Sep 12, 2013

Popcaan Fame Grows

Jamaican DANCEHALL STAR Popcaan has won unlikely endorsement from US rapper Drake, after the All Me hitmaker added the young entertainer's brand to his clothing line.

Popcaan's 'Unruly Gang' label has been featured on the Canadian superstar's popular OVO (October's Very Own) brand.

Two T-shirts on channel the entertainer's 'unruly' jargon with 'OVO Unruly Gang' and 'Y Pree' printed on them. The latter is a slang oftentimes used as a substitute for saying 'wah gwan'.

Popcaan's popular Unruly Rave music video had heavy OVO influences and the entertainer can be seen sporting OVO wear in the video directed by Niko of October's Very Own.

The OVO website also features a two-minute remix of Popcaan's Be Like Me.

Popcaan, who was discovered by fellow dancehall star Vybz Kartel, is yet to comment on the union.

Lets hope Popcaan gets more than just salt and butter from this union... His music shall live forever but there is noway on Gods earth that he will make money forever. So the young Jamaican star should make money as much as he can ... whenever the oppertunity comes around


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