Nov 22, 2013

Bounty Killer and Mr Peppa New Tune Oppertunity

Im not sure If this is the first combo between Mr Pepper and Bounty Killa but this is a nice little tune. Some critics are already predicting that this song will only last 10 days. If Mr. Pepper is kinda smart he should make sure that he gets a number 1 position with this tune like Samantha J.... a regular member on the charts, like Kalado. How can he do it?,,, I will suggest that he ask Samantha J and Kalado.. they are relatively new artiste and have somewhat made their mark on the music scene already. Pepper been around a long time to the point where he no longer burns, so he should take this Bounty Killer opportunity and run with it.

The tune is called "Have it Lock" and appears to be a PayDay production
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