Oct 7, 2013

Tony Matherhorn.. draws sting 2013 blood goes for the early sting booking

It was recently reported by the star news paper that outspoken selector and sometimes known as a recording artiste Tony mentally ill Matterhorn, has released an explicit and controversial song called Tweet War which unleashes a slew of fiery disrespectful words at fellow dancehall acts Bounty Killer and Mr Vegas.

The song highlights the recent twitter feud between Bounty and Mr Vegas, where Mr Vegas defended himself after Bounty Killer took to twitter, making fun of his vintage outfit on Digicel Rising Stars.

"A nuh afta Sting but I can stir it up. Matterhorn is a mountain mi nuh fraid a nuhbody dats why mi sey dis. A wah happen to dem two b... yaÉ nobody likes me but that's okay I don't like you anyways," Tony Matterhorn sings.

Tony Matterhorn, who lost a clash at Sting last year at the hands of KipRich, has been silent for the majority of 2013.

He premiered Tweet War via his twitter page to over 65,000 followers on October 2, 2013 to mix reactions from listeners. However, the controversial DJ was quick to tell his detractors to take their complaints to God.

"Who else has any complaints, email it to God cuz my e-mail is filled right now. Afta dark mi sey," Matterhorn's tweeting continued.

"Don't say I style anyone because it's all here on twitter. If you're offended, do your next best and I am easy to find. That's for the groupies LOL," he tweeted.

Tony should be commended for taking the initiative in making attempt to bring interest to Sting 2013... already Ninja Man had indicated that it will be a different sting this year. Since money rules here ...there is nothing wrong with securing an early booking... especially if they were not even thinking of putting Tony on the show.

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