Jun 9, 2013

Rumours of Gerogina Sergeon and Vybz Kartel

Georgina Sergeon
Rumour have it that the song written and sang by Vybz Kartel while in jail about Georgina Sergeon might be true. This in the sense that Kartel and the little lady jockey might have had a relationship going, or maybe not. There is no obvious evidence for these allegations only the raw version of Vybz Kartels' song called "Georgina Sergeon". It can be argued that the song is just a play on words because Georgina is Horse Racing jockey by profession and ride horses at caymanas park for an honest living. In the song Kartel indicated that a female should ride like Georgina Sergeon... as at 1:18 in the tune Kartel did say he wants to the bring "the female" to the radio disc jockeys because they are the ones playing the songs that Vybz Kartel sang about her life and called her name in songs...case in point Georgina Sergeon


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