May 6, 2014

Mavado calls Bounty Killa Music Garbage

According to media reports it was indicated that Mavado said "You have to be on my level to want a lyrical confrontation" in response to Bounty Killa's recent diss tracks.

Mavado bashed Bounty Killa calling the tracks garbage.

Bounty Killa has released a few songs the latest includes “A Who” and “Death Work” both labeled Mavado diss.
Bounty Killa is credited for breaking Mavado on the dancehall scene through his Alliance squad.

Since Mavado signed the dotted lines with Miami born hip-hop rapper and disc jock Dj Khaled’s “We The Best” music group, many questioned the singjay’s loyalty.

This led to the release of a track dubbed “Real Talk” by entertainer Busy Signal in which he questions Mavado’s loyalty warning the singjay not be ungrateful.


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