Aug 4, 2013

Vybz Kartel Gaza Slim - Stop Gwan Like yuh tuff - Real?

I'm hear listening the collab with Gaza Slim and VYbz Kartel... the tune called "stop gwaan like yuh tuff"... there is one part in it that says somethng that have me thinking whether is their any reality in it. With the DJ behind bars being accused of murder with the trial set for november... and the alligation that cops made sometime ago that they have video evidence..and of course Kartels lawyer saying none exist,,, and then i hear this tune .. with the line..

And di place get Shelly
Bay blood a run mi si supn like jelly
Mi si ears, mi si foot, mi si piece a yo nose
Wa mi do take a picture wid bada don celli
Put hi pon face book an a bay gyal a seh mi too fu*k up an cruel
That never necessary
So mi seh it as a DP pon mi black berry

it sounds like something that dj was accused of.... taking a recording of his alleged victim and of course there was a website who talks about the incident alot and had reaction as indicated ..yuh too f*ck up and cuel dat never necessary.

anyway the track is good good production and its getting more and more play these days, has a nice bounce to it.. too bad its voilent track.. but mi like this one... check it out...


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