May 25, 2013

Da'ville moving Devilish - Singer beats wife

It has been reported by several news media that LOVER'S rock singer Da'Ville was released from the American Nassau County Fourth Precinct in New York yesterday after allegedly assaulting his wife.

The 35-year-old singer, whose given name is Orville Thomas, was arrested on Thursday and charged.

A man, who gave his name as Sergeant O'Conner at the Nassau County Court, confirmed that the singer attended the 9:00 am session. He is scheduled to return on June 24.

In a telephone interview with the Jamaica Observer, Jae Brown-Thomas — the singer's wife — confirmed the incident.
Daville and His Wife in good times

She said calling the police was her last option.

"I am not trying to bash my husband but at the same time, what happened was wrong," she said.

Brown-Thomas, who manages her husband through Fashozy Records, said she has always led a private life as they were always a private couple.

"I still love my husband and I want everyone to know we are going through a rough time," she said.

"I had no choice in action. My husband is a big, tall man," she said.

She said they both needed time to resolve it.

Singer Da’Ville has been released from lockup, The singer has since removed his clothes and other belongings from the matrimonial home after being reportedly slapped with a restraining order which prevents him from having any form of contact with his wife of 5 years or going anywhere near the home.


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