Jan 17, 2013

Recent Danchall Music affiliated deaths

It has been reported that the mother of veteran entertainer Derrick Morgan and grandmother to Queen Ifrica will be laid to rest on the weekend.
Mable Robinson, who would have celebrated her 93rd birthday today (15/01/13), died of Cancer on December 26, 2012. It was indicated that Queen Ifrica did not get to see her as she was too busy with new baby and all.

Nesbeth mother Ms. Gloria Wright died at the Kingston public hospital on last week Friday. Nesbeth’s mom was 58. A Wake is being planned for Saturday at the family home in Arnette Gardens while the funeral date is still pending.

Also to complete the death in threes Macka Diamond is in mourning following the death of her little brother.
Macka says her 23 year old brother, Charles Monroe died on her birthday, Saturday, January 12 from Leukemia.


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