Jun 27, 2013

Junior Reid furthers Career while sons struggle Parties with Jay Z

One of Jamaicas top Reggae icon Junior Reid was a special guest at Jay Z’s Club 40/40’s 10th Anniversary on June 17 in New York City according to media reports.  Junior Reid father of the former duo Wadda and Andrew Blood was blinded by the paparazzi during the red carpet but had a great attitude saying “One Blood, Jamaica’s in the house.”.... apparently these days though Andrew and Wadda are not so much in the oneness of the blood with the now solo acts persued by the brothers.
Junior Reid
Inside the club paparazzi followed Junior Reid around and got shots of him with Jay Z, Fabulous, Meek Mill in the roped off VIP section. .. however the rport did not mention whether the Blood brothers were there.
Junior was reported as saying ...“The party was off the chain, it was slamming.  I had a good time at the party. I’ve been to the club before, it’s one of my favorite spots in NYC.  It’s been a while since I have been in the hip hop scene and it was good reconnecting and working on some collaborations” .
After the party Junior Reid and Busta Rhymes were caught in the studio collaborating on a track.  Look out for the upcoming release with Busta Rhymes, Akon, Junior Reid and Movado.
Junior Reid just returned to Jamaica for a show in Portland on the 29th of June, Reggae to Reggae, but will be off again to Atlanta for a show on July 6 and then off to NYC for a show on July 19.   He has a busy summer schedule with international shows but says “I will be in Jamaica as mush as possible this summer.  I’m working long hours in the studio on my new album” says Reid.


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