Dec 26, 2013

Watch LIVE VIDEO STREAM Sting 2013

Watch LIVE VIDEO STREAM Sting 2013
The Sting 2013 promoters wishes for you to See The Entire 8 Hour Event Starting December 26 at 8PM, Right from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone you can enjoy all the Sting there is. Sting 30, from beginning to end, with all the great performers live and on stage AND with your personal choice of several camera angles, it’s the next best Sting to being there. It was indicted on their website that you can also Get Tickets in Jamaica Enjoy all the live action directly from Jamworld, Portmore Jamaica in person with your favorite Reggae & Dancehall musicians performing their hit songs. But for those who cant make it to Jam World the next option is to Watch It on Pay-Per-View TV Grab your friends and the popcorn to watch four fantastic full hours of Sting 30 sitting pretty in front of your home TV. Just order Sting 30 from your local Pay-Per-View provider NOW

Here is the Link Check it out HERE.. and Watch the greatest one night dancehall show on earth


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