Dec 27, 2013

Sting 2013 Early Report

Well at the time of this report ...SuperCat is on stage.... Talking about Iron Claw.. ..and keep asking if he should come off stage and they should release Vybz Kartel which seem to be on the tongue of almost all the artiste including Wyclef ..who had to dig deep to get some good Forward.
2Chainz came on and did his thing it was boring in my opinion... he over stayed his time on stage as well.
There were good performances earlier from the Likes of Jah Boukes, Romain Virgo amongst others...
Anyway SuperCat brought his little grandson on stage a did a one tune which got a good forward ...saying that the foreign artiste cant tess jamaican atriste. Well right Now Supercat is going into is Catalog..right now


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