Dec 27, 2012

Kiprich destroyed Merciless and Tony Matherhorn at Sting 2012 Clash

Kiprich on the left Tony on the right of the boxing ring
Kiprich masecared Tony Matherhorn and Merciless at Jamworld this morning. While Matherhorn was searching for words Kiprich went in for the kill and left the crowd booing Tony...and he did the same to Merciless
Kiprich was full of lyrics, the tag team effort with Ninjaman was not necessary as Ninja didnt say or do much.. it was all Kiprich.
Meciless went for low blows that didnt find favour with the crowd and Tony was talking too much as usual save and except for the time when he killed Twins of Twins. The boos got lowder and were justified as Kiprich made his mark on Sting.. and could be the next Ninjaman.. with him spinning lyrics off the top of his head esp when Tony mentioned something about elephantman... there was some draw from the Twins of Twins matereial when Kiprich slayed Tony saying that he in the pack (cigarette) with 19 other man.
Other performances from artise such as Gaza Slim was look warm...with some say the only excitting ting was her peeping nipple.
Spice came out in war mode chawing fire for Macka Diamond... with donkey and all.. but there was no sign of Macka Diamond. Word out is that a fight broke out back stage between the ladies.. there is no confirmation about this at this time though.. thats sad just like the Ryno and Popcaan case... Popcaan should not have pushed him though


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