the Empire Camp or it is being targeted towards the new fuss between the Allliance and the Junior Reid lead One Blood Empire.
One thing for sure is that Tony Matherhorn tirade on twitter was expressing his anger in the form of a 'defensive threat' ....saying that he walks alone and he not afraid of anyone.



This is apparently is in response to the fact that he was not allowed to play in The Building (formerly known as Asylum Night Club) at Fresh Fridaze, last friday, the event was postponed.
According to reports a blackberry message was sent out saying that no Alliance selectors would be allowed to play at the event and apparently these selectors includes Tony Matterhorn, Chris Diamond and the selector that was allegedly beaten up by Blak Ryno and friends, Boom Boom.

Sep 10, 2010

The General Busted

General B
 It has been reported that Kiprich beating stick otherwise called General B was caught smoking an illegal substance popularly referred to as Ganja yeaterday. The report indicated that General B, who is a member of the now low keyed dancehall music group Monster Shock Crew, was chilling and puffing the stuff on some ends, on seeing the cops the General made several attempts to dispose of the substance to no avail. General B was arrested.
I think he should take some jail time and build... try the current concept of 8 tunes a day... you should get at least 2 hits for the month... I dont know these guys smoke weed but nothing seem to happen where creativity development is concerned...grow some locks fool..the same goes for Rounhead

Sep 9, 2010

Portmore Empire Shawn Strom House Raided

Top Gaza artiste Shawn Storm premises was raided by police yesterday. The DJ was reportedly at home when he heard his gate was being shaken down,  upon checking it out the police entered and reportedly searched his home. The incident was not without something extra as it was also reported that after the police search the Storms place and was existing some verbal exchange took place between storm and one of the law men.
Shawn indicated that he was not afraid of the search and fully cooperated with the police,only to be threatened by one of them.
This appear to be a common event for the gaza / portmore empire peeps... at this rate it means that they will be raiding doza medecine's place soon.
It was recently Shawn was featured on TVJ's  ER where he indicated his affection for his mother and his willingness to help with her disability. Shawn also expressed his alligence to the empire and echoing the fact that runnings under the camp facilitates his ability to write tunes only to be impatiently waiting on the next riddim to do so.
check out the clip..

Top 30 something Reggae and Dancehall Songs

The Hold Yuh single from Gyptian was holding the number 1 spot on the reggae itunes charts for some time now, this unfortunately has come to an end. The tune was toppled by the veteran group UB40's 'Red, Red Wine'.. a mega hit that was released in August of 1983 ..and up to this day is still quite buoyant.
Gyptian is currently holding onto the number 2 spot... followed by
3. Patience - Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley

4. One Day - Matisyahu
The other more 'recent tracks' holding top positions includes:-
18. Let's Do It Again - J Boog
20. As We Enter - Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley 
22. Nah Let Go - Gyptian
29. No Games - Serani 
33. One Day (feat. Akon) - Matisyahu 
39. Me Hold Yuh - Lady Saw 
43. Clarks (feat. Popcaan & Gaza Slim) - Vybz Kartel 
45. Shake It (feat. Lady Saw) - Michael Franti & Spearhead
46. Summer Nights - Iration 
56. Whisper - Maoli 
57. Twisted Love - Seedless 
58. He Is At My House (feat. Eve) - Lady Saw 
61. I Love You Too (feat. Rita Marley & Cedella Marley) - Ziggy Marley 
62. This Is the Life - Kolohe Kai 
63. Love I - The Green 
64. Time Bomb - Iration 
66. Enter Pegasus (Original Version) - Butterfly Crash 
67. Bright Side of Life - Rebelution
70. Sweet Love (Night Shift) - Busy Signal 
72. Lazy Afternoon - Rebelution 
77. Cool Down - Kolohe Kai 
80. Ehu Girl - Kolohe Kai 
83. Africa Must Wake Up - Nas, Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley & K'naan 
84. Slow Motion - Vybz Kartel
87. Alive - The Green
88. Nah Mean - Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley 
90. Stays the Same (feat. Jazmine Sullivan & Stephen Marley) - Spragga Benz  
94. Romping Shop (Raw Version) - Vybz Kartel & Spice 
98. Here I Am (feat. Rebelution) - SOJA 
100. Summertime Baby - The Holdup

It should be noted that Spragga Benz and Lady Saw have graced the chart with their recently released albums. Hardcore DJ's Vybz Kartel with tracks like 'Clarks', 'Slow Motion' and 'Ramping Shop' is still enjoying a good run whilst Busy Signal is still holding his own with 'Sweet Love'.

Sep 8, 2010

Bounty Killer and Junior Reid - No One Blood Here!!

Two of the most senior dancehall moguls Junior Reid and Bounty Killer were said to have been in a fight. However Bounty Killer the war lord had indicated that there was no tussle between them and did Junior Reid confirmed the same.
In a nut shell what really happened is that one of  Junior Reid's son and Sauffy had an altercation at Weddy Weddy Wednesday of last week. Apparently the matter was not settled at that point and when Junior's crew was at Hot Mondays they confronted Sauffy where he was 'wet up' and bottle was used to buss him head. Bounty seeing all of this was tired of alliance men being assaulted, because it was first Boom Boom some time last week now its Sauffy, went and make the effort to calm things down verbally.
Selector Boom Boom showing his wounds from his beating from blak ryno's crew

Bounty is indicating that Junior Reid is carrying feelings from the time when he was trying to get into Bounty Sundays and was denied entry, he was suppose to have gotten authorisation from Sauffy at the time ..that didnt materialised. Bounty Killer indicated that Junior Reid is unprofessional, should act his age and be a proper role model
Junior is contending that he doesn't have a problem with Bounty Killa, Bounty Killer has a problem the with the Tax man and the Beenieman and D'Angel scenario.. and since he has build his little club ..them just badmind him, and that there should be no Don-manship in Dancehall music industry..

Oh!! A whoa...

Sep 5, 2010

Popcaan - Dream - Adidjahiem/Notnice Records OFFICIAL HD VIDEO

Whaaa Gwaan Popcaaaan...? Well he is busy making his dream into reality. The young rising star from Portmore Empire camp has released his latest video "Dream". The video was directed by Kirk Lee under the NotNice / Adidjaheim Records label.
The video qualities from the camp are steadily improving, in this one Kartel plays low keyed role not overshadowing popcaan's moment. Check out the video...
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