Mar 10, 2013

New Dancehall Artiste Alkhaline Tatoos eye balls

New dancehall artiste alkhaline stupidly tatoos eye ball to have a larger looking pupil and thus looking like a duppy. The young artiste says he did for the attention, and he has gotten some so far. But surely we dont want any kids to be following this ediot, because to reverse the process you will go blind.

1 comment:

  1. It's absolute madness to crave attention through such derogatory practice. I wonder what his mama thinks of him now; this is a desperate move for attention from fans!

    I pray he doesn't come up with irreversible complications in the future, cos he's such a talented artiste. My prayers goes out to him. He needn't force recorgnition...just work hard on your projects and the world will recognise you!

    One love Dance hall brothers and sisters. says " lele"


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