Dec 13, 2013

Tessanne Chin will Win The Voice - Blake Shelton

According to recent reports it was indicated that The Voice coach Blake Shelton, whose team has won the last three seasons of the American reality television singing competition, is rooting for Jamaican songbird Tessanne Chin to walk away with this season's title.

Boasting an incredible vocal talent and a rich and diverse culture, Tessanne, who has gained the support of Jamaicans home and abroad, has sang her way into Shelton's heart.

In an article on, Shelton said Team Adam's Tessanne is his pick to win The Voice, after seeing how well she did with her iTunes sales.

"Tessanne is my pick to win, and for no other reason than I have eyes, and I can look at iTunes and see what happened yesterday (Tuesday)," Blake said.


"I think with her performance of Bridge Over Troubled Water, something happened. Something clicked. She's been great all this time, and I've been one of the first ones who has been frustrated with the fact that she's been kind of held to a reggae sound."

He added: "Just because she's from Jamaica, people expected her to do a specific sound from that country. Tessanne should never be limited. She should never feel like she could only do one thing. She can do everything.

"And I think that when she did Bridge Over Troubled Water, everybody went, 'Oh my gosh!'

"This has nothing to do with her accent or where she's from. This has to do with who else in the world can sing like this girl sings? I'm excited about that for her."


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