Oct 18, 2012

Man who killed. Capt Barkey and Ms Bennett is dead

DaileyNews: He couldn't live with her or without her.
The cuckolded lover who brutally murdered his ex-girlfriend and her lover in the Bronx Saturday committed suicide after police trapped him inside a Miami apartment late Tuesday night, authorities said.

Fugitive Joseph Kernizan, 42, shot himself in the head as the law closed in on his refuge about 11:30 p.m., officials said.

The suicide came three days after the double murder of Tracy Bennett, 38, and reggae star Wayne Hamilton, 50, as the couple exited a hot-sheets motel in the Eastchester section.

Bennett screamed for mercy as Kernizan shot her and Hamilton dead, ending five years of love-triangle drama.

Kernizan and Bennett had two children together, but she had been dating Hamilton since 2007.

Friends in New York were stunned by the sudden and savage turn of events that orphaned the Kernizan kids.

"I didn't see it coming, not in a million years," said Duval Pinnock, 34, outside Kernizan's Brooklyn barber shop. "He was a quiet guy and a good business owner."

The Haitian-born Kernizan was tracked to a heavily Haitian section of Miami by NYPD detectives who trailed his friends and monitored his phone, sources told the Daily News.

He was staying with a pal inside the house when a dozen police vehicles arrived, said neighbor Nija Garnett.

"Get away from the house!" cops shouted.

Police used a bullhorn to order residents out of the building, and Kernizan tried to escape out the back door — only to find the waiting police, cops said.

The suspect bolted back inside, and three gunshots were heard moments later. A robot with a camera found the body.

A Bronx Felony Squad detective made a tentative ID of the suspect at the death scene. A .380-caliber handgun was found near the body, which had a gunshot wound to the head.

The weapon was not the same one used to kill Bennett and Hamilton.

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