Dec 3, 2012

Tommy lee booed twice in 1 night! career coming to an end says Bounty Killer

It appears that things are not so rosy for tommy lee aka nyammy lee accordinf to bounty killer. According tweets and comments in cyber worlds Mr. Lee got booed twice in one night after making references to bounty killer.
And so done it was not long for the self proclaimed gaad bounty killer to make the world know that tommy lee career is now over.
Bounty tweeted "Nyammi Lee Wid Baye Booooo Back A Dat time up dem can say a we send ppl go Boo him now did unuh watch ER? that duppy puppy show is over that's all folks!!!
Chug It go Bug It mon Rum Bar waah see mi Gun Bar how dem fi replace the Gaad wid a Fagg fukca dem!!!

mi did tell unu stop hype dis likle eediot Nyami Lee ??? Well him can sey him mek history , THE ONLY DJ TO EVER GET BOOO @ 2 SHOWS in 1 NIGHT =)) ..If when killa did sey done wid di demon ting him did jus easy him likle self an listen to him elder , him career wouldn't get slap weh...him go play hero n draw zero"

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