Oct 16, 2013

Sting 2013 with the Crazy Looking Supercat?

Supercat looking Talibanish
Sting 2013... is going to be different... because they are planning to do a more fomalize format with ..choreographed clashes and all as well as hey don't really plan on having any real clash as we know it. But its gonna be live on the internet. So you can save you plane fare and watch it live for a fee of course.
This year they bringing Back SuperCat.. speculations are that Cat is mad... some are saying that he is not. The last show he did with Shaggy in the states.. he certainly looks mad... but some was saying that he was in hibernation, thus the look. Anyway, 2chains is gonna be at Sting 2013 as well., I don't think he is going to be a local crowd puller though. ,,, the Crazy looking Supercat should be the crowd puller in Jamaica


  1. Yes he looks crazy thus its all a show so take it how u want supercat still the greatest DJ since Bob Marley...


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