Aug 24, 2013

Queen Ifrica pocket burn after Burning Fishes ..and cries for freedom of Speech

After what happened at the national stadium in Jamaica recently it was recently revealed that The promoters of Canada’s Rastafest have bowed to the gay and lesbian community following their protest to have Queen Ifrica pulled from the event.

In a message to Music News, Masani Montague, Rastafest’s main organizer said “Due to circumstances beyond our control Queen Ifrica will not be performing at RASTAFEST.”

The promoter’s decision to pull Queen Ifrica came from Canada-based gay group, The Jamaica Association of Gays and Lesbians Abroad who viciously advocated for the minister of Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC) to withdraw the work permit issued to Queen Ifrica to perform at Rastafest International Reggae Concert at Downsview Park tomorrow (Saturday, August 24).

The calls to have Queen Ifrica axed came following comments she made during her Grand Gala performance at the National Stadium.

Ifrica has since hit back with a song inwhich she chants "What happen to my freedom of speech".


  1. Plenty of us Canadians who love reggae and who are not gay or lesbian don't want hate spread here. We have enough to contend with.

    Susan Campbell


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