Jun 15, 2013

Capleton Attacked on Stage - Twice at reggae in the Hills - see video

Jamaican hardcore DJ Capleton the fireman was recently attacked while performing on stage at a show called Reggae in The Hills in the United States. The fireman was in his set when what appear to be a white hippy looking man jumped up on stage and assaulted the DJ.
It can be seen in the video @ 1:48 the drunk looking hippie guy came on stage and pushed Capleton, he was quickly tackled off stage. But that was not the end of the it, the same hippie came back on stage @ about 3:53 and attacked Capleton once again ...it appeared that he was trying to wrestle the microphone from Capleton but stage security came to the rescue of the DJ and gave the Hippie "One rass claat shubb" off the stage. The hippie was pushed of the stage sending him flying in the crowd to their delight. The rastaman/security that pushed him stood there for a few seconds to make sure that this hippie gets the message.
Through all of this Capleton managed to keep the show going..
Check out the Video


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