May 9, 2013

First it was US visa setback now Wee Pow thrown off course by Dog

Wee Pow aka Father Pow

It was recently reported of the problems with stone love selectors and staff members having trouble leaving the island to the united states due to the stance taken by US immigration authorities.
So thats a set back for stone love ... now this... it was recently reported that Stone Love Sound System owner Wee Pow is today in hospital after a motor vehicle accident in the wee hours this morning.

Music News understands that Father Pow has broken his right leg, and suffered a few minor cuts and bruises. The veteran selector’s F150 was also badly damaged.

Wee Pow sustained the injuries while reportedly trying to save the life of a dog. Music News understands that Father Pow who was heading home after leaving a party swerved to avoid hitting a dog when he collided in a wall in the Waterhouse area, near Moscow.

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