Dec 22, 2012

Bounty Killa at war with Laing tells laing to suck him mumma

As usually bounty killa like mr. Vegas likes to tweet his anger and recently Isaiah Laing the promoter of sting has been getting under his skin. Bounty told Laing to suck out his money on a tv interview and now the snow ball. This Bounty latest tweet on the matter

"So mi get it a so mi say yeah mi hearsay Laing a chat off him face last nite a Hilton or pegasus hotel one a dem how him ago mash me up after sting bcuz mi tell him Go Suck Out Him Money and his him mother mi did waah tell him bout like I did mis select my words so Him Nuh Can Mek Heavy D Suck Out Him Money fi him then and how a nuh mi shirt alone did get crushed up in 2000 and mi fi tell the ppl dem bout the Box mi did get Kmft Laing first thing u can't set mi up like kartel and secondly u or Any Boy or Gal Box me getting back all type of Boxes and cases to Bloodclaath ok bring it
mek laing go suckk out him madda mek him nuh go pon air go sehh that! Baddness nuh stop a fi him foot! Alliance Run this...."

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