May 9, 2013

Unkown Jamaican Reggae Artiste Kabaka Pyramid Hits Billboard

Kabaka Pyramid

According to a recent star news report it was indicated that While he may not be a household name in Jamaica, reggae artiste Kabaka Pyramid has been gaining quite a bit of recognition since being featured on Billboard's Next Big Sound.

the artiste said he was very pleased about the achievement.

"I feel good about it, feel like the work that we've been doing is getting appreciated. We definitely feel good overall," he said, noting that he has been doing a lot of work on social media websites such as SoundCloud, Twitter and Facebook.

According to, Next Big Sound is a chart that measures 'the fastest accelerating artistes during the past week, across all major social music sites, statistically predicted to achieve future success, as measured by Next Big Sound.'

Kabaka's biggest market up to the point he was featured on were in Europe and the United States west coast. However, in recent times it has been growing in places like Jamaica, Africa, Australia and Mexico.

new achievement

With this new achievement, Kabaka says he believes it will have a good impact on his career.

"I can see ways in which it is boosting my career already in terms of interviews, different producers calling, and shows. We will see how significant it is in the future," he said, noting that persons have been contacting him from places like Switzerland, Atlanta and New York.

As for Jamaica, "I feel people will be more inclined to play the music. Once you are getting regular play, you will become a household name."

In addition to the recent Billboard boost, Kabaka says he is also getting ready to do a new EP. The new production will include songs like No Capitalist, King Kabaka, Lead The Way, Warrior (a collaboration with Protoje)and Worldwide Love.

In July and August, he says he will be doing tours in the United States, performing at major events like Reggae On The River and Northwest World Reggae Festival. He will also be touring Europe in late August and September.
Check out one of Kabaka Pyramids top song called FREE FROM CHAINS

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