Jul 21, 2013

Jah Bouks Boxed by dutty Babylon but smiling

In a recent star report .. it was indicated that Reggae artiste Jah Bouks is thankful for a slap (box), that he received in the face at the hands of a police officer while performing at a stage show in Portland Cottage, Clarendon, earlier this week. According to the artiste the slap (box) won him a fan base in the community.

Jah Bouks says he was performing his break out single Call Angola during the policeman's intervention. However, he did not know it was a police until he brandished a weapon.

"I was invited to an event in Portland Cottage, Clarendon, and when I started my song and mi sey 'burn the fire hot pon Babylon' one come on-stage and sey turn dat off, lock it off and gwaan a unno yard. I continued to sing my song and I went into the line that says 'nah tek nuh chat from Babylon'. At this point he began to get boisterous and drape I up and sey Rasta boy a try yu a try dis the law - den him give mi a nice little box still," Jah Bouks said.

The artiste says he retreated upon realising that the attacker was an armed policeman.

"After mi realise sey is a ... mi a talk to, mi just whol a likkle vibe and tek mi box and easy. I was angry at first, but after mi guh home and sleep I woke up on a different meditation," he said.

Ironically, Jah Bouks returned to the same venue at a different event following the incident. However, this time he received the welcome of a king. The artiste believes the altercation with the policeman made the citizens draw closer to him.

"I am grateful for the box because I went back to Portland Cottage and I was like the biggest thing there. Some persons who never heard about me before wanted to see the Rasta man who got the box and others came to show their support because they were upset with the policeman's action. It made me more popular in Portland Cottage," he said.

The altercation was not reported to the police. According to Jah Bouks, he did not want to get into any further matters concerning the law. Call Angola, eventually spiralled into his first local hit single.

"I knew the song would be a hit because I listened to my inner words. My words came from my ancestors, because I didn't do any research about Angola before writing the song. People can't help but love it because their African ancestors are speaking to them as well," he said.

Jah Bouks is gearing up to release a new single called Cry Fi The Youths. He disclosed that he is grateful that Call Angola has been regarded as one of the more popular songs this summer. However, he is not in the competition to 'run summer'.

"I am not concerned with running the place. I just want to sing my words and make people feel a little vibes," he said.

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