Mar 10, 2013

Some Artiste threaten to Take away PUM PUM from Selectors to get what they want

In a recent TV interview dancehall recording artiste Twins of Twins has once again made some scathing allegations about the Jamaican music industry. They stated that the music business is very corrupt and alleged that there were scenarios of selectors accepting payolla from various artiste. The twins also indicated that they are aware of the fact that selectors are being beaten to sickness to play certain songs and not to play other artiste songs. The Twins indicated they might have to resort to the same and chances are they might have to beat some selectors to get their songs played as well. The most scathing of the allegations made by the twins in the interview was that they had heard artiste threaten selectors to have them thrown out of apartments funded by the artiste themselves and also to stop the supply of pum pum that they also provide do theses selectors on a regular basis if the particular radio disc jocks don't conform to what they say which includes not to play certain artiste songs etc.
 Check out the TV Clip where the twins start talking Kung Fu as the market gets tough for business they look to diversify their trade

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