May 6, 2014

Vybz Kartel Gaza Empire ... still not dead... there is more?

According to media reports it was indicated that As it becomes more apparent that Worl' Boss Vybz Kartel could be incarcerated for several decades, other artistes have taken it upon themselves to keep the Gaza brand alive with the Gaza Next Generation (GNG).

Two of the latest adherents to the Gaza legacy are Gaza Nana and Stamma Gramma.

"At the end of the day, we a Gaza from birth and Vybz Kartel along with fellow ex-members of the Gaza inspire us to do music in di fus place hombre. Many people waa see Kartel fall, and they get wha them wish fah, but we a go mek sure his legacy and what he started don't end wid his downfall," Gaza Nana, whose real name is Jamarlie Guthrie, said.

Gaza Nana, 21, was raised in Portmore, but hails from Irish Pen, St Catherine. He is known for songs such as Tick Tock, Wine Up Fimi and an Alkaline diss song that is huge in Spanish Town.

For his part, Stamma Gramma, who first came to public attention last year in a feud with Tommy Lee Sparta over a song called Scammer Anthem, is enthusiastic about the GNG.

"This is not about me nor my story, this is about preserving one of the most successful legacies in dancehall music, the Gaza, and who better to do it than the loyal fans and associates of the Gaza. I do hope we receive Worl' Boss's blessing," Stamma Gramma, whose real name is Michael Williams, said.

Stamma Gramma operates popular dancehall fan pages on Facebook including Gaza Fans Only and Dancehall Worldwide, alongside one of Gaza Next Generation members Gaza Leeha. The 22 year-old was raised in Tavern, Papine and hails from New York, United States where he is president of Gtunez, one of the fastest developing companies ever to make its debut in the dancehall music industry scene. "Gaza Nana met Vybz Kartel while performing at a show in Dela Splash in 2008, while I met Vybz Kartel and Shawn Storm in 2008 at Portmore Empire All Schools Jamboree, where Shawn Storm introduced me as as one of the future members of Gaza, then named Portmore Empire," Stamma Gramma said.

The GNG is a bit of a rogue organisation as it was never brought to the attention of Vybz Kartel, nor did they attempt to ask for his approval.

"We will only cease and desist with the idea if Vybz Kartel condemns the plan publicly," Stamma Gramma said.

Other members of the newly formed Gaza Next Generation include MoBay-based artiste Gaza Leeha, New York-based artiste Lala Pinkdoll and Spanish Town-based Talex Daynjah, Don Dappa and Wycked Haat.

Stamma Gramma also added that an open invitation will always be open to Gage, Likkle Danjah and "Vybz Kartel's children as they are the natural heir to the Worl' Boss' throne".


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