Feb 27, 2014

Mavado dissing Bounty Killer the Ground God?

Mavado is still around in the dancehall scene. He is not making the frequent hits as he use to do but he is making hits just the same... With his nemesis Vybz Kartel soon to be locked up (except for a miracle ...he might not) there is minor pickings for Mavado to have a verbal spat these days. We know that Mavado and Flexx are no longer good friends ... but we are not sure of the relationship between him and Bounty Killer the "Ground God" aka the "grungad".
In this recent track called "Pon di Gully" by Mavado speculations are that there is a subliminal diss in that track directed at Bounty Killer the Ground God. Its obvious there is a diss for Flexx who rise from the grime of the gully with Mavado - so when mavado says they are saying that they are cussing about his style flow and that he made it big because of them.... he is perhaps directing his venom at Flexx. But as for the line about the people in the dancehall don't want to see a next "God"... and that he is the leader of the new school and some of them should go a and look a next job - this is where some make the connection to Bounty Killer the Ground God. Mavado should be the only God in dancehall and Bounty Killer should find another means of making living.. perhaps the figuree bizznizz... idk rasta
check out the track


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