Sep 23, 2012

Busy Signal out before Buju Banton and Kartel

Busy Signal To Serve Two Months In US Prison

Jamaican entertainer Busy Signal was today sentenced to six months in prison for one count of failure to appear in court in the Minnesota Court in the United States.

Signal will only serve two months, as he has already served four months.

The artiste, who whose correct name is Glendale Gordon, was arrested in Minnesota in 2002 on drug charges.

He was subsequently granted bail, but fled the US and returned to Jamaica shortly after.

Busy was arrested at the Norman Manley International Airport in May, after returning from a European tour.

After one court appearance, he waived his right to an extradition hearing and agreed to go back to Minnesota to answer the charge of failing to appear in court.

The drug charges still remain, but under the extradition treaty US authorities do not currently have the jurisdiction to prosecute him on those counts.

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