Apr 26, 2013

Vybz Kartels Iron Balloon artiste doesnt like to be Called Iron Balloon

It has been reported that An entertainer who allegedly boxed a 17-year-old girl after she called him an Iron Balloon was granted bail when he appeared in court yesterday.
Andrew Cardoza, otherwise called 'Doza Medicine', is charged with assault occasioning bodily harm after he allegedly boxed the teen after she made the remark about his inability to get his big break in the music business. Cardoza is charged along with Andrew Saunders of Westmeade, Portmore, St Catherine. Saunders is however, charged with indecent assault.
When the case was mentioned in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate's Court Cardoza pleaded not guilty.
The allegations are that on March 13 about 10:20 a.m., the complainant was at a hairdressing salon when Saunders reportedly touched her on her breast.
He reportedly told her to stop wearing 'Ole Woman' brassiere.
When the 17-year-old came out of the salon, Cardoza intervened, telling her that she needed a good hairdo that would enable her to 'step out'.
The complainant spurned the advances and remarked "Gweh caan bus. Yuh a iron balloon."
The entertainer then allegedly boxed the complainant twice.
A report was made to the police and following that, an investigation was launched.
Cardoza was charged with assault occasioning bodily harm and Saunders charged with indecent assault.
They are scheduled to reappear on August 2, when the matter will again be mentioned.


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