Aug 14, 2013

Mr Vegas and Chronixxx trading blows?

Mr Vegas is well known for his self expression about issues with other artiste or even current affirs...
now there seem to be an issue with him and Chronixxx relation to closing Reggae sumfest .. Mr. Vegas indicated that there is too much effort of selling the show with the new sensation Chronixx..
Chronixxx jabbed back at vegas ...ever so sweetly... saying that he respect the "bruk it Down " singer ..just that He has been to shows where Mr. Vegas has never been to, being veteran and all in the Business ..implying already Chronixxx is no fluke no ordinary artiste and perhaps will be more of high calibre artiste than Mr.Vegas

Mr Vegas on the Beyonce new tune and The Chronixxx isssue

Chronixxx Response to Mr. Vegas ..issue with him


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