Jan 29, 2014

Top Ten Dancehall Reggae songs in Jamaica right NOW

Check out the latest top ten dancehall and reggae music in jamaica..It seems Cham Chronixx rules this thingi the last part of the year here...

Check out the TOP TEN tunes in Jamaica right nOW

10. MY Destination - Zagga 

9. Bend Down - Cham ft O 

8 1..2...3 -  Alkaline

7   Wine and Jiggle - I Octane

6. Stupid Money - Wayne Marshall ft Sasco 
click to see the top 5


5.   Mash it Up - Kat Dahlia Feat. Nyanda And Black Lion 

4. Here Comes Trouble - Chronixx

3 Fighter  - Cham feat. Junior Gong

2. Mi Alright - Kabaka Pyramid and Chronixx

1. Things Mi Like - Alkaline


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